Blue print to fight the Culture Wars (Twitter, PR, and political warfare)

Machiavellianism, The Art of War, Gorilla Marketing, 48 Laws of Power, Scott Adams and The Art of the Deal have heavily influenced this article.

This article was written with the intention of being a go-to manual for online, academic, or public relations warfare.This is for use against Political enemies’, or cultural enemies who seek to silence free speech, or destroy your reputation.


Cultural Warfare Tactics


When attacked or before contemplating offensive action, you must first determine:

Who is your enemy? Is he strong or is he regular? Is he relentless? Is he emotional? Can you fight him? Is he better or worst? Can a kill shot be established?

What are their strengths and advantages?

What are their weaknesses and insecurities?


When you have the answer to these questions, you can tailor your attack. Calling a communist poor will only fuel his fire. Call him entitled, weak, lazy and inefficient as well as a pseudo intellectual and it hits him in his delusional aspirations and his collectivist identity. Calling a fool a fool will only make him angry. Showcase his own stupidity and signal his irrelevance. Calling a woman a poor debater and illogical will not hurt her. You must call her out on her looks, her terrible attitude, and her irrelevance and low status (for women, there is nothing more sacred then reputation, status, and looks) as well as her hunger for attention (women will understand why this hits them directly in the ego).


Calling a leftist selfish and bigoted will destroy the image they created for themselves. Calling a traditionalist a weak try hard who virtue signals will hit him hard, because he’ll always wonder if he’s wrong, and that if his ‘sacred’ woman is actually cuckolding him. A man who believes his woman is infallible is easy to target, because women are corrupt and will leave their men if they feel it doesn’t pay off anymore.


A man who believes his wealth gives him status can easily be attacked by focusing on his intellect, his body, and his capacity to get women. Attack men’s virility. Attack women’s relevance status and looks. Find your kill shot but use it sparingly.


Always endeavor to have a kill shot. Use it only in precise situations.



On Attack and Offensive action


-To feign weakness (to lure out the enemy or bait them) you must first organize.Only by being ordered, can you feign disorder efficiently. (This is to see their strength or to make them reveal themselves)

-What makes the enemy want to attack is the chance of victory. The contrary is true if you are too strong. Show false weakness and make them attack where you are strong.

-Attack when they least expect it. Hit their resources, funding, and what keeps them in movement. Cut their source of pride or identity and watch them fall. If they act righteous, showcase their selfishness. If they pride themselves on intellectual superiority, showcase a fault in their ideology. If they receive support from different groups, showcase their lack of credibility. Make claims they can’t.

Attack their deepest insecurities and past failures. Attack their incapacity. Make them feel weak. Undermine their successes. Show their flaws. Discover their failures and insecurities. Show them that to attack you is a deep and costly mistake.


culture wars 3


-As a rule of thumb, for attacking men, their capability to make money, get women, and their bodies are what to attack AKA: their masculinity. Ignite the fear of being cuckolded in men, the fear of being beaten or shown up by stronger and more fit men, or their poverty and lack of success.

– For women, attack and fluster their emotions. Their looks and their ability to keep a man, show them for the childish people they are. If they consider themselves intelligent, showcase their ugliness and lack of social prowess. If she’s attractive, but full of herself and opinionated, attack them by planting doubt


‘the only reason people listen to you is because you’re hot’. Show that she uses her looks to stay popular, and that women hate her (women really do hate successful and beautiful women, so this will play deep to what she already knows). This attacks her deepest insecurities. If she’s a slut, subtly make it known and attack her with it.


Example: ‘Her past 6 ‘boyfriends’ would disagree with the fact that she’s stable!’ This doesn’t specifically say she’s a slut, but brings about her failure to secure men, and her sluttiness.


DO NOT DIRECTLY IMPLY OR CALL HER A SLUT. You will be eaten by the hoards. Use Machiavellian word play. Bold is good, subtle-in-your-face attacks are enough for people to follow you.


 It is imperative that you find credible allies to support you, since women will be well guarded by white knights.  


-Attack where they can’t. If their jobs, reputation, or funding depend on them acting a certain way, then exploit that and bait them. Showcase their flaws and relish in the fact that they can’t respond. If they do, showcase their opinion to the disdain of their allies and supporters.


-Cover your weaknesses and have a strong damage control system. Only show weakness when it’s convenient.


If your defenses are strong and well guarded, attack and conquer. Destroy completely. Attack to destroy when your enemy is weak. When they are strong, build yourself and feign weakness and err on the side of diplomacy. If you are attacked and stand to lose, fight back, but never forget, and plan your revenge accordingly.


Never let them know where you’ll attack, else they’ll guard it. If you let them know you’ll attack, for example, their inefficiencies, they will prepare defenses and damage control against your attacks. You will become predictable, and they will lie and distort to protect themselves.


