The Shortcut to Power



Power is influence. Power is dominance. Almost anything worthwhile in life is pretty much solved by gaining power, exerting it, and knowing how to manage it. Power moves the world. Whether it be military leaders, political parties, martyrs figures and even philosophers and academics, the whole functioning of our modern society and world is based on the premise of competing wills that desire power. Think about it:


Women want a man who can take care of himself as well as her, who takes pride in his appearance and how he sounds and is perceived, and a man who is dominant and attractive to other women. Women find these types of men irresistible. Now compare these characteristics with those of a rich man, an admired military leader, or any man who commands influence: Women are attracted to power.


Think about what it takes to get respect from other men: Men respect other men who are competent, dominant, and can help them further their own bids for power and personal desires. I would only give away girls to friends who are actually competent and make me look good. I’d bet you wouldn’t introduce your friend loser Larry who plays LOL and watches anime on the weekends to a hot blonde and her friends. You probably wouldn’t introduce loser Larry to guys who you admire either. You don’t want to embarass yourself and risk losing the respect of powerful and cool dudes, nor do you want to devalue your own brand and personal ‘power’ by giving losers access to your hard won spoils.


Power takes Years to Achieve.


No you’re not a CEO of a tremendous corporation, nor are you anyone relevant or worth a damn if you live in a city with 3 million +. It’ll probably take most men decades to achieve any sort of considerable and measureable power when it comes to wealth and actual  hard achievements. Does this mean that your bid for power and all its benefits are automatically cut short and brought to a halt? Fuck no.


The Appearance of power is seductive to everyone.


Maintaining a powerful reputation and image are the cornerstones of perceived value.


Reputations either make or break a man, but this shouldn’t be mistaken with caring to a great degree what anyone else thinks. You can still have unpopular opinions and pursue unorthodox or unpopular hobbies, but your reputation is based on three things:


How reliable your competence is

How reliable your word is related to your competence

How dominant you are


When you think of a reputation you need to keep clean and untarnished, think of it in this way. Losers will try to shame you by trying to smite your reputation with shitty accusations or trying to make you the butt of their jokes. This doesn’t matter, as a man of power doesn’t march to the compass of what inferior people or haters say about him. The world can forgive a man for mostly anything except being weak. So how do you successfully emulate power and build a reputation?


Study the Powerful


Studying and emulating is the easiest way to reap the benefits of power, without actually having to wait until you build a fortune. For example, I’ll analyze myself and demonstrate that I’ve successfully adopted characteristics that make people automatically assume I’m someone to be reckoned with. These include:

Always speaking with utmost authority about things that require a certain competence or intellect.


Talking about economics and explaining the world’s ills coupled together with confident and dominant posture will make people believe you’re an expert on the subject, even if you’re not.




Other things include for example, stories about fighting (perhaps you only box or practiced martial arts for a short time, but being able to hurt someone is automatically a hallmark of power and dominance) flaunt the fact that you speak another language, and demonstrate that you have options in life. Obscure your failures and exaggerate your accomplishments.


Emulate the following qualities and you give yourself a massive shortcut to power.


Qualities of the powerful that you can emulate for your own benefit:


-Dominant body language, posture, voice, and eye contact.

-Willingness to drop things and walk if not appeased.

-Willingness to enter conflict with those who oppose your immediate or perceived plans


-Above average competence

-Leadership qualities


All these qualities can be cultivated and put on display to emulate power, without having a massive bankroll and without being the president of a successful international company. To the victor goes the spoils, and the world prefers to befriend, to sleep with, and to please the powerful rather then those who are ‘humble’ and waiting their turn to make it big.





What if you make it big when you’re 45, but wanted to be part of a political administration in university when you were 20? what if you wanted to get the sexiest girls when you were 23, not when you were 53? what if you wanted to be noticed by top captains of industry when you were young and had the energy to work in a large firm or to start your own business, instead of when you have relative success at age 40?



Gorillas beat their chests to assert dominance. Lions roar loudly to scare off potential attackers. Does this mean that they can back up their claims of strength completely? fuck no. But as they say, perception is reality, and if you can adopt the behavioral cues of the powerful and you can adopt their thinking patterns, then soon you’ll be on your way to other benefits material wealth has in store for you.


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