The New Relationship Reality

It used to be, that dread game, Roissy’s rules of poon and some average dominion of game alongside continuous self improvement were enough to maintain your relationship for the long run. But observing the world around me and how modern gender dynamics and young girls modus operandi nowadays, I’ve begun to believe that it’s not viable anymore. In fact I’m almost certain of it. Women nowadays have too many options, too much attitude and too little regard for what the promise of a relationship may entail.


Men used to have leverage in the sense that if a man promised stability and monogamy a woman could fulfill her childhood dream of getting married and bearing children. Now, women prefer careers and the cock carousel. This isn’t anything unheard of of course,, but the situation has gotten worse as time has passed. Girls who are turning 18, 19 and 20 have the emotional maturity and dignity of a tea spoon. Getting creampied every night and sending sexts to them is normal. This what we’re dealing with folks. This is the new reality.


Relationship Maintenance?


Nowadays, to keep a relationship, dread game doesn’t even work anymore. Women view relationships as disposable, and great dick game and relationship management today can only get you so far. What I’m about to suggest is what many manosphere writers have hinted at but have pussyfooted around. Those that do mention it are immediately mauled by the trad-con police, or the 80% of salty betas who frequent the sphere, as it reopens old wounds: Mistress game.




Men have had mistresses for centuries. It’s how it used to work until this progressive, PC culture was put in place. There comes a time when ‘pretending to be abundant’ and ‘flirting in front of your girl’ just doesn’t do the trick.


I remember Christian Mcqueen once wrote a great article on mistress method on Return of Kings, and the comment section looked like it was written by soccer moms and feminists. ‘Men’ sputing fainting couch drama, exclaiming that it was hypocrisy, that how dare ROK suggest such heresy, etc. It was laughable. What these men miss is that we must apply generalizations in our real life, and that the ‘good girls’ most guys would ‘hate hurting’ are in the minority. Men and women are not equal. Equality in relationships is impossible.


Perfect women don’t exist. Good women seldom do.


What we have to deal with is reality, and reality is that non slutty, non whore-ish girls with some principles, already have about 3 orbiters cooking in her phone just in case, and have had at least 3-6 guys by their 19th birthday. Anyone who would debate me on this is a fool who’s so disconnected from reality that he deserves any future cucking or alimony rape.




It’s baffling to me how much ‘traditionalists’ pull out statistics when it comes to minorities and immigration, showing how ‘red pilled’ they are, but turn a blind eye to the pragmatic truths of relationships and women. They assume women will just respect a relationship when push comes to shove, on a basis of anything other then ‘feels’. Assuming that women are rational minded and not subject to their own rules and nature is foolish, and borderline stupid.


Let’s list a few things that we know about women alright?


-Women branch swing. You can have a 10 year relationship with 4 kids but after a couple of weeks or a month after the break up, you will be dead in her eyes when there’s another great prospect for her. Women are pragmatic lovers.


-Women want dominant men. They want to be lead. Women will test you all the time, and if you continually fail those tests, which she uses to deduce your worth as a man, you’re going to have a problem in your relationship. She will lose respect for you as a man.


Women’s love is based in admiration and respect for your masculinity. Masculinity is rooted in courage, strength, abundance, accomplishment and mastery. Weakness is not compatible with masculinity, and the moment you show too much weakness or dependance, love begins to disappear, regardless of your past or years of relationship.


-Women backwards rationalize their emotions. If she fucks up or ruins something, she will lie to herself until she believes it, or she will associate her feelings to ‘truth’ and will fight unrellentingly for it.


These are just a few truths that most red pilled men know about male-female dynamics. That’s just the game. That’s just how it is.


Degenerate culture, the entitlement generation, broken homes and thirsty guys have created an enviornment where women wield so much social power, that any semblance of traditional masculine morality in the maintenance of a relationship will sabotage you (nice guys get rejected, cucked, and hated).


Women Prefer a Powerful man they can’t control, over a Beta male who accomodates too much.




There’s precious little men can do anymore to ensure their happiness whilst in a relationship. Tradcons are quick to shout ‘well then don’t get in a relationship’, but if a man wants some sort of dynamic where a woman MIGHT be loyal to him, a traditional relationship is the only way to go. Party girls in your roster are not good material to discuss your dreams, accomplishments and musings. Ratchet chicks won’t cook for you, clean for you, nor do they provide a nurturing female presence.


Women can and will cheat whenever


Women even cheat when the relationship is doing okay. Think about that for a second. The only reason women limited themselves back in the olden days was because broken marriages would imply societal scorn, the wrath of god (because they were christian) and getting dropped by a husband who provided for her. None of this exists anymore. Women get government benefits and alimony if they’re single moms.


Women use all kinds of contraceptives that may even leave her barren. Her instagram, facebook, text messages, tinder or whatsapp leave her open to have another man available to her in a second. There is no incentive left to actually prefer genuine spousal connection, as instant gratification and non judgemental thirsty men who are at her beck and call are now the norm.


This doesn’t mean all women are bad


Generalizations are bad, but as rational minds who must understand and survive in the world we must use them to make decisions. It’s simply idiotic to take a woman’s word at face value. This is why women want and need men, as strong rocks to make the  tough decisions whilst helping her order the neurotic emotions in her brain. She wants to be contained, controlled, and held back. She’ll test you all the time (shit tests) to see if you keep frame and assert your role as the man in the relationship.




The relationship dynamic


Women look to men for leadership. The qualities that attract her and get her hot and bothered for you are those that assert your masculinity. They want a man who’s bold, who’s desired by other women and who’s virile, strong, wise, and can take care of her, whether it be financially, emotionally, or sexually.


If you become too needy and begin sharing too much about your insecurities and hang ups, or show other sorts of weak behaviour, she will begin to lose the desire she needs in order to stay interested.


Don’t believe me?


Divorce courts are full of men who took care of the kids, gave their wives everything, worked hard and stayed faithful, only to be cuckolded by wives that didn’t respect them. Women cheat, divorce, all based on her feelings and base hypergamy.


Mistress Game is now a necessity


Fuck these ‘moral’ idiots. They won’t be there for you if you marry a girl and get divorce raped, or when she gets fat and doesn’t care. Tradcons will not be there when a woman destroys your emotional health, ambition, and self worth by leaving you or cucking you without remorse.




‘Just trust her bro’

No. Women will always be provided for. A terrible breakup can destroy a man and often leads to suicide.


The victims of open hypergamy who did everything right and killed themselves after won’t come back to life because you did ‘right’ by her and god. A man must be a pragmatist and function within the context of reality, else he is nothing but a weak deluded fool. This is now the reality of the world.


Mistress game keeps your feet on the ground, but you’ll still love your woman. Men are capable of still loving their wives whilst having mistresses, but when women begin cucking their men, they’ll rarely give sex to their husbands or boyfriends.


Mistress game allows you to have a cool head, and to deal with your woman from a position of true abundance. Men MUST lead in a relationship for it to work, there are no exceptions to this rule; It’s what women truly desire. When women lead in relationships you can be guaranteed that the relationship will end terribly. Men are responsible for keeping their relationships and home in check, as it is the only way to guarantee a successful relationship-Mistress game facilitates this in the 21st century.


Why honour your word to someone who isn’t in the capacity of honouring it back? when doing so will most probably lead to a broken home, divorce children, and an emotionally destroyed man?


Women would rather weep and love an Alpha then tolerate a pushover ‘equalist’. Make the right call.


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