How to Be a Shit-Lord to Reclaim Campus




I’m on rare footing right now. I’m working on a business with a friend, I’ve recently restarted weight training and boxing, I’m writing amendments to the student council constitution and am preparing for a 2017 student presidential bid. Did I mention I work at a full time job 40 hours a week?


If you stay busy, you forget about life’s woes. Your mission and overall zest for life will overshadow any doubt you have because doubt is for people with too much time on their hands. This is why you must endeavor to always stay busy.


Stay busy with something meaningful


Working on art, a body, a business or politics are the only ways to make an impact in life. To stay busy whilst feeling fulfilled, the easiest and direct way to do this is working on spreading truth, your values and your message.


How can I stay relevant and change the consensus?





Many men want to change the world. It’s actually our responsibility, as civilization builders and producers to be the ones who take an active role in how our society, world, and country will be like and what future we want for it. There’s only three ways to change the consensus, whether it be in politics, business, or any other worthwhile endeavor:

1)Create and innovate

2)Speak and represent those who are voiceless

3)Live as the change you want to see


Look at shitlord conservative stars like Milo Yiannopoulous or Lauren Southern. They’ve taken advantage of a desperate cry for representation from people who aren’t part of the status quo of leftism and self victimization, and have been able to influence the thoughts and beliefs of those around them.


Milo made it cool to be a shit lord. There are frauds who hijack social movements for their own benefit, like Black Lives Matter and feminists, and who repeatedly lie and make false rape claims and other media hoaxes. These people control and weave a narrative, and its the responsibility of all of us who are tired of these indecencies and lies to make a stand against these terrible people.


How can you complain when you’ve done nothing to change?


We can’t complain about women being terrible bitches if we’re afraid to be self respecting, dominant men. We can’t complain about hoaxers and black lives matter thugs if we’re all afraid of being called racist or sexist or any other buzzword. Now this doesn’t mean anyone should go full shit lord: It’s better to voice your opinions anonymously if you’re against the consensus in the US and Western Europe, or you can get fired from your job; if you have a family to support it won’t be worth it.





This is young people’s fight


Back in the day it was the hippies and lefties who fought the ‘man’ in a conservative and morally restrictive society. Now society has become so decadent and taken to extremes that the left is the powerhouse establishment that must be taken down by young dissidents.


Being leaders and fighting is the only way to put our message out there.


If you’re a man and go to university, now it’s your time to support free speech and fight cultural marxism. It all starts on campuses, and if academic institutions have been infected by nefarious streams of leftist thought then you must take them down.



Shitlording 101


Create student groups. Become a provocateur and debate those who oppose you. Record everything and post it on social media. There’s a tremendous silent majority who’s tired of being used as pawns for the left’s crazy antics.


I got called out to debate by a communist leader and sociology major. He’s in a partisan left group within the university with dozens of supporters. I accepted and told him to get a camera ready because we would record the whole affair.


The message is what’s important.


This is all part of my media strategy prepping for a presidential campaign next year. By putting my message out there I find more followers. With more followers we can bring back democracy and free speech to our campuses. Even if I lose it’ll be a win, and if I win my opponent will lose face because he’s a known political figure within my university. He has more to lose then me.


People want a martyr to rally around.


If you’re afraid of fighting for how you view the world, then what can you do?




When a feminist comes up to you and tries to shut you up for hate speech, who will have your back? when you’re condemned for having the wrong opinion, or not voting and agreeing with the latest leftist degenerate taboo, who will be there to represent you?


Building a brand by being a shit lord is in, and it’s how we’ll reclaim the narrative. Learn to fight, represent, become active and live your life like a man. This is the only way to take back your campus. It’s even easier if you’re a woman; simply by virtue of your sex, you can gain the support of hundreds.


You will receive hate, whether you like it or not. Negative people who have nothing in their lives, other then to destroy and believe themselves victims will throw shit your way however they can. But by becoming a charismatic shit lord, you can throw it right back and begin to change the narrative.




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