Quick Fix to Manhood: Money, Girls, and Gentlemen Vices

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live like a man? there are entire subjective definitions of what it means to be a man out there. Women are constyantly telling guys to ‘man up’, and the dishonest media like the Huffpo is out there 24/7 telling men how they have to live, and behave so as to not offend women or minorities. Are you a young kid who has no idea what it’s like to live like a man? are you full of intellectual rhetoric about how much you’ve read about mahood but have no idea what it actually is?


Manhood is not a definition. It is an experience, a way of life.


We’re not like women. We don’t just bleed from our genitals and come of age. There are men out there who are over 30 years old who have no idea what it means to be a man. So instead of lecturing you on the philosophical ways of manhood and pretending I’m something I’m not (a wise mentor figure) I’m going to lay down an easy to follow blueprint which you can follow to live a masculine existence.



Try it for one month. If you’re a red blooded hetero male, chances are you’ve done some pretty ridiculous shit in your life to get a woman to give a second glance at you, so at least give this a shot. Try what I’m about to explain in this blog post and tell me you don’t feel like a man after it.


The Masculine experience guide:


1)Go to a gym and box


If you’ve never been in a fight, this is even better. Go to an amateur boxing place and learn how to throw a punch. Get punched. Punch back. Train yourself with the training regimen some strong looking fighter gives you. Don’t count on bullshit rap music to motivate you to train or lift, get in there and train because you’re afraid of getting your lights punched out.


2)Have a strong drink a day


Learn to drink like you actually have some balls. To learn what you like and what alcohol you prefer, start with hard stuff and only add ice to it to avoid it being so strong. Have one of those a day. It’s expensive to drink at a bar, so go out to the supermarket or licor store and get yourself something good. Have at least a drink a day.


Hemingway drinking in a bar, talking to photojournalist Robert Capa in 1940


3)Have a woman fall in love with you


Forget about the moral bullshit trad-cons and white knights will feed you. You have, I repeat NO obligation to a woman who falls in love with you. If the world ran on how another should correspond love, everyone of us would be dating a model or the sexiest girls. Life doesn’t work that way. Men are built and seen as the expendable sex, which means that for all human history we’ve had a lesser life span, so live like it and make the most of it.


Women would rather be with a strong, masculine man and never have him then a white knight who pledges eternal love and then just ends up cuckolded. Besides, a woman who’s in love will do a lot to accommodate you, and a real man is always tended to by women, whether it be sexually, or cooked and cleaned for, men have women at their disposal and will break their hearts in a heartbeat if they become horrible uppity bitches.


4)Gamble and smoke


The gentlemen vices. If you don’t have enough paper to go and drop at a casino, organize a card game with your pals. If they’re pussies and are afraid of betting money, make the card games cheaper to play in, or bet booze or other stuff. Smoke when you gamble. I don’t care if you don’t smoke or throw me 1000 bullshit reasons why smoking is cancerous. Everything you fucking eat everyday is cancerous and dangerous, and smoking for a month won’t kill you. I don’t smoke, but I’m not going to cry when someone offers me a cig.





5)Dress like a fucking man


Invite a friend for a drink at a hotel bar or dinner, have some steak and scotch, but wear a dress shirt. Wearing a whole suit is not necessary, but try going out with a tie for a change and tuck in your goddamn shirt. There’s a psychological shift in thinking when you wear a suit, and while drinking something strong and eating a steak it just makes it even better.


With casual clothes, dress like a stylish champ. If you have absolutely no clue about how to dress like a stylish young man, then I suggest you browse the style category of this blog.


6)Read History and philosophy


Read great classics. Read The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, read Seneca, read classics of science fiction like Jules Verne, read about the world wars and read about the French Revolution, the American Revolution and The Roman Carthagian Punic wars.


Read things that were written before the rise of political correctness and the feminine media imperative. Read books written by military men, statesmen, soldiers, explorers, fighters, and artists. Read at least 3 great books in the month of manliness.


7)Don’t Talk about your feelings


Don’t talk about your feelings to other people. And ESPECIALLY don’t talk about your feelings to women. They may say they want to know what’s troubling you, but trust me, they don’t. If you have to unload some heavy emotional drama, tell your male friends and keep it short and sweet.Learn to avoid depression by exercising, reading, boxing, drinking and fucking. By staying busy you forget about all that pent up, emotional stuff and you let it go from your mind. If it’s too much, write it out in a journal then hit the weights, and be around people




8)Listen to Classical Music


Whether you’re at home in your study, writing or working on anything, listen to classical. Have a time where you look out the fucking window, alone, whilst listening to the likes of Vivaldi. Just do it.


Live like this for a month , and do EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST. Then, tell me if you don’t know what manhood is. If you still can’t, get tested for your testosterone levels, they may be too low.






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