4 Ways to Automatically Raise Your Self Worth

No fancy introduction. The following article will detail 4 actual and quick to implement ways of increasing your self confidence and self worth.


1)Make Money


Start a simple business. Robert from 30 days to X wrote an amazing list on which side hustles  have almost no starting costs and can have you making money with a little bit of effort on your part. If you’d rather not, then get a job. Jobs can get boring, unless it’s a job that plays to your strengths, and challenges you in an arena where you can improve other skills in.


For example, sales is a great way to practice your people skills and persuasion techniques to make sales. For example, work selling tours can also help you learn new languages and how to interact with people from all over the world. Building your skillset + making money= a man who values his time.


Being broke and free is a sure fire way to misery and existential crisis. Find a job you can tolerate and are somewhat competent at, and make some money. There’s nothing quite like having purchasing power and going out with a freshly earned wad of cash. If that’s not your style, save money and enjoy the knowledge of knowing that you officially have money in the bank, and actually have something to your name instead of being a broke college kid.


2)Get Your Heart Pumping


Go for a run, a workout, or go and play sports . By doing physical activity that actually CHALLEGES you as a man, you accomplish , when you accomplish, you increase your competence. If you’re more competent= You are more confident. Going out for a run everyday is for the most part, fucking boring. Getting yourself out of the house to do it everyday increases your confidence because it means you’ve successfully established a system and stuck to it.





Lifting weights has an unseen benefit as well as a physical one. Big strong guys are feared and respected, and a man who lifts weights also has a higher level of mental toughness.


Playing sports against another group of men allows you to test yourself against others. If you’re not a good player, by practicing, you’ll get better and improve your confidence. If you’re better then most, you assert yourself on the weaker and less competent, improving your confidence. Get your heart pumping and grow your self worth.


3)Establish a Routine focused on Improvement and Follow it for a month.


Reading books, working on your business, learning a new skill, all these things can be and should be integrated into a new daily routine, or as Scott Adams puts it, into systems. For example, I recently began a routine that includes getting in at least 2000 words written every 2 days. If I miss one day but the next day eventually write the 2000 words, I’ve still respected my system and my work still gets put in. This has helped me tremendously when the shitty voice (you know the one, the one in your head that tries to sabotage everything new or difficult you try to do) inside me tries to tell me that nobody would like what I write and that I should just quit. Establish your routine through series of systems and watch your self confidence and self worth grow as you get used to achievement.


‘We are what we do’.

If I work on my writing every day I am a writer. If I make money with my words I will become a professional writer or blogger or what have you. If you want to start a shipping business, or any sort of business, then work on the skillset you need to achieve it. This isn’t some cheesy ‘just work on yourself’ advice, although it kind of is. You are what you repeatedly do. If you keep putting off your work with excuses of being ‘tired’ or ‘sleepy’ or you’d rather just jerk off to degenerate pornography and play repetitive videogames, well then guess what, you’re a professional jerkoff and a loser. You need to be doing what you want and working towards it everyday, else you’re just daydreaming. Athletes diet, train and compete. Mathematicians work on mathematic formulas and teach their discipline everyday. Like Aristotle says, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit’.


4)Have Sex with a New Girl


There’s nothing that raises happiness, self esteem and general well being more then having sex with a fresh new and attractive woman. For this to work, the woman you sleep with needs to be hotter then your ex, or have some redeeming characteristic, else you won’t feel much and just think sex with hotties is bad, which it isn’t. Knowing basic game and having your priorities straight for setting up logistics is all you need. Make it a point to learn how to pull new girls consistently and you’ll have this covered soon enough.


But NEVER make girls more important then your hustle or do anything stupid like get married with some new pussy. Learn how to achieve sexual confidence by sleeping with a lot of women and then learn sexual mastery to be able to have them do whatever you want for you. Any guy who says women should have no place in your life or tells you that sleeping with hot women is degenerate, should be avoided at all costs. No one wants low T, loser friends, especially those who would criticize you for being virile.





BONUS TIP: Listen to happy music for Christ’ sake! if you listen to death metal and are tense all day, it’s not a damn coincidence! The only music nowadays that really pumps you up to be a badass mofo nowadays is hip hop and EDM. 70’s classic rock also has some terrific songs for pumping up and feeling like a boss. Try and listen to this and not feel psyched to go out and have a few drinks with some friends and pull some girls.










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