Forget Manhood.

Forget Manhood.


Forget Cultivating strength, The police will protect me from harm and my mother and sisters from rape. I have no business being strong and independant. I should be watched over.

Forget Honor. I want to backstab anyone, especially my fellow men. I’ll denounce them as rapists, as mysoginists, as hateful and useless, and I’ll exploit their agency, their work and their freedom for my benefit.


Forget Courage. Being a weakling is easy, and if I say I’m a homosexual or have a mental disease, I’ll be coddled and accepted by the government and women.


Forget Making money. Making money and achieving power with hard work and sacrifice isn’t real. Only rich people have it good, and they owe me money. I deserve to be successful just because I’m born.


Forget working out. Like Seth Rogen, I’ll just smoke weed, be pathetic and make jokes aimed at anyone who wants to improve. My gluttony is enchanting. Working out is for dudebros.


forget manhood 2


Forget learning how to attract women. We either have it or we don’t, and learning how to attract and deal with girls is mysoginistic, hateful, and we should just let them choose and do whatever they want with us. We do oppress them after all. Women deserve everything for being abused for so long!


Forget Traditionalism. Anything that’s based on the oppressive ‘family’ structure is harmful to women. Women deserve to be sexually free to do whatever they want without consequence. The government needs to give them money to raise kids out of wedlock. It’s their obligation.


Forget virtue. Being vindictive, lazy, evil, malicious, useless and childish are the new virtues. Being a masculine man? what, do you live in the 16th century? being a victim is being strong. Asking for money  and free things is brave.


Forget learning sexual dominance. Being a gentle lover and asking for consent for anything you do in bed is the right thing to do. If you dare do anything a woman might consider offensive it’s rape, and you deserve to go to jail. Even if women leave you and claim you’re feminine or weak, it’s because they’ve internalized patriarchy, and it’s not their fault. It’s yours for not asking for enough consent.


Forget reading the classics. Greek and Roman philosophers were mysoginists who believed in ‘gods’ and ‘deities’. How cringe! just browse reddit, or read buzzfeed. There you’ll learn how to be a real modern man (or any other part of the gender spectrum). Religion and philosophy was made up by old white men to oppress women.


Forget brotherhood. Only depend on women, they’re the only good people. Men are bad, they’re pigs, they’re to be tamed, and the only way to improve yourself is to reject any notion of ‘masculinity’. When men get together, they make offensive jokes, enforce patriarchy, humiliate women, and probably plan rape.


Forget choosing the right woman. All women deserve love, and you better give it to them! marry a woman who loves her career, who’s either fat or tattooed, and especially if she’s a ‘slut’ and had sex with countless men. She’s been around the block so she knows what she wants! If she divorces you, it’s because YOU are to blame. Women are always the victim. You probably oppress them. Give her all your assets and your future kids. Man up.


forget manhood 3


Forget Enjoying hobbies. Videogames are mysognistic and dangerous. Women’s sports should be just as watched and invested in as men’s sports. All men’s entertainment must be censored and must be given a woman friendly message. If there’s a woman in the movie and she’s not the lead, it’s probably mysoginistic!


Forget connecting with your father. If your mother and father divorced, it’s your dad’s fault, no exception. If he’s alone and you miss him and think he’s been wronged, you’re what’s wrong with the world. If he’s hard to love, good, he doesn’t deserve it. How dare he not give your mother everything she wanted 24/7! How dare he discipline you! How dare he have the audacity to tell you to get a job! everyone knows it’s the government’s job to give you money.


Forget bigotry. You must endorse promiscuous homosexual behaviour and transgenderism, or else you are a horrible evil bigot who doesn’t deserve to live. If you don’t agree with it, then you deserve to lose your job, income, and your reputation must be tainted forever. It’s the only way you’ll learn tolerance. And before you get started, jail rape could be an educational experience for men.


Forget Masculinity. Even though you’ll be miserable, used, cucked, humiliated, kicked around, poor, and useless, you’ll be useful for women, and society. Never embrace manhood. If you choose virtue, hard work, sacrifice, game, self improvement, working out, then you’re being oppressive. You’re being dangerous. Being dangerous could be offensive!



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