The Lex Luthor Approach to Life

Lex Luthor is the arch nemesis of one of the most powerful and iconic super heroes in the comic book world, Superman. Superman’s powers include and are not limited to flight, super speed, super strength, ice breath, laser heat vision, invulnerability, x ray vision, as well as a highly above average intelligence. Lex Luthor is also a human being, a mortal who’s only powers and strengths are a genius level intellect, and a powerful will. This may sound ridiculous, as this blog post is about telling you how to become more like a bald comic book villain but bear with me.


Lex Luthor represents the Dark Triad with a powerful intellect. His will is his super power.


Lex Luthor is the criminal mastermind behind various evil organizations, including a coalition of super villains who’s powers include meta human abilities. This means that a human being with dark triad characteristics is enough to be one of the world’s most powerful threats, even in the comic book world. Lex Luthor’s on even playing ground with Batman when it comes to the achievement of human potential, but he lacks the character and morality of the caped crusader, as Lex views them as limitations to achieve the overall grandeur of his potential.




Lex Luthor is a pragmatist

Luthor is notoriously evil in the comics because he exploits human nature, as he knows humans function and are ruled by irrational emotions, self interest, and moral ambiguity. Like a Dark Triad man, he knows that the world doesn’t play fair, and that the only way to protect himself is to be a brutal machiavellian strategist. He believes in the strong surviving, and he is somewhat of an intellectual  fascist. Luthor hates Superman because he sees him as a god like figure who did nothing to achieve his powers, therefore being undeserving of them.


Luthor’s irrational hatred is also based in fear, as the very  concept of Superman existing renders him primarily useless if Superman were to one day focus his efforts on attacking him or the world, as Luthor is used to exerting control in all things. Superman also displaces Lex’s own god complex, as he views himself as the apex of human achievement, what the world should aspire to become, and not superman.


The Virtues of Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor is a great example of a man obsessed with perfection and being the best, with a severe god complex; Luthor prizes his own frail humanity as the redeeming factor of his existence and the thing he abhors Superman the most for not having, mortality. Luthor’s worked within the framework of his limitations and mortality to become the best there is to be, and this is something that is certainly worth emulating.





Lex Luthor has a taste for history, traditionalism and fine living


Luthor surrounds himself with reminders of history. In the TV series’ Smallville, he is shown to be a great admirer of Alexander the Great. He has extensive military knowledge as well as knows the history of the rise and fall of empires with great detail. His intellect demands a high understanding of historical context, as yours should. Luthor also relishes sollitude, as it is a time to focus and to be one with his thoughts.


As we know, this world and every man made invention around us began as an idea inside the brain of another man. Thoughts can be worth billions or could be worth nothing, therefore nurturing them by focusing on intellectually and creatively stimulating things becomes of vital importance. Luthor’s taste for classical music, classic literature, and meditation are all indicatives of a man who knows how to cultivate his self in sollitude.




Luthor is a Dark Triad


Luthor is a man who has murdered and betrayed for personal gain, has lied to the world and faked an entire personality and facade to keep the world from seeing his true self in order to be loved (and elected president), and has a psychopathic indifference to those who he deems inferior or whoever he views as useless to him.


He is a man who knows the ultimate truth of the world: That the universe is indifferent. This makes him a villain in the eyes of most, but isn’t the acceptance of a brutal world the axis of the red pill? as with anything, the application of this cold truth is amoral, and exercising the dark triad characteristics is up to the criteria of each individual.


Those who see the dark triad archetype as amoral and terrible (Machiavellism, Psycopathy, and narcissiscm) would do well to realize that any string of moral behaviour adopted by anyone in order to judge others strategic use of cunning, is in fact someone else’s method of control (religion, virtue signalling, the cult of SJW’s, or any other string of moral thought) basically meaning, their morality is formed by doing someone else’s bidding.


Like I said, this isn’t good nor bad, but those that reject the truth and reality of the world for what sounds nice (weak minded men) are those that subject themselves to an inevitable fall, as natural born Machiavellians will see the failures and cracks in their armour and will inevitably tear them down.





Luthor is ruthlessly focused on self improvement


Luthor in the comics is an accomplished scientist, businessman, and is known for training his body physically to the peak as well as being versed in self defense and martial arts. Although not as proficient in the art of self defense as Batman or other DC adversaries, his cunning is equal if not superior then Batman’s. His narcissitic view as him being the best leads him to endeavor to become the greatest he can be.


Luthor views himself as the highest category and quality human, and to him he must be the best in everything in order to take over as what he sees as his rightful role as ‘saviour of humanity’ after he kills superman. His continuous stride for self improvement is based on a deep desire, an entitlement to be praised and recognized and revered as the greatest human alive. Your own drive to be the best should be different though, I’m not saying you need to have a super villain level of crazy to achieve your goals, but the ‘why’ factor that fuels your self improvement will help drive you forward towards your desired outcome.


Luthor is a Dark Triad. He seeks strength and lessons from the strongest and most influential humans by reading and understanding history, philosophy, and reason. He understands that power is the only true absolute of the universe, and that the only way to obtain it is through hard work and Machiavellian cunning.


So listen to classical music. Build a study or home office and drink scotch, read the classics, build you own business and learn and adapt the ways of the Dark Triad. Don’t become a super villain though, or do it, whatever, if that’s your thing.

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