Test them and see their weaknesses and strengths. Test to see how they treat their friends. Test to see how they attack. Test to see what weaponry they use. Test directly or indirectly.


When attacking, determine which strategy to go for and go for the jugular. This way, you don’t show your hand and full offensive power. If you attack their credibility, then they will defend their credibility and then attack. If you then change terrain (more details on terrain below) and attack their failures, they will fail to adapt and lose. This way you are formless.


Humans want a feeling of importance, of relevance and acceptance. By telling people of their irrelevance, little impact, and pettiness, you attack their underlying and most desperate want: The want to be important.


Before attacking an enemy, know their allies. Know who their friends, spies, media managers, patrons, sponsors, and colleagues are. Evaluate and assess. Find each one’s weakness and prepare accordingly. If you attack a leader of a movement, expect backlash from their followers. Have the focus and tools to keep the fight against the leader. Always control the fight, and never prove yourself to the enemy.

When you prove yourself and are emotional to your enemy, you’ve already failed.


Timing is everything. When you attack an enemy, make sure it’s when they are weakest and you are strongest. If they are bigger then you, make sure that when you attack, you make it loud. Hit them hard and watch as those who always feared that enemy will now follow you. Leadership and masculinity will always attract followers.


If you are attacked on their turf and stand to lose, act unfazed and don’t fight. Prepare to attack on your terms.


Prepare damage control and take the fight to a terrain where you can win.


Those who pride themselves on their diplomacy, political correctness and acceptance by the establishment must be showcased as disconnected, corrupt, and insincere. Do this by finding past failures, exploiting their lack of action, or by demonstrating their bias and arrogance. If they fancy themselves champions of the people, make it a point to showcase their disconnect, and their own selfish goals. If they’re cheap populists, make them out to be corrupt, inefficient, and destructive. Compare them to corrupt populists of the past and illustrate their similarities. People will follow strong leaders, but will also fear those with too much power. Play into those fears. Paint the caudillo as unhinged, (in most cases they are) corrupt, and intellectually bankrupt. Attack him head on. People don’t care about a compromising establishment when dealing with caudillos. They will follow who is strongest and who plays into their emotions better. Be that person.


culture wars 4


To attack efficiently, it is absolutely NECESSARY to know your enemies current situation, plans, goals, motivations, enemies, allies and resources. The more information, the better your attack will be. Still it’s better to fight then to not fight.





There are 3 main terrains where battle takes place in the culture wars. To master your enemy and become a victor, you must cover each of these terrains skillfully and adapt to each. Learn how and when to fight and you will win each encounter you enter.


Intellectual ground: To win, you must find Holes, cracks, injustices and fallacies in their main underlying ideology. Be prepared to disarm all arguments.


Reputation and character: To win, you must demonstrate your enemies’ corruptness, bad decisions, betrayals, crimes, unsavory opinions and wickedness. Be prepared to expose and draw attention to these and assassinate their character.


Failures and Successes:  To win, you must efficiently highlight their failures and obscure and downplay their successes.


If your opponent is more intellectually and rationally prepared, then attack their reputations and highlight their failures. If they guard their reputation ferociously, highlight failures and the foolishness of their ideology, etc. To truly be a victor, you must adapt seamlessly to each and have a prepared and elaborated defense against attacks.


cultura wars 2



On Defensive action


-You must ALWAYS cover your weaknesses. Continually assess your words, actions, and past and look for cracks and weaknesses that enemies could exploit, then fortify them. If you’re poor, then tell the world you are and make it a part of your persona. If you’re skinny and don’t know how to fight, then spin it. Turn it into a virtue. If you anger easily, make it a point to control it. If your enemies attack your failures, then pinpoint and showcase one of your greatest successes and attack. A good defense is a great offense. Defending yourself from enemies attack is a Machiavellian fallacy. If they accuse you, by acknowledging it you have already been defeated. Only the guilty justify themselves.



-When you are weak, feign great strength. If they attack a delicate and vulnerable point, exaggerate your competence in another area and continue the offense. If they continue, offer them the option to sue or to show proof. If they can, have countermeasures prepared. If they can’t, they’ve fallen back to your control.



-When being attacked, if you can spin yourself to the position of victim, whilst making your enemy seem bad and morally bankrupt, then you can spin the tale and go on the offensive again. Whilst this is not recommended, as it puts you in the position of victim, to pay off the weight of your enemies fall must be greater than your new condition of victim, else you’ll just seem weak in the eyes of the world and will lose those who followed you for your strength.



-Investigate and find the sources which your enemies’ used to attack you and discredit them. Find a similar fault in your enemies and attack. Never stop attacking.



