Corruption Hates Democracy



I was working extra shifts on Sunday recently to make some extra paper to pay for private boxing coaching, so I was tired and sore and sleepy after working all night. Monday (yesterday) was the day that the student council, alongside all the students of my particular generation were going to negotiate terms and specifications about the petition that the commie-run student council wanted to impose on the authorities.



As I’m starting to get really known around those parts for being the dissenting voice and actually caring about logic and facts (facts don’t care about feelings, as our fallen true conservative Benji would say) I was the first student to show up to the supposed meeting with the authorities. I thought I had fucked up and read the time wrong, because there was no member of the student council (our representatives) and no other students. Still I waited, as I had arrived at 10 and the whole meeting was supposed to take place at 10:30. One student council member showed up at 1030 sharp, and with no other students aside from me there, she sent the authorities home, as the student body of the whole negotiation (the council and a significant number of the student body) weren’t even there. It was a cringe worthy embarrassing moment. This should be a catastrophic fuck up and a huge dent in what would be known as the supposed ‘democracy’ and ‘sovereignty’ of all of us.


They still held a student assembly after. They swept it under the rug


Every time I’m at those fucking things, I feel like EU Brexit leader Nigel Farage, the only one frightened with the level of little democracy that exists within the whole ordeal. Last Friday, no one had shown up save 20 students, and it was that tiny group who decided to have this negotiation. Of 20, this last meeting only 15 showed up. As I’m working on constitutional framework for the whole student council, I asked the 20 people there about a goddamn quorum, and how blatantly stupid it was to conduct negotiations, messages and policy when they weren’t representing the interests of the governed. But fuck that, commies have no interest in that sort of thing; they then began organizing activities that would be done during the strike to ‘convince people to become part of the democratic process’. And we all know what that means, its a big dick slap in the face of people who are actually interested in deriving some sort of result in the real world.


If you keep fighting anywhere you will find corruption


I knew I would come across the big ‘fuck you’ to democracy sooner or later within this whole ordeal, and I wanted to find it exactly, to be able to change it all from within. I’m working on a business, I’m taking on boxing seriously now, I work and I also sporadically teach english. These people aren’t used to people like me. People who have some sort of backbone, who knows that the world is going to shit everywhere and that toxic regressive leftism is a tremendous contributor to it.




I got into my university with a scholarship. It wasn’t an academic excellence scholarship either, more like a minority quota, but for poor people. Yes, I exploited the fact that I’m poor to pay less at my university. Call me Elizabeth Warren. I’m not all that smart either, because I honestly don’t believe I’ll make my living working for megacorp, so I just pass the classes I need to pass and that’s it. Call me mediocre? Ok, that’s valid. But focusing my energies on other endeavors that give me tanglible returns have always seemed like a better way to advance in life.


Watching the Poor and the Hardworking get fucked over by Weaklings makes me angry


Seeing this corrupt student council, these partisan commies (yes, my uni is full of commies who are actually active within communist political parties) run things into the shitter makes me angry. This university is the only means of many of its students of being something in life, and since we’re now on strike and the university has been seized, all these kids aren’t getting the education they’re fucking paying for. It’s not fair for anyone involved, and this problem is getting worst by anyone’s standards. The man with the hair, Donald Trump, mentioned he would probably never run or do anything in politics until things got really bad. I was always of his same opinion, but watching the goddamn incompetence and corruption around me is enough.




So get out there and reveal corruption, reveal hoaxes like Mike C does on the daily, become  part of the process, negotiate with other members and become a force to be reckoned with. Corrupt liars hate truth tellers. So start telling some truth if what yuo want to do is change the world.


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