Who Am I?

Men, my name is Fernando. I this is my personal blog. If by any chance you’re reading this and have a personal grudge against what I preach on my own page, then you have your ways of knowing my personal life.

I am by no means an extraordinary man who has achieved so much extraordinary things. All I write on this blog when it comes to advice is stuff tried and tested by me. I am not rich, I am not extremely fit, and I am not a complete casanova with girls, and I will never claim I am.

Can I hustle hard to survive? have I thrived after some extremely difficult personal trials, have I had plenty of jobs? do I read a lot, write a lot, am I active politically, do I go to college, can I get into exclusive circles with gorgeous women all around me, am I 10 x more stylish then the average man on a budget that is WAY less then what most would consider usual? does my charisma and charm and personal skills give me access to experiences young men wish they could have? to all that I can answer calmly and surely, yes.

I seek to provide value to men with my writing because writing is one of my favorite things to do on this planet. I’m not an expert, I’m not rich, I’m not a baller and due to a string of unfortunate events, I’m currently even living with my folks. Sue me.

Creating content and bringing back the strength and tenacity of men is something I am passionate about. I’m 23 years old and have had to personally work  hard to reprogram the social wiring my generation has been fed; That men are evil, that we’re entitled to everything, that girls will like you because you kind and shy, etc. That issue hit me hard growing up and partially write this blog to discredit all the venom that’s sold to men and boys.

I’ve decided to stop selling my book on the website, even though I worked hard on it, the finished product wasn’t something that differentiated me enough from what’s commonly out there. Instead I’ve decided to give it away for free as a gift for signing up to my newsletter.

There are some great things on the horizon. Soon videos and podcasts will be up. Content will triple in quantity. You’ll get to know a lot more about me personally. Premium lifestyle for the new man is the slogan of this website.

A premium lifestyle is one that is created and defined by yourself, for yourself. And you readers ARE the new man. The new man doesn’t buy into the politically correct leftist jargon. The New man lives for himself and what he deems worthy and of value, which are all derived from his personal morals, and core beliefs of integrity, accountability and strength. Masculinity is celebrated here, and I intend to keep it this way. I’m a 23 year old south American blogger, and I’m here to tell you, more is coming.


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