How to avoid Stagnation so You’re Always Growing


I know the pain of stagnation. Of being, stuck, not advancing, everyday going through the motions and feeling nothing has improved in your life. Stagnation is death. If you are not moving forward, you are literally the living dead. If there is ever a thing you must fear, more then humiliation, rejection, and pain, it’s becoming stagnant. When you’re stagnant, the food you eat will taste worst, the music you listen to won’t have any magic to it, your mediocre wife or girlfriend will just seem like more of a pain in the ass, you’ll get fatter, more depressed, and you’ll become a hopeless cynic. You’ll resent your job or college classes with an impotent, passive rage. When you’re stagnant, everything becomes worst. It’s a sickness, a disease that spreads and leeches onto your soul and mind. At least hatred or anger are passions. At least you feel alive. When you’re stagnant, even your hatred and anger becomes boring and predictable.


What is stagnation?


According to Stagnation is the state of being still, or not moving, like a sitting puddle of water where stagnation attracts mosquitoes. The root of stagnationis the Latin word for “standing water,” stagnatum.


Rotten and lifeless water where parasitical life forms gather. Think about that for a second. Think about how many people live stagnant lives. Think about how you felt when nothing different or rewarding happened in your life for an extended period of time. Men aren’t meant to stay stagnant. So how do we go about avoiding this living death? look to the wisdom of the ancients.


The cultivation of virtue: Self improvement


The stoics believed that a happy and fulfilling life was one dedicated to the pursuit of virtuous living, and that reason was one of the greatest virtues to pursue, since rationality was trully the gift of mankind from god that separated us from the animals. A man who unleashes his basic passions is no better then an animal in their eyes, as animals listen to instinct and we as human beings are beyond this.


So, what the hell does this mean?


It means that defining a moral code and a set of ethics is necessary for being happy, and is absolutely necessary for avoiding stagnation. If men must pursue rationality in order to achieve virtuous living, then reason indicates that we must aspire to improve ourselves. Self improvement comes in the form of cultivating the mind, the body, and one’s masculinity. If virtuous living is found in self improvement (and through this, momentum, the opposite of stagnation) then self improvement is truly a path to happiness for men. To avoid stagnation, a man must always be learning, training, and challenging his mastery and strength.




If I died today, would I be proud of what I did?


This question is pivotal to avoiding stagnation. Our character is but a summation of our everyday actions. If you jerk off to porn and smoke weed all day, then you’re a stoner and a loser. If you work hard to make money and work out everyday then you’re a grinder and a winner. See how easy it is to tell what kind of person you are? everyone who says ‘But I’m not a bad person’ when they have a proven track record of being terrible people are deluded. You are your actions. That simple. Ask yourself, when you’re wrapping up your day: If I died right now, would I be proud of what I did today ?


Mind, Body, Finances


As I mentioned before, only when you are improving do you actively avoid stagnation. Being smarter and wiser will help you avoid bad situations,  discipline and how to deal with adversity, as well as keeping a positive mindset. Having a strong body will keep your confidence high, give you physical strength; improving your finances will give you more free time, and give you the freedom to travel, and try new things broke people can’t. Working on each of these things everyday will keep stagnation from capturing you. Work on these constantly, and if you already do, work another hour on them anyway. Keep this happening daily. If you still feel the same, and stuck, focus more on your finances, since money will give you new options, opportunities, and luxuries.


Game as a Gateway


I don’t care what anyone says, new girls always are a breath of fresh air when you’re living life and it feels the same for too long. A new smile, a flirtacious look, a new body to caress and have sex with… all these are satisfying indeed. Learning how to get women you desire easily is part of game. Those who reject game have no idea how bad they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Game teaches you how to read social cues, cures your fear of talking to strangers, and teaches you how to sell yourself effectively. Game is a gateway to all of this, but especially, it’s the gateway to new and exciting experiences with women. Game will teach you how to survive and thrive. Game is a gateway for social mastery. Achieving social mastery is a rational goal, since man is a social animal and is compelled to reason for virtue. Therefore, reason would dictate that mastery in matters of social influence and persuasion are crucial to self improvement and happiness.

Build a body, build a business, build a life. Avoid stagnation. Stay in motion.

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