Why Do You Want Girls?




Let’s do a small thought experiment. Let’s pretend that you had the ability to pull all girls-Any one that you wanted. The requirement of this is that you’d have to give 40%  of your income away every month to do so, no matter what . This means that if you got a better job, made some great investements, you’d still have to forefit the 40% of your income. As we all know, money equals time, and time is one of the only scarce resources we absolutly can’t get back, and that our lives are made up by great big blocks of units called time. So to have this superpower, you’d indeed have to sacrifice 40% of your money (also known as time) to keep it. Does it sound like a bargain?


How do you think you’d feel after 5 years of this? maybe ten? when you’ve gone and done everything with women, you’ve slept with 18 year old models, had threesomes, got your face sat on by young gorgeous celebrities, after 10 years, would losing the 40% of your income not bother you at all?


I’ve thought of this little experiment with one end in mind: why do you want women?




Is it to learn game? to see how far you can go sexually? is it becaise you have high libido? is it a status thing? For me personally, it’s the libido. If I meet a hot girl or a girl I find sexy,  I just FEEL that I would love to meet her, touch her, basically make her mine. I can calmly answer that if I had the superpower of bedding any girl but not be able to tell anyone about it, I’d be content. Ask your friends the same, and watch them bullshit you.





Let that sink in. Most guys are actually THINKING about how they’ll tell their friends about getting laid WHILE they’re getting a new girl naked. I know this because when I was a kid, 18-19, I used to think like that, and frequently talked about it with bros. They’d agree and tell me they did the same thing. The other 50 percent of guys are effeminate babies, because all they want a woman for is to take on dates and treat like a princess and have a shoulder to cry on. Instead of focusing on becoming a complete man first and NOT having  crisis’ of weakness, they’d rather have a girl clean up after they’ve had their own pity parties.





I was at a college party recently and a friend of a friend is a notorious friend zone fanatic. This guy, let’s call him Dave, made out with one of the girls in his year about a year ago. Let’s call this girl Sally. He was getting drunk, and when the girl he usually orbited around got tired of his bullshit, Dave went and stuck around Sally. Sally has a boyfriend (but still was flirting like crazy with one of my friends) so she decided to leave early. Dave legit picked up his bag and said ‘I’m going too, bye guys’. Sally told him in front of EVERYONE ‘No you’re not, just stay here, seriously, I’m leaving’. After living through that I’d have  been embarassed as fuck if I were Dave. But these friendzone thirsty dudes have no self respect so he still followed her.


My friend later told me that Dave was cried like a bitch for the next 20 minutes. When he came back, I thought he had gone to smoke something, since his eyes were red and puffy, but after finding out it was because he was crying, I felt I witnessed a new low. Dave was and is such a pathetic pussy that if a girl he ‘likes’ leaves he cries.


There were freshman girls all over the place, there was booze and there was fun, and he preferred crying. Why? because he has low self esteem, and he wants to feel loved and cherished by a woman, A.K.A, pathetic neediness.


If you want a girl because she genuinly excites you, and you fall for her great character and femininity as well as wanting to bang her, then congratulations, go full steam ahead. If you want to put her on a pedestal because deep down, you don’t want to be alone and you want a girl to be with you when times are tough, then LMAO bro, you’re in for disappointment. Women want and NEED you to be strong and powerful.




The moment you being showing too much cracks in the armour will be the moment she’ll be looking somewhere else. You HAVE to go looking for girls with only 2 things in mind, else your approaches, your aura and your general vibe will be off.


1)Genuine sexual desire

2)Genuine curiosity


Whatever comes after, like love, catching any type of feelings should come AFTER creating the spark of attraction that comes with the two things above. If you want to lie to a random chick you meet, do it, but your body language, and genuine sexual desire have to be real. When it comes to getting the girl, any veteran player can tell you, words have very little to do with it. Learn to express at least one of the two above points, and it’ll be all the game advice you’ll need (this of course, paired with exercising, and dressing, smelling, and looking good).


So why do you want women?


If it’s to brag to your friends, don’t bother. It’ll be too much hassle for very little reward. If it’s to feel better about yourself, read, lift weights and make money instead. If it’s to not feel lonely, focus on building a circle of ambitious fun friends and try spending more time with your family.




Women have the luxury of having their every little emotion and weakness tended to by men, their boyfriends, and society. You don’t.

The answer to why you want women should always be one of these, else you’re not going to get ANYWHERE:

1)Genuine Horniness

2)Genuine curiosity

3)Genuine love for being around women.


If you fail to have at least one of those down, then you’ll get shot down most of the time. There are guys who think approaching girls is ‘weird’ and that men should just conform to getting a girlfriend by conventional means, like her wanting him, or meeting her through acquaintances. These men have low testosterone, as they conform to whatever life throws at them and they just go along with it. Even if the chick isn’t all that good looking they’ll settle. If they get lucky with a hot one, they’ll throw it in your face. Pay them no mind, and always ask yourself:


Why do I want girls?




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