7 Ways to Find the Girl of Your Dreams

No Bullshit guide to landing the woman you’ve always dreamed of.



Step One: Ruthless self improvement.

Make this a personal commitment and obsession. Go to bed thinking about getting better. Wake up thinking about getting better. Review and establish fitness, mental, and financial goals. If they become too hard, establish work systems that will always keep you moving forward. Self improvement isn’t just about getting a better body or more money, it’s also about spiritual growth, so start reading books. Read history, philosophy, economics, absorb the information, and start commanding intellectual authority that doesn’t just come from articles published on I fucking love science.


Step Two: Build a group of friends

And not just loser friends who talk about the same stupid shit and will just go through the motions until they die. I mean guys who go out, get paid, get laid, and are just fun and upbeat people. Meet women together. Go out drinking together. Go into business or study together, it doesn’t matter, but build a group of friends that care about you and value you as a person. This can be done merely by finding guys you admire or see as fun and provide value to them.




Step Three: Find a hobby or skill you like and become an expert at it.


If you like economics, read everything you can about economics. If mathematics or languages are your cup of tea, then dedicate yourself to learning and pursuing the craft until you’re an expert at it. If sports like rugby or boxing are more your thing, then practice them with fervor, and become a valued member of a sports team. Become so good at the skill or hobby you chose that you could offer to teach it and people would pay for it.


Step Four: Have sex with 15 women, starting now.

You’ll be surprised at how easy this is. Just approach women, try to get a kiss, then a phone number and after a few weeks you’ll have more girls to text on your phone then you’ll know what to do with. This may seem counter productive to what you want (finding a soul mate) but I don’t care what you feel.




I’m here to give you a solution to your query, and that’s how to find the woman of your dreams and achieve your happily ever after. If this is too much for you, then accept the fact that you’ll never land the girl of your dreams. Go out to bars and clubs, or go out during the day to the mall, university, the street or coffee shops and start talking to attractive women. The women you want to attract won’t come to you from out of the blue.


Step Five: Travel for a week with a woman


Find a woman you find less annoying, who’s hot and who you like as a person for her values and actions, and travel with her for at least a week.  Have fun, have sex, get to know the location you’ve travelled to, whatever. This is the closest you SHOULD get to living with a woman. Never live with a woman unless you guys are married or have kids together.


Step Six: Now that you have formed the habit of dedicating yourself to self improvement and introspection, have formed a tight knit group of friends who care about you, you’ve banged over 15 different women, and have even travelled with one of them, it’s time to swallow the fucking red pill.


On this journey you’ve gone through you may have noticed that there were certain behaviours exhibited by most of the women you had sex with. Mind games, lies, jealousy, entitlement, more lies, attitude, emotional extortion, selfishness, etc. These aren’t coincidences. Maybe you’re hoping the women of your dreams won’t be like this, since Not All Women Are Like That? (NAWALT) No such luck. Maybe you’ll think the woman of your dreams will understand you, and will be someone to lean on when you feel weak against the world? LOL Nope, that isn’t true either





Swallowing the red pill is bitter because everything you thought about women and how they can benefit your life is proven to be a lie. Seeing through the matrix will leave you in despair ONLY if you’re a weak man who has been kicked in the balls hard by life. By following the before mentioned steps, you’ve been able to build enough confidence and sexual attractiveness to understand these harsh truths from a position of power instead of weakness, so you’re welcome.


There is no rest if you’re a man. Women may deal with the fact that you’re passing through a rough patch and feel weak, but only to a certain degree. Hypergamy doesn’t care and is rampant in the female sex.


Step Seven: Choose one, have realistic expectations, always have a safety net and be a man.


This is the final step. Understanding that there is no soul mate, that women will never love you like you want to be loved and that women love power and what you represent rather then who you are will keep your feet on the ground and give you a position of power when it comes to choosing. Finding a woman who you find sexually attractive, submissive and traditional minded, as well as pleasant and chaste (when I say chaste, I mean hasn’t had tons of cock and hasn’t been a clubslut making the rounds around the city) becomes simpler when you’re a man with value and confidence.


Caring for her and knowing she has your back on your journey to become a better and more powerful man is the best you can hope for. For some men, it’s not a good tradeoff. For some it is. But that’s your call. You wanted the way to find the woman of your dreams, and these 7 steps are the closest you’re going to get, and this isn’t even mentioning what you have to do to keep the relationship intact. Of course, you may think I’m bullshitting, and you may go out and get into a relationship with a woman who you FEEL is the right one, you may move in with her and you may even have a kid with her, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Follow the 7 steps and get you wanted. Don’t do it and get what you feared. After all, it’s up to you.

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