Why Trump?

People ask you, as if you’re ill. ‘I think he has what it takes to change the face of politics, and I think he has some sensible policies’, I respond. This is usually followed by insults claiming I’m a racist, a sexist, or that I’m a latino uncle Tom. For all intents and purposes, for the outside world it is strange for some latino kid living in a country far from the US to have any interest in the current american electoral process. Well, if someone like me is interested in what’s going on in North America, then is it really a surprise that there is a  massive effect that a possible Trump presidency has on people in his own country?


Trump’s youth following is huge, and no, they’re not all shitposters from 4chan. Well, a lot of his influence in younger spheres comes for the deep dark places of internet memetics, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Lefties hate Trump. Feminists, communists, socialists and hippies galore all profess their hatred for the bigot Trump. Then on the right you have a large number of convervatives, devout Christians and pundits who claim Trump is basically the Anti Christ. Trump has irritated all sides, and yes that’s a good thing. To understand why you should care about a Trump presidency,and should actually be cheering him on (unless you’re a leftist), you must understand four underlying principles crucial to the understanding of what’s going on. These are:


Cultural Context

Polticial Context

Technological Context

Generational Context


Let’s go ahead and describe them shall we?


The Cultural Context:

Anywhere you go today in the western world, you’ll see that leftism has completely infiltrated popular culture, television, and the art world. There’s ‘resist capitalism’ twitter hashtags, there’s hatred towards anything remotely conservative, and there’s a mob rule when it comes to popular consensus on college campuses.


Toxic and regressive leftism has hit dangerous levels. Leftists now openly hate and mock anything not in accordance with their political goals, and have no problems on enforcing that with violence.


They will silence free speech, report dissident opinions to the point of getting people fired or doxed. In South America the violence is worst, since there are authorized marches and protests that destroy private property and cause violence and havoc all over cities, which of course, the tax payer and small business owners pay for.


Universities are so completely brainwashed, whether they be in North or South America, that being a conservative or libertarian on campus can lead to mob hatred and discrimination. And you know what happens when the left has a stranglehold on the national conversation, on issues, on free speech, and a monopoly of publicly sanctioned violence? (if a leftist commits a crime and is taken in by police, he martyrs himself to prove ‘police brutality’)


Censorship, supression of rights, and famine.


The hilarious thing about theses leftists and progressives is that they foolishly believe that they’re ‘fighting the establishment’ when in fact their extreme forms of cultural brainwashing play exactly into the wants and needs of the established powers. They ARE the political establishment.


What do leftists want?


If you think they want prosperity for the people, think again. Try be a working class person in a culturally communist country, who works extra shifts and perhaps decides to start his own business to succeed. They’ll make claims that you’ve sold out, that you’re part of the bougois’s stooges, and that you’re a class traitor. Misery is preferable in equality rather then more poor people recieve opportunities. The end goal for progressives and their culturally brainwashed useful idiots is socialism.


Socialism leads to communism. Communism and socialism lead to poverty. ANYWHERE you look where communism has been implanted, it leads to poverty, dictatorship, corruption, famine and death. Venezuela, North Korea, PR China, Cuba, anywhere you look, socialism cripples nations.


Leftists want there to be a tremendous mass of poor people and workers, since that’s where their numbers and masses come from.


Socialists love poor people so much that it’s their sole purpose to duplicate them in order to continue fabricating boogeyman external enemies to keep them in line. Look at the shit show in Venezuela, where people are hunting pidgeons and dogs to eat. People who become successful via hard work and who love anything other then communism’s fake promises are dangerous to them.


Where there is cultural marxism, there will be a perpetual victim complex within the population. Work ethic is replaced with victimhood. Women begin to see the role of motherhood and family through a lens of ‘opression’. It becomes ‘cool’ to shit on anything that doesn’t go in accordance with the equalist, globalist, atheist and socialist agenda.



Where there is cultural marxism, it becomes dangerous to not be a partisan of leftist ideology. Socialism has been a cancer on south america, and if you don’t believe how shitty it can get and how leftism cripples countries, look no further then how Cristina K’s Argentina was after she left power and countries like Bolivia. Leftism brings poverty, and state control of popular thought. If you’re an american you may scoff, but unless you’ve lived in a country ravaged by it, you won’t understand.


As long as the left controls the cultural narrative and what’s politically correct, ANY dissenting ideology will be crushed.



The left doesn’t care if you’re a libertarian, an anarcho-capitalist, a conservative, a nationalist or a Christian. None of these ideas or economic schools of thought will survive leftist scrutiny. There will be no harbouring or growth of new ideas in the popular consensus. Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to what the politically correct mobs deem acceptable, will be sanctioned. This is the world we’re living in.



