Leftist Men and Low Testosterone: Direct Correlation

Recently I’ve been noticing something funny. I’m not a rich, 6,5′ ft guy, I don’t have model looks nor am I swimming in paper, but the common man absolutley fucking hates me. When I say the common man, I mean the typical Chilean guy from 18-35. Since Chilean guys are pretty much manlets, being a little taller and dressing a little better goes a long way.


But the overwhelmingly common denominator when it comes to haters is that most of them are either communists, socialists, or left wing. At first I thought is was just a funny coincidence, but then I began to delve deeper into the issue. Everytime a communist challenged me on political or economic ideology, they would get BTFO, and resort to child like emotional outbursts.

Below picture is me. Not an apex of handsomeness nor rugged male model good looks. But dressing well, wearing cologne, having positive body language and not being a manlet go a long way when around low T commies it seems.




One thing I noticed about the commie rhetoric is that their insults sound exactly like when a woman gets angry and tries to fling shit your way. Their insults are weak, pathetically crafted and dare I say, ‘FEMININE SOUNDING’. Even calling them out on sounding feminine would elicit the hilarious but cringeworthy responses like ‘so what’s wrong with being a woman? they’re strong and oppressed, it sounds like YOU’RE a mysoginist’. Thanks to my curiosity and willingness to try and prove my point, I took it upon myself to get to the bottom of this mystery.

To understand what type of man the communist is (low T, normal T or high T), we have to analyze their belief system.


Communists and their beliefs


Communists believe that to be employed in exchange for monetary compensation is oppression. They believe that a world where the strong and industrious are praised is a wrong one and that every inequality in the world must be corrected by them via the coercive force of ‘the people’s military’ or by the people (commies) themselves.


They sincerely believe that by destroying the ‘oppressive capitalistic and patriarchal structure’,  and installing a massive state run by collectives of workers owning the means of production (this would be done by stealing shit from everyone who had built and owned the means of production before) is the correct way to prosperity and happiness. They vouch for the abolition of money:This meaning that everything valuable must be caluclated by subjective means by the state and the collective of workers (whatever the fuck that means).


That means if you bought yourself a suit to go to a job interview and you nailed it, communists would claim it’s unfair since not everyone can buy themselves suits. They believe personal responsibility should be forgotten in place of feelings. Everything in their life has a boogyman to blame. Communists have no sense of accountabilty and believe that the state owes them a living.


They believe women working for a random corporation and having sex with thousands of men before turning 30 is something good and shouldn’t be criticized, in fact, that it should be encouraged. Birth control should be free, in a socialist-communist world. So to recap the typical communist:


-Accountability must be damned and the state should provide for him, because feelings.

-Women should be working for a corporation and should be able to have unprotected sex without consequences, and no one should judge women for having numerous sexual partners, regardless of the cost and implications this may have.

-Anybody who works and beats the ‘unjust adversity’ that the communist claims, is another tool of the system and must have his wealth redistributed.

-Communists believe all inequality must be eliminated, and anyone who does not pertain to the victim social class/race/sex is either oppressing them or is a bigot.

-To the leftist, anyone who does not agree or understand marxist philosophy is either stupid, ignorant, or a terrible bigot, or one of my favorites, a ‘poor fascist’.


So, it would be fair to determine that taking the previous data into account, we could assert and put forth the general hypothesis that the average communist IS:

Entitled (he believes himself to be oppressed and owed a living)

A whiner (the focus is on destroying, not building), full of self hatred (for his condition of being a man, therefore an oppressor of women)

Believes that inequality is morally wrong (even though inequality is a basic human condition i.e you don’t choose where you’re born, who you’re born to, your IQ or genetic reality)

That others are responsible for their current life situation.

It would be then, not a stretch to compare the qualities that come from this system of belief to those of a child or a woman (no surprise that almost all women in the western world are leftists). These characteristics are also almost in direct contrast to masculinity and everything being a man represents (self reliance, strength, stoicism, wisdom, industry, virility, self value, purpose) since masculinity represents opression to these fools, so masculinity is shunned. Let’s see Exhibit A:




These are typical communist youths here in South America. As you may have noticed, there are several things indicative of low testosterone and just generally feminine demeanor with the ‘men’ in the above photograph. First of all, the male in the front (I won’t call him a man) has a round and weak jaw which is a prime indicator of low testosterone. He’s also thin, with bad body language (I’m thin but have manly fucking posture) and a look that just screams he’s either a homosexual or that he’s completely okay with being submissive and never having had a strong father figure. He looks weak, frail, and just pathetic.


You may also notice that due to a lack of strong men and actual testosterone, the women have taken over and are the main leaders of their so called ‘movement’. Matriarchal tendencies are overwhelmingly present in societies or ideologies which shun masculinity, demonize it, and are experts in producing weak, emasculated males. Notice that the women’s faces are stern, with a quiet disgust and disdain for those around them.


