Being Apolitical is Impossible

Politics and deception



Politics are a part of everyday life. Those who say they are apolitical, make a political statement of not exercising their role in the formation of society, law, and culture. Remaining apolitical is to remain powerless. We know that democracy doesn’t work, but the point of politics is much less about finding points of view and policies to improve society, and more of a desperate bid for individual power. The democratic system, although noble in its conception, is flawed. Its main premiese was to give power to the people, to liberate them by putting a stop to the absolute power of the monarchic class. This came to a halt through the installation of a republic as the main model of the western world.



But republics can only last as long as the government has a clear incentive to stay limited and servient to the ‘will’ of the people, when such incentive doesn’t exist. This is democracy’s mistake, for what is the will of the people? mob rule? self government isn’t achieved through democracy, only political dynasties that eventually form through the traffic of influences. Then what is the form of government that’d allow peace, stability, and the greater good? This is the question ‘politics’ poses.


If one says he is ‘apolitical’ then he is okay with others imposing their will upon his life. If one is politically leniant to either the left or the right, then he is okay with authoritarianism based on a subjective parameter of the ‘greater good’ for all in society. If he is a libertarian, then he is alright with a potential society of souless and disconnected people who believe in nothing more then what money and ‘economic’ freedom provides. Libertarianism is a philosophy which requires others to profess beliefs and currents of thought that have been proved to quietly destroy society like a cancer.


politics underwood


My point here is this: There is no good or bad in the political sphere. Politics is the business of control. Control is only obtained through power. Power is amoral, and, quite frankly, dangerous in the hands of those with the wrong incentive. A libertarian social order is a cultural free for all, allowing he who has succeeded to poison the well for the rest, as it’s in his interest to not let others ascend to power.


In a libertarian order this would be perfectly permissable, as the only two things that are sacred in a libertarian social order is the absolute and total rule of private property, and the non agression principal. Fasciscm is obviously completely corruptable and does not lead to a flourishing and prosperous society. Communism is possibly the worst and utterly reprehensible political and economic ideology ever to exist on the face of the earth.


Politics are dirty


And the sky is blue, I know. Politics, like economics and the free market, is a subject where there are competing wills that wish to obtain a scarce resource (power). Wherever there are competing wills, there will be conflict. This conflict is even more intensified when money, power, and control of military forces and enterprises are concerned. But everyone loses their minds when in politics a politician is shown to be dishonest.


People laugh and scoff with an air of superiority, of being ‘above it all’ when they see televised political debates that seem more like a circus then an event where citizens must walk away with a strong opinion about the candidates. The candidates will lie, for it’s in their best interest to do so, but we all act so offended when they’re caught. This comes from the completely emotional and irrational part of our brains hat still expects them to be honest people. There are people who are friends on social media who have different political opinions that unfriend or unfollow each other because they support a different wave of political thinking, even if they’ve proved to be decent people in real life. It’s lunacy.




Politics are an arena of dirty war.

Democracy doesn’t work.


Unless there is something bigger, and more meaningful that unites people (religion, nationalism, shared morality, a monarchy, other deities) like a king to pledge their allegiance to (who would also have a religious as well as a traditional incentive to be bound to a country and its fate) then men will forever dispute with themselves, and culture will denigrate into depravity. Is this right? is this wrong? is this true? you must become a political person to find out. Stay open minded, but you must take a side. That starts with a choice. What’s your choice?



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