The Political Context:



Politics everywhere are a shit show. Overbloated governments are spending like crazy. Bureaucrats making themselves rich and in bed with tremendous corporations. Politicians have lied for so long that people have accepted that they’re all liars. Political establishments all over the world have proven themselves incapable of actually keeping their popularity at somewhat decent levels. The people who are not left wing democrats and somewhat prefer conservative values like small government, 2nd amendment rights and the nuclear famiy, are disorganized, disenfranchised and angry. Enter the cuckservative meme.




The Weak Right Wing


Since the cultural narrative landscape has been so dominated by left wing forms of toxic thought (through music, idiotic Hollywood celebrities, and a strong presence of the communist party in the history of south american countries) the majority of people in most parts of south america abhor the right, and with good reason.


The modern day right wing in most parts of the world are made up of corporatist fat cats, who go golfing, take expensive vacations in Europe and put their children in posh private schools. Everybody hates the snooty class, who act like interacting with mere mortals like the working class in unacceptable. The weak, despised right, has no ideological message, purpose or goal. In countries like the US and my own, Chile, their meager existence is relegated to just being the opposition of the leftist, populist political scourge. They personify the elitism, the disconnect and the disdain for those who make up the majority of a country. This is the right’s fatal mistake, and which has created the conditions for the current rise of Trump.


The ‘Right’ follows the left’s cultural narrative


The left claims the right is racist, and the right then follows, claiming they are not. The Left calls the right sexist, and the right stumbles to claim they are not. The left makes claims of olicharchy, of disconnect and of an empty ideology of hate. The right the runs to take pictures with working class people, and explain how much their political beliefs are in tune with their Christian message of ‘love’. The modern right wing establishment is one made up of old money elitists, who follow the compasses of the left. They’re like the obedient Little trained opposition, often betraying the actual traditional or free market tendencies of those who form part of the right. Forget about caring about immigration, forget about caring about how state education is conducive to nothing good, the right will only claim to defend these principles but will do nothing for it. No one identifies with the establishment right anymore. No one cares about the elitist old money country club fake Christian old farts, and due to this, many who don’t identify with leftist foolery will still vote and act left wing because of the cultural narrative and lack of other options.



Politicians have always been liars, but people are reminded of it more and more thanks to TECHNOLOGY, which leads me to the next point.


Technological Context:


This is where it gets interesting. You see, never has there been a sort of technological advancement that can spread information virally as much as the internet. People, no matter how rich or poor in the west, have access to the internet and smart phones. People are as connected as ever. This is also a means of powerful persuasion. Before, the powerful had control of all the media consumed by people. TV and newspapers had the final say of what formed political opinions. But there is a new age dawning, and it’s a liberating one.


People get their news from the internet.


People spend hours connected to their smart phone. Putting up a site and a youtube channel is extremely cheap with almost no start up costs, and people are smartening up to the leftist media bullshit. There are hoaxes everywhere. People know they’re being lied to. Politics is only sexy for as long as the masses of people can be maintained occupied and brainwashed. I’m beginning to sound like a leftist now, but I actually mean it. People cry about hope and change, but challenge the ‘consensus’ with age old ideas that have proved to not work. A Trump presidency can imply ACTUAL change.





The New Generational Context:


Technology, and policing political correctness and toxic forms of oppressive left have spawned an entirely new generation which abhors the more terrible aspects of the poisonous, modern cultural landscape. These counter reactionaries are usually edgy millennial gamers who have been rejected from modern society for being either weird,kooky, or too Smart for their own good. These Young men, used to nothing but rejection, and being told that their very existence is oppressive by the left have taken to the internet to profess their beliefs, ideologies and concerns.


Enter the Alt right.


These Young millenials, whom have taken it upong themselves to occupy the most extreme right wing positions due to this tremendous vacuum of disenfranchised people, have become politically active. Unlike the unenthusiastic Hillary Clinton voters, or the incompentent and weak willed Sanders supporters, the alt right are dedicated to bringing about a change within the typical right wing spheres of power.



They’re Young men who have already been rejected, disregarded, hated and discriminated against, and they have no love for the current social order. Young Trump supporters who belong to the alt right will créate internet memes (an underestimated powerful persuasión tool), share and edit videos and other types of multimedia, and work hard to make sure someone like Donald Trump is their president. And no, this is not me saying that every Young Trump supporter is a racist bigot who jerks off to anime.


Young Trump supporters are usually young, fit men who attract women, prefer guns and liberty and hard work to handouts, victim complexes and false cries for cultural Marxism. The narrative meme that all Trump supporters are red neck bigots is simply not true. But the political vacuum and leftist debauchery has brought back the Young vote to this current election process, which is pivotal to understand in the Why Trump? question.


