The New Issue: The Alt Right and Free Speech




In the 1960’s, a new period in media came and took the world by storm. New journalism, characterized by contributers making their own voices an important axis to their writing, as well as preferring the truth to overshadow blatant facts and more dispassionate reporting. During that time of political, economic and racial turmoil, writers and journalists were preocuppied with writing posh and eloquent magazine spreads featuring injustices, racism, and other sorts of unsavory and underreported aspects of the time.


Those who did write these pieces and explored the ideas of racial inequality, artistic transformation, and political pieces designed to humanize or characterize different leaders. New journalism gave a fresh and exciting perspective to a changing world landscape and it was praised for its truthful and story like prose. Back then, Racism and class divide, affecting a large group of Americans was a tremendous thing. These were the issues no one talked about.


 Nobody wanted to report on those more tense aspects of the culture at that time.


The culture was shifting, and writers and contributors at Esquire, a pinnacle of Men’s Magazines during the era, were all but ready to face the shifting tide and write pieces that inspired intrigue.


There’s a problem in Journalism today


Reporters and journalists used to have some sort of standard when it came to ethics and their craft. If you were to visit today, the drop in quality when it comes to content is staggering. The mainstream media reports and accepts a cultural PC narrative that may well have been relevant in the 1960’s, but that doesn’t stand to scrutiny today. Claims that there are white supremacist groups secretly pulling the strings to keep minorities down, and that women are oppressed under a false and frankly ridiculous rape culture, are foolish and outlandish.




When presented with these facts, pundits rage and blame and silence. There are rape hoaxes published in mainstream magazines. Journalists today can barely be regarded as such, their lack of fact checking and totally biased agenda leave them as no more then overpaid bloggers without anything of substance to say. The articles published in ‘men’s magazines’ today are a joke. They are so disconnected from their audience that they allow feminists to talk about polyamory and expect ambitious young men to read about it and actually care.


They’ve accepted a cultural norm so toxic and morally ambiguous, that there’s a tremendous disconnect with core readership of what should be media for men. The problem is so deep that it isn’t even about men’s interest magazines anymore. Right wing giant Breitbart was recently connected to a hoax that sought to discredit a presidential candidate. Serious conservative figures like Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro fabricated a hoax and when they got caught, they ‘resigned’ from their jobs at Breitbart and continued their careers, with no serious backlash that should come from being complete and total frauds.


The New Issue


New Journalism emerged when there was a large cultural shift in every aspect of the country, as well as a large unspoken majority suffering troubles and problems while being disregarded by almost everyone, including the media. The stories and magazine articles published during that era defined an entire generation of media. Now, the exact same thing is happening. There is another group of unheard and disenfranchised people, and these are mostly made up by right wing leaning people. They’ve been abandoned and disregarded by their political representatives, and this has made them angry.


With illegal aliens taking working class americans jobs, and a cultural narrative that has been doubling down on making men, especially white men, feel ashamed for existing, creating a new ignored and disregarded class has been kept quiet.


Europe is in shambles




The cultural narrative has reached a level of such toxicitiy, that when there are terrorist attacks, leftists prefer to post hashtags blaming the host country for being attacked, for being ‘hostile to muslims’ and promoting ‘Islamophobia’.


There are tremendous numbers of people no matter what sex, race, or nationality, that are being targeted, attacked, scorned, and ridiculed simply for having conservative, libertarian, or any other political or economic views and beliefs that don’t agree or go along with the status quo of insane progressive ideology.


The War on Free Speech


Many of the disenfranchised and discriminated people belong to the Alt Right movement. The Alt Right movement are an angry and reactionary  array of different right wing leaning groups who feel betrayed and disenfranchised by the traditional right, even branding them with the derogatory but hilarious slur, ‘cuckservatives’.




The Alt Right is formed by a vast group of different right wing leaning beliefs, like Pagans, traditionalists, white nationalists, Neo Nazis, Libertarians, Anarcho capitalists, nationalists, and angry conservatives. A lot of the Alt Right are men and women who have been shamed, ridiculed, and abused by a system that views them as privileged. The Alt Right is madeup of different nationalities too, which espouse nationalistic pride as well as anger for being discriminated and undermined in the current social and political arena.


Hard working middle class taxpayers who are barely struggling to make ends meet and pay for their kids education, constantly being told that they are racist, sexist bigots for not being left leaning.


When people are told that they deserve every insult in the book simply for having conservative views, while being sold out by their supposed party and being shamed for being religious, or ridiculed for losing their jobs to illegal immigration or becasue companies move their businesses overseas, they will create a backlash. Free speech is not in the interest of the powers that be. This is the new dissident issue. These people are the ones that need to be understood, and reported on. This is the era of new media, and aggressive reactionary media at that. Strap in tight folks, because this is an age of innovation in reporting and journalism


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