The Easiest Way to Make Money for a Young Bachelor

This isn’t a generic Make Money Online post. I’m not an expert at making money online. There are guys who make a living off of it, and those are the guys you should ask for that type of advice. This article is going to be about how to supplement your income to always have cash, taking into account that you have a large time consuming activity you do regularly, like having a full time job, going to college, or working on a business that hasn’t broken a profit yet.


It’s always important to have money consistently coming in and not just bleeding out, so having alternative ways of making income becomes important. So what are jobs that can help you grow as an individual whilst making money?

To me, there are 3 easy ways for the busy Young Bachelor to make money, which I’ve been able to employ successfully. These are:



2-Hostal receptionist

3-Working in Sales (especially Tourism)


Doing at least 2 of these simultaneously AT LEAST guarantees you’ll have pocket money to go out for drinks and cab fare for getting laid, and  at best, it’s a whole other paycheck that substitutes getting a second full time job. So what makes these jobs special?


Simple: Tutoring allows you to make money all for yourself. Get yourself 3 clients and have 2 tutoring sessions a week with each, charge them a little below market average, and you have immediate pocket money without needing an employer. If you feel like you don’t have the authority to teach something people would pay for, well then what the fuck are you waiting for? look at in demand skills, take your time to learn them, and teach them.


I have an interest in economics. I’ve been reading books about the subject for the past 7 months. If I were to offer economics tutoring at my university, or if I were to put up advertisements for an economics tutor for cheap around any uni which has first year econ students, there’s a good chance I’d be able to make good money. Since I’ve made it my speciality to teach english, I’m pretty much the best there is for the price I charge.





So to start working for yourself via tutoring, master the discipline you’ve decided to teach to at least have an above average level of competence in it (this may take 1-6 months) post ads online and on campuses and target college students (adults will ask for degrees and qualifications which you don’t have), and have an accessible phone number, and email address.


Hostal Receptionist


PREREQUISITE: Have knowledge of at least 1 foreign language, and have above average social skills. This job is fucking ideal because of two things:

1-The job is relatively simple. You have to pretty much run the place, but it becomes easy to handle after a while. More often then not, the hostel will give you access to free coffee, and there are dead periods where there’s no work, which you can use to advance other projects: Whether it be school, a hobby, an online business or internet poker, you have some time to put in work while making money.


2-You sometimes get the night shift, which is not a con, but a great Pro. The nightshift is great for a few reasons. First, after midnight almost no one bothers you, so you’re free to work on your own projects with little to no interruption. Second, at hostels, it’s mostly  young people who are travelling, and they sometimes order pizzas or have a few drinks and just have fun before going out, so if you’re a cool dude who looks somewhat decent and have at least some game, you’ll be invited to partake and you’ll be able to party and meet hot foreign chicks.


This is a win win, as you’re making money while meeting new and interesting foreigners (especially women). Hostel shifts are compatible with hard hours (there are afternoon and night shifts), so as long as you’re okay with nightshifts and working mornings and afternoons on and off, you’re golden.


Free coffee, you meet foreigners, and you can advance other projects while you get paid. You also learn new languages if you’re interested enough, as you’ll meet people from the same foreign countries repeatedly.




Pictured above: Me, Hungover, downing free expressos while listening to music, writing, reading, and meeting hot young European backpacker chicks AND getting PAID for it.



Working in Sales (especially Tourism)


This job is great for a variety of reasons:


1-You learn new languages


2-You meet hot girls that you can game, with the excuse that you’re selling them some tours. If you feel weird about swooping foreign chicks while working and that’s too much for you, then all you need to do is be friendly and have some game and they’ll hit on you, not the reverse.


3-Sales is a commissions based game. By learning how to sell and developing strategies that work, you can vary your income and make a lot of money if you become good at closing the deal. I wrote about my experience in the world of sales and tourism here.


4-There’s a possibility you might get tips in euros or dollars which is great.


5-On the job, you practice one of the vital skills you will need to be successful in life: Negotiation and Sales. If you’re a good salesman and can learn the basics of persuasion and human behaviour, then you cultivate a set of skills which will help you land future deals, secure good employment, or date sexier women.


Like I stated before, these are excellent ways for the young bachelor to be able to make money, whilst sustaining a lifestyle that helps him grow necessary skill sets, as well as advancing other work whilst generating income. I’ve banged hot women, bought myself some awesome clothes, and have payed for uni this way. It works, and if you’re a young man interested in $$$, women, and having paper to spare, then apply this ASAP.



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