How Women Can Be Happy

Alright ladies, I know that you desperately buy stupid magazines at the supermarket like cosmo, who tell you all you need to know to be ‘happy’ as a modern woman. I also happen to know you’re miserable. I see it all the time. I’m in university so I meet young chicks all the time, and behind their facade of smoking weed, banging dudes all the time and studying to become a career gal, they’re sad.


Why are they sad?


I’ve always asked myself this. They basically do whatever they want, say whatever they want and no one gives them shit. Want to talk about male privilege? let’s talk about a few female privileges off the top of my head:


They can be semi ugly and still get all the dick they want. They can have sex whenever.

They’re more likely to be trusted, and more likely to receive special treatment when it comes to the authorities, or just regular people.

Women who have somewhat DECENT looks don’t need to develop a strong personality, since women and men will flock to them simply for existing.

Women control what’s socially acceptable. If a chick doesn’t like you, she’ll make your life impossible. This is0 tricky for women too, since most women hate women.

There is no performance pressure on women. They have the luxury of being able to study foolish majors, they can not make six figures or not have their own place, and no one will look at them as if they’re shit, because vagina.

Women can date up, and usually do. Women date guys who are either more attractive, more popular, have more money, or have more influence then them. If a man is poorer, uglier, without popularity, success or influence, he is invisible to them. This is socially acceptable.

Women are more likely to get custody of children, and more often then not, fuck over the guy when it comes to divorce when things get ugly. There is very little incentive for men to get married, but women have all the incentive in the world to do so.

Women are permitted to be weak. Weak men are quietly shunned and dismissed by society, where as women get sympathy from it, even when they do wrong.




These just came to me out the top of my head. This list wasn’t a dedicated one where I sat down and really wrote down all the privileges women have in western society, because MRA’s do that and MRA’S are pussy’s.


It took me a while then, to truly understand the tantalizing question as to why are women so miserable? why, no matter what freedom they have in the modern age, no matter what society lets them do, are they the most unstable and sad people I’ve ever met? (apart from low T betas of course).


I have the answer. It took me a long time to find it ladies, but I got it. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why, and don’t come up with the stupid ‘you’re not a woman so you’ll never know’. If women knew what was best for them they wouldn’t be the pill popping, cat having, online dating feminist messes they are now.




How Women Can Be Happy


Alright reader. Maybe you’re little sister is a teenage mess you want to set straight, or maybe you’re a woman wondering why you’ve never been happy all these years. Well here’s a blueprint for women to achieve happiness in their lives.

To you, Miss, on how to achieve happiness:


Embrace your femininity


Remember when you were a young girl and you dreamed about your wedding and babies, and finding a prince? that was your instinct, and there’s science that backs up that these are female instincts. This is what will naturally make you happy. Remember when you used to dress up to look pretty and dance for your father? this was your natural female essence expressing itself: it was you wanting to be valued as a woman by a man you love.


Take Care of your looks


Women must develop an intelligent mating strategy. And before you call me a sexist, most everything a man does to accumulate value as a man is part of his mating strategy. Making money, lifting weights, Boxing or fighting, obtaining social influence and building his character, those are all mating strategies to ensure he has the highest choice of available women.

So you, TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUCKING LOOKS. Watch what you eat. Do cardio, do Yoga, do ANYTHING to make sure you aren’t fat, or ugly. This is half the battle, since this will allow you access to pretty much 80% of the male population (but not all 80% of men on this earth are marriageable material that will make you happy for the rest of your life).


Don’t be a slut


This is the hardest part for most of you. You know why guys don’t care for sluts? it’s not because it’s some evil conspiracy of patriarchal dominince by the cis white male comitee, but simply because it’s fucking stupid for men to confide their deepest and darkest secrets and emotions, his vulnerability, and basically his life for a chick who’s had a plethora of dicks. How can a woman be yours when she’s been everybody’s? everyone wants what’s rare and special, nobody wants what’s common. So keep your legs closed. This will benefit YOU more then anyone else, so please STOP thinking as if this is some malevolent thing to keep you miserable. Repeat after me: RANDOM DICK DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY.




RANDOM DICK DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY. It never will. Sexual satisfaction in women is much harder to achieve, and it’s been proven that when women feel the most sexually satisfied it’s when it’s with a long term partner they trust. Besides, STD’s are easier to catch for women, women have pregnancy risks etc. It’s not worth it just to become a cum rag.


If you MUST get into relationships, don’t fuck. If you absolutley need to get dick, make sure it’s from a guy who wants to keep dating you after high school. But hey, that’s your risk. I’m merely giving you a blueprint on how not to be a pathetic mess in the future.


Be Pleasant and develop a personality


Now, if you’re a woman and you’re still reading this and haven’t been triggered back to tumblr, then this is the real secret of how to be happy as a woman. Simply by being attractive and working on your looks, being feminine, and getting this one trick down will be enough to give you all the tools you need to become a happy woman.