Now that’s all well and good, I mean even people like little Benji Shapiro would agree with me up to this point. Now, here comes the actual answer to the question on everybody’s mind:


Why Trump?


Trump is not an establishment person.


EVERYONE on planet earth is cynical about politics. Politicians all have 0 incentive to provide on their promises and every incentive to cash in and to become an unproductive member of an elite, a modern day aristocratc monarchic class of privilege. People know this, and all over the world, people have all but given up when it comes to real change.


Marxism was the best thing to ever happen to corporate elites, since the misinformation that exists and the outrage the populous feels just gets redirected toward these idiot causes, never truly tackling the issues that keep us all down.


Trump isn’t a politician. Trump is used to making deals, compromising only when necessary and success. He sells himself as a champion of the people, and people follow him for it.


Why? is it because they’re stupid and gullible?


No, it’s because he’s a breath of fresh air. The last politician people believed was Barack Obama, and that ended up killing the last credibility that the political class had over people. Trump is the outsider tough guy, who just had to step in because things were so bad. Sanders certainly has the outsider appeal, but he’s a socialist, and americans will never conciously vote in a socialist. Just look at Sanders disgusting fan base and followers and you’ll see the type of people who want America to go down THAT route.





Trump is used to winning and victory


When there’s a weak and frail horse, and there’s a strong and fast stallion, who do you think people will prefer? our PC society tells us that we have to watch out for and follow the little guy, the frail guy, but that’s not how human nature works. Women follow Trump naturally enough, because women follow strong men. Weak men are all but invisible to women, and actually physically repulse them.


Men follow Trump because he represents something men can get behind: Winning again, being proud of themselves (validating their masculinity), protecting their nation again and following the example of a powerful man.


Trump has money, power, women and is dominant. He is an apex example of masculinity, and men with ambition admire that. Game recognizes game as they say. The biggest Trump haters who are male, are usually men without much money, without much going for them in their lives, no big plans and who are sadly devoid of sex. This is a gross generalization, but try and prove me wrong.


When you have someone in charge of a country, a leader, you want him or her to be someone with a proven track record of victory, someone who has rubbed elbows with the greats and has been able to strong arm them and stay well respected. The American people, ever since the inception of their nation have been a winning people. They took no more shit from the red coats, and through industry, hard work, capitalism and an entrepreneurial spirit, were able to build a great nation. If this thirst for winning, for success, for being independant and better can rub off on any other nation and any other group of people, their respective countries will be better for it.


Trump will change the politically correct consensus and shatter the cultural left’s dominion


This is perhaps the MOST important part of a Trump presidency. Presidents affect a country’s cultural climate. With the absolute dominion of the left in media over the past decades in almost every part of the world, it has become completely taboo to have any other stream of thinking or ideology other then the typical atheist, socialist, feminist, or downright communist politically correct rhetoric. This has allowed the parasite of toxic leftism to invade (political correctness, thought police, the trampling of individual liberties) which keeps the poor poorer, the wealthy elites and globalists happy, and the people willfully ignorant, high on the disgusting opiate that is Marxism.




Trump’s presidency will make center and right wing ideology cool again.



Those who were afraid of speaking out, will speak out. If nowadays you’re a libertarian, a conservative christian, a traditionalist, a nationalist, or an anarcho capitalist, good luck getting your ideas out to the public enough for them to gain traction. Until the politically correct mobs and media get exposed for the liars and hoaxers that they are, your dissident opinions are as good as dead. This is EXTREMELY important for third world countries who want to change the consensus of mediocrity which has plagued their existence ever since Marxists got into power and affected the social order and collective thought. I welcome this.


My personal politics are those of a closed borders libertarian. Controlled immigration, small government, free market policies. But I would rather take traditionalist, nationalist, or ancap schools of thought growing in the population rather then socialism, communism, and what’s politically correct. Traditionalists favour the family over complete hedonism, nationalists believe in unifying people through a common love of culture and people, and ancaps stress the importance of free markets and voluntary exchanges (which is the backbone and fundamental element of prosperity).


Illegal Immigration is a Problem.



Wherever you look at it, mass, undocumented illegal immigration is an issue that affects people’s lives daily. With a welfare state that encourages illegal immigrants not to work, as well as many not assimilating, illegal immigration isn’t bringing prosperity to the United States anymore.


The left’s classic tactic is to call anyone who thinks borders are important ‘a racist’. Cuckservatives also follow this stupid meme, but the american people aren’t as easily fooled.



It isn’t xenophobia that causes this issue to be a major one in Americans minds, but it’s the adverse effects of this immigration, like illegal immigrants taking low skilled workers jobs and livelihoods, crime statistics, and illegal immigrants enjoying benefits on the tax payer’s dime. Trump saw this and had the balls to address it, something the American people haven’t forgotten.



