8 Things the Young Bachelor Needs to Do to Crush It

The following 8 things are everything you need to have mastered to a somewhat competent level to get the most out of life being a young single man in the big city. No bullshit, easy to apply advice.


If your lacking in these areas, get working on them and you’ll see how your need for self help reduces, as you life will improve ten fold.  Endeavor to keep these 8 points relevant in your life, and you’ll pretty much be satisfied with your twenties. Without firther ado, here are the 8 points.


1-) The Young Bachelor works out. Whether it be cardio, bodyweight training, or lifting weights, he works out.



2-) The Young Bachelor dresses well. A man who dresses well is a man who’s proud of his appearance and conveys value. This means stylish T shirts, leather jackets, polo shirts, suits, etc.

farell suit


3-) A Young Bachelor has money. Nobody’s expecting you to be a millionaire or to make big doctor bucks by 25. But he has paper to cover his basic expenses: Bills, Women, food, nights out with friends, getting a place on lock, and gym.


4-) A Young Bachelor gets out of the fucking house. He spends 6 days of the week getting home late, whether it be because of school, work, gym, or dating girls. Sunday is a great day to relax at your pad.


5-) A Young Bachelor has interesting, masculine hobbies. Read about sales, persuasion, leadership, psychology, history or economics. Take up boxing or another discipline. Begin a student group at your leftie college and take the fight to the establishment.


6-) The Young Bachelor is good with girls. If you lack in this area, then get some help ASAP. This blog has some advice on getting women, but it’s not its main focus. Most of the advice on here is for men who are somewhat competent with girls.

Check out the dating category in the blog and get started




7-) A Young Bachelor has some type of booze at his place. Having some vodka, rum, and some great scotch at home is the hallmark of a man.


😎 A Young Bachelor has a group of success minded friends who are also bachelors. No, this doesn’t mean your oldest friend who blew you off because of his girl. I mean the guys you want to invite to steak houses and strip clubs. Ride or die motherfuckers who you’ll have great memories with.


There you have it. All men’s life advice needed to totally enjoy your 20’s put together in 8 points. The rest are details. Hell if you read this post and apply it, you probably won’t have time to read this blog. Which is bad for me, but not for you. Do these, and see your quality of life improve brother.


PS: Third video is coming tomorrow monday. Stay tuned.

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