How to Become Stylish in 1 Easy Step




Want to know how to get ahead of the curve in life? look better. It’s no mystery that there are women who get ahead in life and get stuff done for them simply because they’re highly more attractive then their peers: Hot people get benefits.


Male models exist. That alone should be enough to give you some understanding on the importance of looks. The fact that you can be a man and actually get paid to be pretty, is literally shouting across the winds that LOOKS MATTER.


And the Sky is Blue


I know, looks obviously matter and anyone who tells you the contrary is bullshitting. An ugly guy with tight game will probably get 10x more rejections then a clueless idiot who gets approached by women but has no fucking clue on how to game her. But its easy to get better looking, as most guys are actually more attractive then they give themselves credit for.


Women would rather fuck a stupid but hot looking bad boy, then an awesome and deep but slob tier dressing guy.


Find your celebrity look alike


This is by far the best tip I’ve ever received when it comes to finding your unique style. First discover your face shape, your height, and what you consider to be your physical virtues. I’ll use myself as an example:


I have bushy eyebrows, and am 178cm tall. I have black hair and dark eyes, and some features I pride myself on are my lips, and my gaze. To find out what looks good on you and what looks stylish on you quickly, instead of going out to different stores and trying on different looks without much idea on how to pull anything off, find your Hollywood counterpart who shares some of the characteristics your proud of. This doesn’t mean it has to be your exact dopple-ganger (or else you’d be making movies) but make sure he’s relatively similar in height, hair color, and physical attributes.


My case: Colin Farell

So Colin Farrell’s height? check. Colin Farrell’s hair color? Check. Colin Farrell’s eye color? check. Colin Farrell’s eyebrows? also check. When I found my celebrity match, a quick google search returned a plethora of styles that the dude was rocking, some which I thought looked terrible, and some I wanted to go out that same day and buy.


Colin-Farrell 2




To easily find your style and what you’re comfortable with, find various celebrities who fit the profile that you want to look like and compare their looks. Johnny Depp is also my size but I didn’t share enough physical qualities with Depp to seriously choose him as someone who somewhat resembles me (don’t delude yourself either).

Changing up your style is the quickest way to heighten your sex appeal, and automatically become more noticed by your peers and your superiors. In university, looking the part of the stylish bad boy goes a long way, so never underestimate the power of stylish clothing.

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