How to Not Let Haters Get to You

People are petty. We’ve all felt it. Even you, maybe when you saw someone undeserving getting a raise, or someone you personally dislike on a deep level obtaining more success then you. This envy is capable of destroying you, by way of keeping you a slave to others’ progress, and not in control of your own life.


Envy is helplesness.


Envy is a limiting emotion, as it makes you believe that you can’t improve your life situation to become better, and that your happiness depends on feeling better then others. Envy makes people hate others who are happy, and it makes them want to bring everyone down to their level. Envy is at the seething core of the hater, this is how he is spawned. By understanding that simple fact, you can understand why when you’re trying to do something different or great, you’ll be hated, feared, and despised. Like Bane says in TDKR ‘no one cared who I was until I put on the mask’. That mask to you could be becoming a political dissident, someone who’s better then the common man, or anyone who really reminds others of their failures.




Endeavoring to do something different or great, will lead to mockery, ridicule or hatred, there really is no way around it. No one will hold your hand while your creating something unique. Think of the scientists in history who were burned at the stake for proving a truth that was against the beliefs of the traditional consensus of the time. Think of any martyr that challenged the power that be, or any inventor who is out there right now creating and building products and services every day while others just sit there and repackage what they do.

If you’re becoming better, haters will find you.


Those who will seek to bring you down will have 2 tactics:


Shaming you, and destroying your reputation. This is where it gets tricky and where Mindset comes in (for the ultimate mindset book, give Gorilla Mindset a read). There’s no point in pretending we don’t care what other people think. We’re social animals by design, which means that being rejected by our peers has an adverse effect on our psychology. Being shamed and ridiculed always puts those who are weak willed or who doubt themselves into line, and haters know this, since it’s what limits them as well, and destroying a reputation quickly discredits anything anyone can say so they’ll try that too. So what are ways to not let this affect you on the inside? how do you really move forward despite the hate?


I’m reminded of a scene in Batman v Superman (if you want my review of the movie, go HERE) where superman is forced to walk into capitol hill to await trial for his supposed ‘unaccountability’.



Even though people and politicians are the absolute worst people on earth, he had to go and face them, and humble himself to weak willed selfish people. Protestors outside were insulting him, when he had countless times saved innocents, and saved the planet from an alien invasion. Who the fuck gave these terrible people authority over someone like Superman? In those situations, where you question your very existence, when haters, weaklings, and fools try to being you down when they are indeed the worst fucking people, how do you go through them? when you make tremendous sacrifices or decisions that affect people’s lives, how do you not let the ‘weight’ of others opinions and doubts dissuade you from you dream or purpose?




Don’t let your beliefs be based on what feels good, but on what is right

By being convinced of the righteousness of your beliefs, you can weather a crisis a lot quicker. Do you believe whining, socialism, feminism and other degenerate and unmanly things are just in this world? what if the hoardes attack you and your credibility simply because your beliefs aren’t in accordance to the latter?


Knowing you’re right makes it simpler to stand by your beliefs. Think of any martyr in history. Think of Jesus for christs’ sake. Being right when the world is wrong is dangerous, but it becomes easier to not doubt your path.


Always keep an open mind


This may contradict my previous deduction, but bear with me. By accepting new and different perspectives, you may allow doubt to creep into your mind, doubt leads to inaction, inaction leads to hesitation, and hesitation can halt your convictions. But keeping an open mind is absolutley necessary because times, technology and human thought are always changing. If you let yourself become stuck in the past, to have a certain system of limiting beliefs or doubts about yourself, you’ll never be able to shake that off and your enemies will use it against you. The haters will sense your hesitation and will use it to bring you down to their level. If you were fat when you were a kid, not good with girls, poor, ugly, or still are, the insults and humiliation attempts will come your way.


Having an open mind is necessary to understand, dettach, so as to not let their attacks, no matter how vile, affect you on a personal level.


Let go of the past. The past doesn’t care about you. The present doesn’t care about you. Only you care about you. By understanding this, you can stand tall and strong when the haters throw slime at you because your focus is on you, and a better future.


Haters remind you of how weak you are


If the haters are getting to you, it’s a sign you need to have a mental toughness check. How can words and humiliation hurt you if they’re thrown at you by people who have no values? Mike Cernovich talks about this, claiming that SJW’s and journalists are some of the worst people to ever exist, and that getting shamed by them shouldn’t have any effect on you. Take this to heart. Even good people may not understand your dreams, goals and convictions. When you win, they’ll see, so until then, understand that people fear and dislike what they don’t understand and  what they perceive as a threat to their identity.


nice man 2


Feeling pain and rejection is normal. You’re human, and you have emotion. Remaining in control of these is imperative. If you’re shamed and feel like nobody will ever care for you again, here’s a trick. remember:


Everything is forgotten as long as time passes (even public humiliation and hate), and power and success will never be overlooked. Even the worst person in the world can find friends love and success, as long as he achieves power, money and influence (women, friends, and funnily enough, even family). Life goes on and time passes by. Haters have a lot of power now due to the internet, message boards, and professional bullies, but they don’t have mental toughness, discipline, or convictions. This is your tactical advantage, and this is why you can never back down.



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