This arrogant alturism is in my opinion due to being internally conflicted as they are forced to act and take the leadership roles which naturally belongs to the masculine. No one calls them out for fear of the social stigma that comes from criticizing a woman in an influential position. They lead because the men are weak.


And I don’t even need to point out the lost looking lanky bastard behind them. Women follow Alpha Males, Beta Males follow women. It’s the way of the world and it always will be.


This isn’t just a South American phenomena either. Take a look at this recent video where leftists went to complain and protest a Trump rally. Take a look at the young Trump supporter in the video below: Great posture, a strong and masculine voice, he’s rational, logical, and not afraid to reach an actual consensus and demonstrate the why of his support for Trump. Then look at the shrill, loud, obnoxious, weak looking Nu Males against him, making false assertions from buzzwords they hear in their leftie colleges and reddit:




So moving on, let’s continue to exhibit B.


commie cucks 2

The context of this photograph is a group of communist youth honoring those killed during the Pinochet dictatorship. If you think these young fellows personally knew the dead people for whom they’re holding up their signs, you’d be mistaken. The first kid, looking down in a submissive pose with his ill fitted shirt is holding a photo of Victor Jara, a popular Chilean communist hero who was killed during the dictatorship. These males are holding signs of people they didn’t even know and they look like they are on the verge of tears.


The fat looking weakling on the left is a perfect representation of low T leftist men. Lost gaze, a dumb stance, and just an air of stupidity and submissiveness. Of course the women in the photo look stronger and less likely to cry then the males. One of women may even be dating one of the limp dick commies in the group and cucking him with a better looking, more masculine guy on the side. The funny thing is if the commie was actually getting cucked, he would probably be understanding and let her know he won’t oppress her anymore I.E Why the popular ‘cuck’ meme took off to describe young members of the progressive left as well as weak conservatives.


Now that’s all well and good, but it isn’t enough to directly correlate low testosterone with leftist men. To prove my point somewhat competently to at least some extent, we must take the other side into account: Right wing nationalists.


Nationalism is a dirty word nowadays, since it is easily equated to National Socialism or totalitarian fascism, which may or may not be fair. But let’s understand the basic psychology of a fascist, shall we?


Fascism promotes, before everything, cultural and national identity. They believe that without a country and without citizens dedicating themselves to the expression, maintenance, and protection of their culture based on the nuclear family and the protection of their own that they are doomed to failure.


Fascism heavily praises masculinity and the masculine patriarchal structure, since they believe that the family is the main basis for upstanding the fascist order. Fascists believe in industry, hard work, and common purpose to BUILD a powerful state run by those with an iron will. This is why they value masculinity, leadership, and totalitarianism so much. Fascists believe that strong leaders are only forged by the virtue of believing in something greater then themselves, this being the only thing that can ensure they are less prone to corruption.



Fascism also believes in a suppression of individual liberty, as they see this as dangerous and a possible festering ground for degenerate and corrupt life choices and ideas. Now, taking these qualities and beliefs of nationalists, and at worst, totalitarian fascists, it is fair to assume that:

They wish that the state not give them everything, but wish to build the state with their own hard work and industry. They believe it is their intrinsic duty to produce for their country and culture and are willing to die to protect their nation, people and family from what they perceive as degeneracy. It could be then deduced, that a nationalist or fascist is:

-Prone to want closed borders and a strong sense of family, which would mark a preferance for traditional gender roles, and a clear emphasis on masculine leadership.

-Prefers to build, produce, and protect for the good of the state or the nuclear family (Building, producing and protecting meaning more forced and difficult labor for men) whilst seeing it as a duty rather then an obligation.

-Are proud of being masculine and believe it’s their responsibility to keep civilization going.


Regardless of whether you see nationalism as something inherently bad or evil (I’m a closed borders libertarian), it can be deduced that men who are more nationalistic are prone to having more masculine qualities. Let’s conduct some research (google image search) and see what we find:


fashy goys

As we can observe in the above picture, Russian nationalists are going to the point of doing pushups to demonstrate their strength and physical fitness. They are young looking, and are MOSTLY MEN. Nationalism believes women should be feminine, and not on the frontlines of a protest fighting police. We can’t observe the physiques or faces of the nationalists very well, but just by analyzing the above picture, they look like fit young men with a strong bearing.


Again, this doesn’t mean that they are morally right nor that their political idea is correct, merely that they appear to have more masculine attitudes and beliefs, which are a direct result of Testosterone levels. Nationalistic tendencies apparently have a direct correlation with testosterone. Does this sound like a crazy conspiracy theory? maybe. But it’s the direct result of the reality I observe everyday.


I don’t know many nationalists, but the ones I do know are pretty masculine guys who I get along with. The commies, not even close. I go to a university so neck deep in Marxist slime that I’m thinking of running next year for student council. But who the hell knows. Maybe my confirmation bias has gotten the best of me. I’ll leave it up to you to decide on that one.

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