-If you’re attacked on your ideology, find fault in theirs and frame their attack as anti rational. If their attack is on your person, attack their person with fury (remember their ultimate weaknesses). Stay on one strand of offensive action and continue attacking that specific point.


When they tire out, use the kill shot (the worst attack imaginable). If they call you cruel, show how good you’ve been and frame them as being desperate and losers. If your masculinity is attacked (people ridicule your past lovers, your ability to get women, your physical body, or your net worth) attack whichever they have weakest and highlight the success of your greatest. Find their weakness and continue to attack. Never stop attacking. Frame the situation as petty on their part. Don’t stop fighting.



-When your attacker is too powerful, dismiss and reinstate that you look forward to the future while they act petty. When your attacker is influential but can be defeated, attack with all your might. When the attacker is directly below you, teach them that it is a mistake to mess with you. When your enemy is too low beneath you, pay them no mind. Use showmanship to gain followers.



-ALWAYS have successes to throw in the face of your enemies. If you do not, then make sure you exploit their failures. If they talk of your lack of credentials, make it a point to demonstrate their failures and incapacities. When they attack your ideas or person, find an influential person who endorses you and hang on to what they say.



-If your enemies are women who try to ridicule your masculinity, frame the situation as them trying to have sex with you. If the women laugh at your lack of money, ridicule their materialism but don’t attack them as people. This comes off as smart and non try hard. If they call you a woman hater, deny, and attack. Assess your enemies’ credentials and discredit them.



-Make it a point to show your enemies that you treat your friends well, and that it’s more convenient for them to ally with you.



-If they attack your family, then exploit their lack of character, showcase their immorality and let representatives and more morally virtuous allies know. Highlight that families are sacred and attack them on being desperate and being losers.



-If they physically threaten, let others know, frame it as desperate and weak, and save in case you need to take legal action. If they continue and are unfazed by your words, find out about their family and use one kill shot to attack. If violence is continually threatened, barter for victim points.



Highlight your enemies disconnect with their own people. Compliment those who are on the fence to turn them into allies. If there is a demographic that is continually shat on by your enemy, tend to them.



-Create defense where they won’t even attack. Secure alliances only for important deals that you need. To be dependant is to be weak. The only way to secure loyalty is to provide a clear benefit to allies, be valuable and provide value.


Exploit weaknesses


There are specific techniques that work best against any of the different archetypes of enemies. If you are unable to categorize your enemy into one of these 5 archetypes, then you are dealing with a competent enemy and must apply a mix of all war tactics depending on the strategy of your enemy. The most important way to defeat and learn the enemies’ tactics and strengths, is to find out everything you can about them. Assess your enemies’ personalities within these archetypes to find out how to efficiently deal with them:



1-Those who are willing to die, will die. Attack them relentlessly and they will fall.


-Be quick to plan. Have systems set in place and your enemies’ weakness identified, so you act from a position of calculated offense, and not emotion.


-Those who are okay with being wrong, and are okay with losing their reputation as long as they remain true to their ‘convictions’, are easily defeated. Not quickly, but easily. He will not tire, he will fight relentlessly because his identity is tied up with himself looking and feeling ‘honorable’. This type of person fancy themselves martyrs, therefore, they will try to frame their loss and failure as virtue. If you already know the art of framing and Machiavellian rhetoric, then it will still be a loss for your opponent, and he will fall defeated in the public eye.


2-Those who want to live (save face), will compromise their values. Offer them a deal that will allow them to save face (this is only after severely harming their reputation), but get your own victory. Let him be the one that compromises.


Attack relentlessly.


When they begin their face saving tactics (apologizing for certain things, saying they don’t believe fully in what they’ve done or what they’re doing, trying to remain neutral) then keep attacking, THEN, compliment wisely. This lets the enemy know that you are merciful, and that if they are to ally themselves to, you’ll let them save their reputation. Masterfully imply that they can save face if they cease their attacks, but ALWAYS signal your victory and how right you are.


Push them to seek compromise and a deal by threatening to involve their patrons or allies. What do I mean by this? Think like the enemy who wishes to survive. He will cut a deal when he stands to lose what he values, i.e reputation and alliances (and sources of income). Involve and imply these, and he will seek a deal. It is IMPERATIVE that you carefully study his past behavior, since these tactics do not work on other archetypes.



3-Those who are passionate and foolish can be ridiculed. Make them angry and lay out traps. They will fall and will show themselves to be fools and losers.



Self explanatory. If he does not fall for your emotional baiting, then the next step is to involve their personal lives or family. This must be done with cheek and tact, else you are at risk of falling into a trap. The latter should always be used when no other emotional baiting can be used. Investigate your enemy.


If for example, he/she idolizes a caudillo or an artist, RIDICULE the artist. If your enemy has attended rallies or is an activist, signal the ridiculousness and uselessness of such endeavors. Emotionally bait until he becomes unhinged. When unhinged, continue to goad until he makes one crucial mistake. Use it and destroy him.



