Why I’m Proud of the Manosphere

Some claim the manosphere is just a collection of random men ranting. Some even claimed it was dead, like Matt Forney. The manosphere (comprised of game enthusiasts, some branches of traditionalism, MGTOW’s, MRA’S, The red pill and everything in between) is hated by the mainstream, feminism, the right, and pretty much everyone. Even manosphere bloggers have some contempt for the term and those who inhabit the ‘sphere. But I’m here to defend it.



The manosphere saved my life. The manosphere is one of the few places left that conserve the wisdom of the ancient world, fight the war on free speech, and help young men destroy the shackles of ideological programming to help them grow as men and destroying the delusions sold to them by the corrupt narrative. The manosphere, with all its wackiness, infighting, and despite it enemies best efforts, is one of the best things a young, and confused man can find online. Why do I have such a warm spot in my heart for the ‘sphere? because it honestly pushes us to question the narrative, to take back and claim our masculinity, and teaches us to survive in a cruel and ruthless world that has no interest in preserving our well being.


The Manosphere pushes you to excellence


Look at pathetic sites like Jezebel or Cosmopolitan. This is the type of entertainment and life advice the modern woman gets. They disdain the manosphere and denounce everything about it, but consume useless, degenerate drivel. But what distinguishes the manosphere from the latter? The manosphere preaches pushing your comfort and boundaries to improve with women. The manosphere teaches us to build our physical bodies and forge iron habits of discipline to be happier and grow as men. The manosphere tells us of the true nature of women, and teaches us to focus on causes greater then ourselves for growth and fulfillment.


men working


This advice, although sometimes packaged in different and unorthodox ways, is for action takers, and for winners who to take action over being victims. This wisdom is the greatest you can give men, it sets them free. You can learn more from Danger and Play, Illimitable Men, and Fortress of the Mind then any college course, or any single mother or weak father. The manosphere produces this kind of content. MEN WITH A MESSAGE, CALLING OUT THE BULLSHIT FOR WHAT IT IS.


The Manosphere opens your eyes


Even if you think the Red Pill is immoral (which is stupid) and that game is ridiculous (even more stupid) the manosphere opens your eyes to the degenerate culture’s agenda, and their war against men, gun owners, the family unit, and any other aspect of modern life that keeps people less dependant on government and love of country. When young men aren’t even allowed to enjoy videogames, one of their last escapes from a world that ridicules them without interference from frauds like Anita Sarkeesian and sluts like Zoe Quinn, the manosphere is there to report on it.


The Manosphere can’t be destroyed


Political organizations can lose credibility. TV stations and celebrities can lose status, and their careers. Nations can be cut down if you destroy their leaders and values. The Manosphere has been framed for atrocities commited by sick kids like Elliot Rodger, has been shown to the mainstream as a den of pro rape advocates, but guess what? it’s still here. There is no leadership, no main consensus or governing body to attack. The manosphere is made up of ideas, opinions and pragmatic male lifestyle design. It cannot be silenced. The manosphere will always be here, because until the establishment stops attacking men and demonizing an entire sex, there will be a great audience of disenfranchised and miserable men looking for something more, waiting to discover happiness and to unmask the current world for what it really is. And this is why I love the manosphere.




For every stupid and hateful article by fat useless slobs like Lindy West, or twisted shrews like Jessica Valenti, on the manosphere there will be articles on how to build a strong body and a terrific work ethic by men like Victor Pride. For every lying cuckservative and crazy social justice warrior, there will be men who value free speech, and building a strong body, like Mike Cernovich. For every retarted buzzfeed article giving you 15 ways how transphobia is real, on the manosphere there will be podcasts and essays to cultivate the mind and how to deal with the feral nature of women, by men like Quintius Curtius and Illimitable man.



The manosphere has been growing at an impressive rate, and I hope it continues to expand. It has given me a lot and I can absolutely swear by how much it changed my life. This is a love letter to the manosphere, and I’m damn proud of it. Will pundits bastardize us as rapists, nazis, and women haters? of course they will. SJW’s always lie. With so many men with so many opinions, not all of us get along. This is a good thing. Without friction there isn’t ideas. But we all believe the same when it comes to the important things, and this is our greatest weapon.


The manosphere is hated because it has the potential of undoing years of brainwashing by the left and the controlling elite. It’s a dangerous volatile beast. We are on the right side of history, because no matter what, those who choose physical fitness over laziness, those who value the wisdom of the ancients over post modern drivel, and those who choose virtuous living through self imporvement and industry will always be superior to the lazy and the cowardly. Everyone is quick to talk shit about the ‘sphere. But it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen, and I’m happy to read some of the amazing content that comes out of it. Long live the manosphere.



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