HAVE A FUCKING PERSONALITY. No, you don’t get a personaltiy by going out and getting drunk with the girls. No you don’t get a personality by just showing up, being pretty and expecting the man to do all the work.  You get one by reading books, catching up with current events, and having feminine hobbies (like playing an instrument, dancing, singing, writing, cycling, etc.) Do this for long enough and you’ll develop a personality.






I don’t know why women don’t fucking get this. Many act like terrible people, are just unpolite, rude, question everything their man does in front of people, disagree with him on everything, disregard his wants and then end up crying watching the notebook when he dumps her for a better chick.


Don’t know how to be pleasant? Fuck off, you’re probably a terrible human being. Being pleasant isn’t just a woman thing. If I was hanging out with a man I’d like to do business with in the future, or someone who brings value to my life, I won’t act like an insufferable asshole and just EXPECT them to put up with my shit. In the real world that’s a one way ticket to go fuck yourself, but most of you ladies have always gotten a pass because guys wanted to fuck you. Be better then the other entitled bitches, and be pleasant.

If this is too complex for you to understand then follow this advice:


-Be Polite


-Value your man’s time. Don’t waste it.


-Don’t be late just because.


-Don’t argue vain, idiotic shit with him in front of other people.


-Don’t make him look like an idiot in front of other people.


-Don’t feel entitled to do whatever the fuck you want and him not having a say in it. If you tell him you are quiet and like to stay at home, but then have plans with other people and don’t even tell him, then you’re wasting his time and he’s more then entitled to show you the door.


-Praise him. Give him praise about his accomplishments, sexual prowess and his money making ability. If your man is lazy, emotional, ugly, and sexually boring, then what the fuck are you doing with him? if not, then treat him like a prize. You have no idea how much other women want him.


-Cook and clean for him. Here’s a tip feminists: Men can cook and clean all by themselves. Most guys cook better then the modern woman, and can clean their own shit perfectly. Men simply like to FEEL taken care of. If this is triggering for you then go and feed your cats.


Go to University, but FIND A HUSBAND


Women, you are a depreciating asset. This is what you fail to understand. As the years pass you’re getting more ugly, less youthful, more jaded, and more cynical. Stay single and get old for too long, and you’ll become a miserably jaded person. Men, appreciate with the years. They start with nothing, without being able to command authority, money, or social influence. They have less experience and are unproven, and those two things are very important when it comes to attracting women. It’s a completely different ball game to compare a 30 year old single man to a 30 year old single woman. So be FUCKING SMART.




Getting drunk, fucking random guys, having pregnancy scares and becoming a degenerate common whore isn’t good for you. It won’t make you happy, nor will it even sexually satisfy you. You’ll just be a numb bitch who kind of hates her friends, is fake, vain, and common, who got pounded by all the ‘hot guys’. Now if that’s your idea of fun and happiness, then you’re fucked and you deserve what’s coming to you.


If becoming a dumb common slut who perpetually feels lonely and hates and lashes out at everybody, while buying a cat to compensate for her lack of stable love by the time she’s 28 sounds enticing, do it. Then marry the idiot who you’ll leech money off of, pop out a few kids out of your used Vagay, eventually cuck the man because you’re bored, ruin your family and go on to become the pathetic cougar who hunts for young men in hotel lobbies.


Women, being an independant career gal is not all it’s cracked up to be


You’re probably not going to end up working at a fashion magazine, nor is that job being an instagram hoe going places. If you do make it in business, law, or as a doctor, you’re looking at 50-60 hour work weeks where you’ll be stressed as hell, with male colleagues willing to work holidays, and even more extra hours then you. You’ll never see your husband and family either, and when you do, you’re kids will probably resent you for not being there for them. You’ll be happier if you TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY, and if you’re supported by a strong man.


Who knew raising your own KIDS was a life option huh?

all those chicks who scream that that’s unfulfilling are probably ‘ful-FILLED’with random dick every weekend. At home you can work on art, music, writing, reading, exercise, even online business. Starting an online shop is a very profitable thing. There’s tons of options of what to do when you’re home.




If you’re a big city girl who wants to travel, that’s okay too. Travel while you’re engaged to your future husband and visit Europe, South America, etc. Being dedicated to one man is not BORING, and only real women, who aren’t broken bitches and are actually happy live their lives like this.

So to recap, be feminine, don’t be a slut, take care of your looks, be pleasant, Find a HUSBAND OF VALUE, and have a family. For other fulfillment, look to art, music, literature, nature, and exercise, or build a business from home, not gossip, instagram whoring, getting drunk and trying to be a Kardashian.

Now, if you want to know HOW to screen a man so you can make sure he’s quality? that’s another post, niche, and website for another time.

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