A Call to Action: It’s Time to Fight the Establishment

I walked into the student assembly with swagger. It was time to vote at my commie dominated university about whether the student body would choose to go on strike in solidarity with the national workers union about labor reform. Boring shit that wouldn’t be affecting us in any way (the reform is to give more power to corrupt and politicaly driven labor unions) driven by the obvious communist ideology in my university.


As I walked in, a cute girl that’s part of the student council waved at me (last week a friend told me she thought I was hot, as she was now single but had rejected me before because she had a boyfriend), and I winked back. The president of the student council, a commie chick I had had run ins with the year previous looked at me as if she had seen death. I’d pestered them last year, and even when I didn’t even dedicate myself to being strong opposition, they had identified me as an enemy.


I’d never really gotten involved politically though, but when she saw me walk into that meeting, she must’ve known that this was the beginning of the end for her and hers.


call to action 2



They tried to convice all the first year students about the benefits of siding with the ‘workers’ and uniting as one in the face of dirty capitalists. I asked uncomfortable and logical questions out loud which made everybody doubt them. Then, it was time to vote. I voted No unapologetically and inequivocably (they asked out loud and tallied the results on a board) to joining the strike. I was the first one up until then to do so (seven people had voted yes before). Then, everyone started voting no. They were waking up, not comforming to the consensus posed to them by what sounded politically correct.


Masculinity Always Wins


The guys up on stage speaking about how we all needed to be commies could barely be called men. Neutered lefties, accompanied by mostly women as their leaders, told me everything I needed to know. The voters in the room all followed my lead because I raised my voice, wasn’t afraid, and am a damn good looking motherfucker. Being a leader with a strong message and conviction will always beat out those whose message is empty and weak.



trump alpha


It’s the way of women to be outraged and to complain. It’s the way of men to look for solutions and build. This semester I’m going to focus on continuing to be the dissident voice in the crowd, the hot guy who challenges the commies that everyone secretly despises (there is a silent majority at uni who are just tired of their pathetic antics). Next semester I’m running for the presidency. And I’m going to win.



We can see the example of this in mainstream american politics. Trump, unapologetic, masculine, and strong has been able to put down an entire establishment of cuckservatives and even the crazy protests of the Bernie people. People want a leader to rally to, a MASCULINE presence. It’s missing nowadays from everywhere we look and I can guarantee you that if you’re reading this blog, you can change what’s around you as well. The sleeping lion has been in slumber long enough. Men are waking up and taking their positions as leaders.


You need to do this too. We need to take back the narrative from crazy college lefties who cry when faced with something that may seem offensive. These are weak minded and weak willed people. They’ll use every dirty tactic in the book. Calling you a racist, mysoginist, sexist, women hating, capitalistic scum, the list goes on. Who cares. All they can do is scream and cry for a safe space or try to destroy your reputation.


Who cares.


Learn how to fight these smear tactics and take them head on. I plan to do it this year. What do I gain from it? is it worth the effort? Taking down an establishment of communists who are even famed for acts of violence and terrorism seems like it would test me on a whole other level. Gaining hatred from most left wing zealots seems like something that might push me to the next level of achievement, so who knows. I never even would have thought of something like this being possible or worth it until I read about men like Cernovich or Donald Trump who are faced with hatred and death threats almost every day, and still continually take the fight to the enemy.


A Call To Action


There are some men who prefer their privacy and staying out of the limelight. They don’t see a possible upside of being recognized and even hated by mainstream schools of thought. This is completely valid. But there are some men like me, who when we’re even succeeding in life and are happy with our own progress, just get tired of spineless fools and want to take the fight to them.




It’s time we doubled down on our efforts. If you’re a man on campus who is red pilled and tired of the usual shenannigans, then take the fight to them. Sign up for a party contrarian to the leftie mainstream, or start your own. We’re not afraid to lose, because those with an opinion different to the lefties are already hated. To them, we’re already extremists, and enemies. To them, our very existence threatens them because they are people without mental toughness.


We have mental toughness, and we’re not afraid of a fight. I’m taking the fight to the commies this year. Maybe I’ll be the only one. Maybe I’ll be humiliated and laughed at and I may even suffer physical violence. But I’d like to see these fuckers try. We need a global awakening boys, and I think Billionaire tycoon Donald Trump was the dissident leader we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to follow his example and take the fight directly to the reds, and show them that where there are men who actually value the future and give a damn,.there’ll be a fight.


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