Young Bachelor Music: The Weeknd

There are certain kinds of songs and beats that resonate deeply with a young bachelor. I don’t mean any young bachelor either, I’m talking about the young man who has his fair share of experience with the fairer sex, and who’s on the young 21st century party scene every weekend.


Guys that are on the front line of where life memories are made: places where booze, drugs, horny girls and good friends are, the modern day single scene. If you’re somewhat competent with social skills, and haven’t been afraid to indulge in some of the more sketchier sides of night life like drugs (not just weed, I’m talking talking pills and stronger) then The Weeknd’s music is gonna hit you hard.


He has songs about getting cheated on, cheating, taking pills, rolling up to the club, having trust issues, and having girls fall in love with you while you won’t renounce your player life.


If this stuff isn’t your sort of vibe, I still suggest getting out there and living life at least once like a fucking rockstar. A dangerous and street savy man is an attractive man. It gives you a secret confidence, and it’ll help you relate to guys that just ‘know’.


Immediate reccommendations to grow some fucking edge

Grab a few COOL friends, and do this:

-Do some drugs

-Fuck a girl in a closet or bathroom at a house party or club

-Break a few girls’ hearts

-Get in a fight

-Get your heart broken, then bang hotter girls but still feel the heartache

-Buy your best friend a scotch just for being him at a great venue

-Meet a group of random people on the street and end up at a party with them

-Go to a strip club with friends, or alone

If this stuff is too ‘morally murky’ for you, then be content without some edge, there is no shame in it. Edge gives you an advantage over competition and guys with less of that ‘danger’ and ‘experience’ element. It also gives you a hell of a lot of memories.

Disclaimer: Some people on the internet are stupid, so I have to say that doing this stuff may be dangerous to your health and well being. Fighting might get you killed. Fucking girls may put you at risk for STD’s and getting chicks pregnant. Going to a strip club may make you drop a lot of cash. Be fucking smart.

Here are some songs by the Weeknd for Young Bachelors who just ‘know’


Wicked Games: Ever been with a girl who’s technically been loyal and true, but just fucks up your soul and makes you miserable? ever still felt alone even though you were giving your best to her? and after a while of frustration, ever just see that sexy looking girl giving you eyes at the bar, and you take her just to feel something? Then listen.



For the young man who’s been faded, emotional, and lost in the scent and smell of a fuck buddy or stranger, while still longing for that one special girl who made you feel love. Powerful stuff.


Ever been with a girl you liked a lot, but warned her to not fall in love? that you were damaged goods and not ready for anything serious, but she still fell and fell hard? You have to leave, but it makes you think, and feel bad. Young Bachelors with experience know.


There are PLENTY of other Weeknd tracks (even some new stuff) that describe the life of a young bachelor in the big city to a tee. I suggest you start listening and start living.


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