Young Bachelor TV First Video

Sup Young Bachelors,


This is the official launch post of Young Bachelor TV, the official Youtube channel for the website. In it I’ll try to match a face to the voice and name, and add a video to each blog post I upload to the site.

This way, my message will be on more then one platform,  and you guys won’t just see random words and pictures on the site, but an actual flesh and blood man, me, Fernando.


My goal is to start the channel and to upload at least 3 videos a week. If for whatever reason I can’t upload articles or am generally unactive on the blog, I’ll try to keep you posted by uploading new videos every week.


I’m going all in guys. The blog is going to be a reflection of my thoughts, philosophy and emotions, and now y’all will get to see my face, my body language, and everything in between.

I’ll be uploading videos in interesting key locations around my city to keep you fellas somewhat entertained (to not be just some guy with a phone ranting in his room or toilet), and I promise the videos won’t just be improvised (like this first video).


This is a commitment to excellence that I’m making not just for me, but to get my message out there.


That message is simple: Corrupt media and government forces want men to remain slaves, and to reject and apologize for their masculinity. My message is for each man to cultivate their masculinity,, and enjoy the fruits that life has to offer young ambitious men with social skills and a vision for their own life.


We are the new men’s media. We will replace Esquire, and GQ, and all those other pussified media outlets. So let’s take back the narrative boys. Fernando, the Young Bachelor, is at your service.




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