How to Become Better then 90% of Men your Age


I write this post considering that your age bracket is in between the 18-33 range. I myself am 24 years old, just for reference. I came across this article in one of Australia´s biggest online men’s magazines for the aformentioned age bracket, GQ Australia. The article is titled:

Pornhub Just Launched Free Virtual Reality Porn


This of course is a huge headline for this newspaper. I don’t have to remind you in detail about the terrible and just pathetic implications of being a porn user. Some of them involve:

-Not being able to get hard during sex

-Soft Boners

-Lower testosterone levels

-Heightened social anxiety

-Being a creep


GQ magazine, like most publications, has a bottom line, profit based goal. To achieve this goal, it must be able to sell relevant content to the age group and demographic it’s marketing to. And as you can clearly see in the above article if you read it until the end, it’s basically a advertisement for PornHub’s new Virtual reality porn. I wonder how much advertising a product on a mainstream publication like GQ would set you back? my guess is that it’s not a small amount; this is because there’s money in the porn game, because MOST GUYS ARE LOSERS. My point of bringing up this article is a simple one:


Most Millennial men are porn addicted, low testosterone losers. Ask yourself how much readership these magazines would lose if they actually began posting content about how to protect your assets and well being from modern women, how to find a more traditional minded  girlfriend, and how to build Machiavellian skillsets to defend against a hostile culture currently waging a War on Men. The Huffington Post would probably call for whoever wrote such articles to be fired. GQ would have to issue a full apology. It would be labeled as a mysoginist magazine and heads would begin to roll.


Advertisers would begin pulling out, and weak men like Bernie followers  which are probably a large chunk of readership of GQ magazine would leave the site and its traffic would begin to drop. This is the competition your facing out there in the modern world, when it comes to getting a job, leading a project, or competition to get attractive women.





These men clearly have testosterone issues. Testosterone is what makes us men masculine. Men with higher testosterone are prone to be more successful, stronger, and more attractive then their low T counterparts. Men with low testosterone become more like women. Think of a dickless chick with none of the positive elements of being feminine, like having a vagina, being able to birth children or actually being attractive, and you have the average man living in the western world. So how do you become better then 90% of men? simple.


Step One: Hold yourself accountable for everything that happens in your life, good or bad. This will release you from being others mental slaves and will keep you out of a victim mentality. Stop using internet porn, it’ll raise your perceived masculine sexual aura and confidence.


Step Two: Worry about your testosterone levels. Watch what you eat, as high estrogen foods like processed junkfood will make you more womanly. Eat a lot of meat, and work out by lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises. Keep this up by working on your posture and your body language to raise your T levels. Drop internet porn.


Step 3: Dress well. Get a haircut. If your jaw is round or you have a fat face, grow facial hair and hide your weak chin. A strong jaw is indicative of testosterone. and for Gods’ sake, DROP THE INTERNET PORN. It’s hard, you may relapse, you may never fully drop it by always relapsing, but Godammit, DROP IT. Drop the fucking porn!





You shouldn’t get strung out over your T levels like some bodybuilders, but you should keep it as a matter of top importance. Having high testosterone will make you more competitive, strong willed, focused, driven, and sexually virile. These things aren’t bad things, especially when most men your age are pushovers, lazy, and/or sexually impaired.


Lions beat house cats. Becoming an extraordinary man becomes easy in a society where mediocrity is encouraged and is the norm.


Don’t ignore your mind


You should have an idea of what man you’d like to become. Read the content that certain websites and currents of thought produce and compare them under the filter of ‘would the man I want to be read this?’


Check out the current events and politics page of a mainstream website for men like Esquire. Now check out an alternative site like Quintus Curtius. One reads like a tabloid drag with an agenda, written by 21 year old interns. The other reads like a newspaper or gentleman’s magazine a man of success would read in his study after a day’s work. this is where you have to make the choice- Be like the 90% of males who read and think what’s acceptable and trendy, or become the informed man who likes to read and form dispassionate opinions based on actual reporting?





90% of men just read the books assigned to them in university, and popular authors like Dan Brown. Will you read Dan Brown? or will you read political and economic classics? will you read history and philosophy? or will you read stupid shit that will just make you dumber?


Again, this is what it takes to become better then 90% of men. Whether it’s because you want to make more money, have a better body, or the real reason most guys want to improve, to swoop more and better girls, being better then the rest has never been easier. Read books, exercise,  dress well and make money.


But most importantly, WATCH YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVELS, KEEP THEM HIGH, DROP THE PORN. The rest will fall into place.

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