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Premium lifestyle for the new man.

What does this mean, you may ask? Young Bachelor Magazine is an online MEN’S blog focused on self improvement, getting women, getting your finances in check, and lifestyle design for each individual man. This is no bullshit advice focused on getting you your desired outcome while living like a young bachelor in the 21st century.

This means showing you how to live a high and exciting life with the limited resources of being a young man on the up, seducing gorgeous and sexy women for whatever purpose you desire (fuck buddy, one night stands, a girlfriend, or marriage) and looking good and having fun while doing it. Business, culture, dating, style, fitness, lifestyle and entertainment all suited towards building yourself, your legacy, and living like a man.

Red Pill for the masses

This blog is different than other mainstream men’s magazines out there because we don’t care about offending anyone and making enemies. This blog is here to wake men up from being other people’s peons, from just being ‘males’ and make them into men.

Here we publish Entertainment and articles that are against the leftist doctrines of feminism and political correctness. If you’re uncomfortable or disagree with what is posted on the website, simply LEAVE, we don’t want you here. This is for men who are serious and unapologetic about being men and getting what they want from life.

Get started reading some of the content that’s already been published on the website.


Tearing Down Elitism and Building the World: Why the Elite Have Become Obsolete


 Get out, Get laid


The Young Man’s Politics: Why the Left and The Right Seek to Destroy Men, and How to Survive


Men’s Style Guide: Basic Essentials To Always Look Dapper


Ten Commandments Of the Mafia


5 Reasons to Become a Young Entrepreneur


The 4 Horsemen of Fitness

These articles should get you started on discovering what this website is about and its mission. Build your confidence, succeed, create, learn, seduce and enjoy life. Only through adventure, liberty, courage and growth can you become the man you’re destined to be. So let’s do it.

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