A Fast Hack for Inspiration

Want inspiration? then cultivate it. Inspiration doesn’t just come to you. It’s not a ‘eureka!’ moment, nor does it happens one day while you’re just sitting on the shitter watching stand up comedy on your smartphone.


Inspiration must be engineered


Some people just count on the world and living life to inspire them. This is valid, but if you were to sit down and analyze most of the people who are just teeming with artistic creativity and inspiration, more often then not, their lifestyles are interesting. Most people’s lives are boring and it’s not entirely their fault either. How inspired can you be working 9 hours a day at a fast food joint, an office, or in public service? chances are you won’t be.


Inspiration is not the same as motivation


Motivation is the energy and drive you dispose of to take action. People get motivated to work out, and they go and get a pump, but ask them if their motivation is still there after a few months. An artist or a painter can be motivated to paint or create, but motivation isn’t what creates beautiful art. Motivation isn’t what crafts and perfects a life vision. It’s inspiration.





Inspiration is what gives work that extra touch, it’s passion that comes from deep down, and it’s guided by the energies of creativity. Inspiration together with motivation is a machine that can’t be stopped, as it’s duality creates the best it can with momentum to do so,  ensuring it’s fueled long enough to be found and appreciated. But how do you come about inspiration? how do you get inspired to create and do the best you can? how do you find that conviction, idealism and creativity that blend together and form inspiration?


Inspiration must come from inside.


There are ways to ensure you can find inspiration quicker. If you sit on your ass all day eating potato chips and remembering your past failures you won’t find it. Inspiration is like a stock or business you invest in: you put in the capital or money in the stock, and hope that it goes up. The market is random but if you invested right and pulled the right moves, many of those random moves will get you paid.


So how to ensure the highest probability of inspiration?


You’ve been inspired before. Whether it was to lift weights, to write, to play a sport, there was an external catalyst that got you high on pure artistic desire to live and act and discover and create. That can be replicated only by surrounding yourself by things and situations that inspire. For example, maybe there’s a book you read, there’s a certain music that just brings you up and makes you hopeful, perhaps you look to the future or get creative when you’ve lived enough raw emotional experiences in the real world.


Surround yourself with things that bring you up


Take out a piece of paper or open microsoft word. Write down shit that you enjoy profoundly as well as subjects that make you think and introspect. I don’t care if it’s botany, military history or anime. Then surround your office or workplace with symbols or things that remind you of it. If Batman makes you feel like a hero, then listen to the batman theme song on repeat. If there are certain quotes that bring you a certain calm or understanding, read those back to yourself. Make sure you’re OUT THERE living experiences and putting yourself in situations that may seem difficult or that make you uncomfortable.


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No one knows where ideas come from. By repeating these patterns and enjoying the influence these things bring you, new ideas are being crafted into your brain. Then when you least expect it, it will hit. Inspiration seldom comes to those who don’t prepare for it. It actually does come when you least expect it.


Inspiration always comes when you’re busy, or your mind is otherwise engaged. It’s like a bomb, just counting down which explodes with a bang of creative fervor. Great artists used muses because it inspired them to create great work. Great work comes from inspiration, and inspiration comes from those things that bring a deep passion to your mind and soul Sound a little too pseudo science-ish? well then good luck sitting there hoping the ideas come to you.

-Consume media or information that inspires awe, wonder and curiosity

-Audit your workplace and enviorment so that it’s a place that inspires creativity

-Work and maintain your mind occupied

Inspiration will come.


If it doesn’t, you’re not doing what I said. If it still doesn’t come, then I suggest you work on your energy levels, because perhaps you’re missing the motivation necessary to produce inspiring thoughts. Remember, the greatest work comes from inspiration. Surround yourself with what you love and what makes you thankful for being alive, and you’ll do or produce something special.



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