This is at the core of the American spirit, and the old members of the GOP or liberals have forgotten about this: Americans like to win, and americans heavily distrust their governments. Trump embodies the American aspirational ethos: an Entrepreneur who doesn’t take shit, with a big family, an attractive and feminine wife, hard working kids and a dominant need to be the best and take care of his own. Establishment politicians have forgotten about this, and Trump has taken millions of disenfranchised americans under his wing with a patriotic message of ‘America first’.



Trump’s use of persuasive rhetoric means that other establishments can be destroyed


If you dislike Trump, refer to him as a populist, a racist, a liar or whatever have you, fine. You don’t have to like the guy as a person. He’s a loudmouth, and he’s purposely vague when it comes to accusations and policies. But Trump represents something so amazing and never before see that his mere existence and victories should be absolute gold for anyone looking to displace corrupt fiends in power in their home countries (political establishments): His near perfect use of persuasive rhetoric.



It’s easy to gain followers when you promise that everything will be free (like most left wing populists, like Bernie Sanders or Nicolás Maduro) but it’s very different to rouse the spirits of the masses with a message of promising more hard work, and more independance from government. Trump’s use of rhetoric and persuasive communication skills put him in a category all for himself when it comes to being an influential man.


Thanks to building his own brand, his press savvy skills, and his masterful persuasive use of languageTrump has been able to destroy a juggernaut of a party, funded by donors and special interests. What does this mean for the rest of the world? it used to be that the powers that be controlled the media. They no longer do, as their power has diminished significantly. Trump has played the mainstream media like a fiddle, and has used them to advance his own message. His own personal brand, along with his masterful rhetoric and twitter account, has been able to put top establishment candidates and political ‘experts’ out of work.





This means that other people in other countries can obliterate establishments merely with the use of social media, persuasive rhetoric, and passion. Being a leftist populist isn’t the only way to reach influence any more, and Trump has proved it. The left has dominated every aspect there is to dominate in Western Politics (which arises the question, what has the right and conservatives conserved?) but Trump’s nationalist and ‘I’ll help you help yourselves’ message is a true victory. Using these tools and doing what he’s done, he’s given hope to anybody out there who truly wants to retake his country from old money establishment hacks, whether they be on the left or the right.


Trump is a nationalist, who believes in the good of the people ahead of global interests



Globalists want open borders, a single currency, and the end of sovereign states. Couple this with not letting people arm themselves and having every last semblance of privacy taken away by NSA spying, and you have destroyed a country’s sovereignty, self government, identity and individual freedom. This is the progressive agenda. If you don’t believe me, look at Germany. Read the case for Brexit, and see what the leftist and international bankers agenda is for Western civilization. The prognosis is not good.



Communism and leftism has done a great job of endangering the nuclear family, gun rights, and any speech which may criticize the establishment in countries like South America and in some places in Europe, but America remains the last bastion of true freedom (and that’s saying a lot).


Trump believes in putting his own countrymen first. He believes in negotiating fair trade deals, in destroying political correctness and making sure his country has a border again. This is terrible for the globalist agenda, and if Trump’s nationalism catches on in other countries, it’ll be terrible for all the enemies of the people.


Think about Trump’s greatest enemies and detractors: Faceless corporations, special donors and interests, extreme communists and the establishment left, as well as neo conservatives.


Jobless weirdos who support Bernie hate Trump: Veterans, the working class, and actual legal immigrants love Trump. Isn’t a man defined by his enemies?


To recap, a Trump presidency will:

-Ensure the growth of anti globalist and anti leftist schools of thought and ideology (traditionalism, libertarianism, nationalism, anarcho capitalism, etc.). If progressives and globalists win, there will be NO, and I repeat, NO future for people with these kinds of ideologies.


-Trump’s presidency will prove that the billionaire class and controlled political parties can be defeated, using such rudimentary and low costs things like a powerful twitter account, manipulating the media to spread your message, and massively persuasive skills.


-Trump’s presidency will prove that it’s not necessary to be an insane leftist to get the people to rally behind you.


-Trump’s presidency will cause a profound societal change in the people that he governs: his winning attitude and entrepreneurial spirit will rub off on everyday americans.


So Why Trump, you may still ask? what’s the final missing piece of the puzzle?


Trump’s a man. The western world has become feminized. Conservatism is a joke. It needs to die and become replaced with something stronger. Trump has no trouble taking the fight to the enemy. Trump has made his name as a winner. He’s been tied to the most attractive women, to success, and he’s bold. Women want him. Men want to be like him. He’s an Alpha male which losers and cuckolds can only whine about. Trump’s a man, and a strong ambitious one at that. Game recognizes game.






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