4-Those who are too trusting and honorable can be dishonored. Those who pride themselves in their wives, daughters, girlfriends, or political parties can have what is sacred taken away from them. This will end them.


If he loves and acts like his woman is a saint, then imply her sluttiness. Attack his weakness. Example: ‘so she lost her virginity with you? If not, you’re not as special as you thought!’ remind him of her faults. Make him defend. If he thinks his relationship infallible, attack common points of weakness (example, emotionally weak man depending on woman, getting cheated on, the weakness of kissing women’s asses, and thinking he can only be happy with a ‘good woman’).



If they say their fight is for their children, then imply he’s then wasting his time being a loser by taking his current position, and that unless he changes his current views and stance, that you pity their children.


If they pride themselves on their ‘honor’ and ‘character’ paint his values as shallow and insecure. You will soon find their weak spots. If they act faithful and dedicated, bring up past indiscretions. If they think they’re superior, then goad them for their lack of masculinity.


 5-Those who are compassionate, can be betrayed. Those who compromise too much, can be destroyed by their own allies. Create turmoil among their allies, and strike.



Self explanatory.

Those who are at peace with everyone, are also not trusted by everyone. Exploit this. Plant the seeds of doubt in their enemies. Call them out for being grey, goad them until they reveal a strong stance on one subject, then let their ‘allies’ know about it. This will alienate him.


Goad him by implying that they’re indecisive, weak, and playing all sides. No one likes those who are too weak to take sides in a war. This will force his hand. If he takes a position, then he will be alienated. If your enemy has forgiven traitors, then ridicule him. Mock his compassion as weak and insincere.


Prepare these strategies for each potential enemy, and plant the seeds of their destruction.



culture wars 5



Persuading Allies:


Give people wiggle room. Let them feel free.


Find an issue where you have common ground, find your most vocal mutual enemy and attack them. Compliment your allies’ struggles and efforts. Show sincere appreciation for the common ground that you both share.


Always provide value to the other; Appeal always to incentive, never to their mercy, they will seldom have it.


Attack known enemies of theirs.


SUBTLE praise of their work or statements. When persuading, always ask ‘What does the other party win? What do they want? How can I give it to them?’ For example, if I want support from a different student group, find out what they want or need, explain the value you bring and how close you bring them to their goals, and offer your deal.


If another student union NEEDS people to participate in their lectures, and you want support against the Student Communist Party, then let them know that by aiding you, you will bring people to their event.


For allies to attack a common enemy is dangerous to them, therefore the incentive to ally with you MUST weigh more than the costs.


If they are worried about their reputation, negotiate by how it will grow their reputation to ally with you. If they don’t want to inspire the ire of the enemy, let them know that they will be protected by you. If they want more numbers, offer your assistance to their cause. If they wish to remain neutral, let them know that you’ll do the hard hitting and that all you want is public praise from them (give them plausible deniability). Compliment them on their achievements and hopes and dreams.




This section of the article is HEAVILY influenced by Illimitable man’s brilliant article, The Art of Negotiation. I suggest you look at it first, for a more detailed view of the following concepts.



Knowing who you are dealing with, and knowing in what position you are in (strong or weak)


Always know and offer value in a deal. It’s increasingly hard to get people to do what you want without them having some tangible benefit.


Identify your position when dealing. Evaluate if your negotiating position puts you in a buyer’s market (the buyer or consumer has more leverage then the seller, meaning he can take his business elsewhere and the seller must lower prices or create better offers to attract clients)  or a seller’s market (the seller has a rare and distinct good or service, and can leverage).


The person who overvalues their own product/position has an advantage over those with less self esteem. The person with more confidence and leverage will always beat the other out. Opt always the path of narcissism and entitlement when dealing with people without visible confidence. If the other party is gifted in dealing, expect hard, aggressive negotiation. The more powerful party will be compelled to respect the hard dealer (if he is in a position of weakness i.e buyer’s market).


Know their options. If they have high options, differentiate yourself from them (I am superior to those other fools) and undermine those options. If you’re in a position of weakness, exaggerate discounts, or benefits.


Offer freebies for the powerful, in order to get a future favor in return. If they deny this, offer them your help or product for cheap.


Emotion always trumps negotiation. If you offend the other party or scorn them, even if they derive a clear benefit from dealing with you, they will watch you burn.


If their opening offer is good, never show your excitement. Accept, since inflating the price and asking for more could leave you with nothing. This is ONLY when the opening offer comes from the strong.


For the weak, you can push for more. Haggle ONLY when you KNOW you can get a better price, or are worth more. Those who want you to make an opening offer are testing how much you value the product or service.




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