Young Bachelor 2016: Why You Need to Follow the Blog

Young Bachelor Magazine has been my blog since the end of 2014. I invested money into it, then ignored it mostly because I was preoccupied with other stuff, like supporting my family by working extra shifts everywhere I could, spending time with an ex who drained my physical and emotional energy. I wasn’t living up to the message of my own blog. Fuck that. Now I’m single, working, paying my way through school and girls skirts. So without further ado, I’m going to tell you why you need to follow my Blog ASAP:



1-I’ve probably hustled more then you. I moved out at 18, and moved back in when I was 20. I did this while going to school and living on a third world wage, in a third world country. The median age people move out here in south america is like 27-28. I’ve already moved out and started my own language teaching business, as well as sporadically run some instagram hustles and now I’m working a job. Not bad.


2-I live in South America. No, I didn’t expat, I moved here when I was a kid, and I’ve fucked local girls, to foreign chicks, to chicks that are richer then god. All while being a ghetto rat with social skills, who dresses well. I know how people here think, react, their collective mindset and pretty much all the inner workings of the night life, at least here in Chile.

I live in the biggest city in the country, population 7 million people. Big city life isn’t a strange thing to me. I’ve fucked Chilean, Brazilian, Mexican, and European girls, college girls to Milfs.


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Santiago de Chile, Chile


3-I’m updating the blog 5 times a week. There’ll always be fresh content on the site. The schedule is posts everyday except wednesdays and sundays. I’m not a generic Game blog either. There are plenty of amazing blogs that can help you get laid quick. Here, you’ll find general as well as specific tips on living the Young Bachelor lifestyle. What’s the lifestyle I promote? Make money, bang young women, find your passion, Become stylish, take control of your life, be bold and brave and become one of the new leaders of tomorrow.


4- I’m not an anon blog. I’ve shown my face in pictures and videos. You know my voice, how I look, and what I believe. I’m not a huge body builder, nor am I a male model. I’m a hoodrat paying his way through college and surviving, whilst banging young pussy, making ends meet, and dressing like a boss and writing about the world while I do it.



Me, pictured above, while working Front Desk.

I have insecurities. My girlfriend left me during a crucial crisis in my life. Even though I’ve hustled hard, I still need some monetary help from mommy sometimes. I’ve had more pregnancy scares then I can count. I go to a shitty tier school (not an elite one) and I suck at calculus. Sue me. It’s who I am.


5-I’m providing FREE content, all the time. Free articles, free videos, and by signing up for the Email list, you get a free Ebook, written by yours truly. So be a Shekelmaster and consume all my free shit.


6-I’m not doing it for the money. I’d love the blog to make money, I’m not going to lie, but ONLY if it provides value to your lives. I don’t want to scam people, or to make people feel scammed. I want to help you get the most out of your life. What do I get out of it? I’ve always loved writing. Always. Maybe I suck at it, but I don’t care. Just to be read, and have people who enjoy and like what I write is satisfaction enough for my ego. If I see I’m actually providing value, then of course I want to monetize this website. But not until I provide solid value to you guys.


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