Why Weak Men Hate Strong Men



Weak men use their ‘intellect’ and patheticness to impose their own pathetic agendas on us all. I’m in university, and everyone of the student council for the faculty of administration and economy is a communist cuck. These guys use fancy marxist buzzwords (like social justice buzzwords but more hardcore communist) like exploitation, comrades, social movement, comraderie, social rights, and every other word you can imagine. I’m already on a watch list by one of the most radical of the commie cucks, which furiously fought with a high representative of the student council because I was on the commission to limit their power within the movements (he wanted in to limit whatever I could do to limit these frauds).


The higher representative was a woman.


When he tried to take me down in a recent assembly, I put him to shame and shut him up in front of everybody, as well as gathering a cult like following for being the only dissenting opinion within assemblies who spoke with some sort of reason and purpose.

Weak men hate strong men because they are reminded of being fragile, hateful bitter men. They are jealous of men leading their women and they’re jealous of strong men showing them up.




There’s a lot of talk about cultural marxism and colleges being breeding grounds for cucks. The commies on my campus are cucks, as they’re being lead mostly by women. I’ve already gotten involved romantically with one of the hotties of the higher representatives. This is the power of being a man, as Mike Cernovich clearly puts it. ‘Masculinity Always Wins’.


I’ve taken on these cucks with nothing but this pretty mug and a notebook for my ideas.



I’m not a big guy. I’m only 178cm, and I have a pretty thin frame, but my body language and actual ideas make me a force to be reckoned with. Women follow, men lead. When there are no strong men, women will take over and beta males will sheepishly impose their views through the manipulation of the public. They employ the typical shaming language to quiet dissenting opinions, and will turn to mob violence when they outnumber their enemies. When their exposed for the weak faggots that they are, they’ll ask for help from their female overlords. My university was recently seized  by the commies and closed off to the outside world- There was no democracy involved. Little do these commies know that there is a silent majority among the masses of people who are tired of being used by the cucks, and I’m planting the persuasive seeds of change.


Being Charismatic, attractive, and a man is all you need


The left is intellectually bankrupt, and their ideas don’t hold up to scrutiny. This alone should already enourage you enough to take the fight to the commie cucks. Fuck their women, be more charming then them and fight your way in to changing the infrastructure. This is the only way to get these cucks dealt with.


Cuckolds prevail when Alpha shitlords do nothing.




Don’t worry about going in alone, as you’ll develop a cult like following if you can establish yourself as a charismatic, funny, smart man with balls. If you’re afraid about not knowing how to speak and how to act during when facing cuck scrutiny, look up Nigel Farage taking on the EU and Donald Trump debating during the GOP debates. Develop skill sets which will help you succeed in this endeavor. If you know anything about game and getting girls, as well as public speaking you’re overly qualified.


So what’s my plan of action?


By developing an anti fragile system of working inside uni and using principles of persuasion and masculinity, I’m going to finish drafting the constitution to limit the powers of these cucks; and by using persuasion, I’ll get the students to vote my amendments in. Then, I’ll do a journalistic investigation to find out what these cucks are claiming vs what’s actually true, and I’ll publish for everyone on campus to see (one of the main issues commies thrive on is people’s ignorance when it comes to these issues. By revealing truth, I’ll reveal myself on the side of the people and gain necessary credibility).





All this preparing for a 2017 campaign, based on transparency, democracy, and students first, which I’ll succeed in and I’ll Make my Uni Great Again. And when I’m done I’ll write a manual about how I did it and it’ll be my gift to the US, because if ONE SHITLORD can win and gain influence in one of the most marxist universities in south america, then we can get rid of the commie cuck menace everywhere. We are stronger, we are wiser and we are men. Never forget that guys. It’s time to go out and destroy the commie cucks.



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