007’s Journey: 4 Stages of The Red Pill Man

James Bond 007 is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. Ever since my dad showed me how awesome he was when we were watching the old movies (a tradition that I bet has been held by many men) I automatically became fascinated with his character. A man who was good looking, strong, virile, stylish, classy, well dressed, welll versed and dangerous is an archetype that’s extremely allruing to any red blooded male. In the last four 007 movies I noticed a nice little pattern that resonated deeply with men and their red pill awakening. Bond went through 4 changes in each of his outings in the Craig era, each symbolic with stages that men face when they become versed in game and the red pill. Let’s review them shall we?



Getting Burned


James Bond was a highly efficient and respected trained killer. After achieving his 00 status and going on a few missions, he’s told he must bankrupt a terrorist banker in a high stakes game of poker in Casino Royale in Montenegro. How does this relate to the typical red pill or game practitioner?


His personality and life experience.

When a young man first starts out in game, he practices until he becomes proficcient. Realizing that this new skill gives him advantages that most of his peers don’t have, he indulges in the pleasures of women and gains a lot of confidence. He begins living the player life in earnest. Most guys who learn game don’t have a successful track record of social relationships; his new skills and confidence give him access to groups of friends and club sluts galore. His mind is based on the mission, getting new and better women. He cares not for a relationship because women have treated him poorly in the past, or he sees no reason to get into one.


Like James Bond in Casino Royale, he’s confident, uses women as means to an end, as ‘disposable pleasures’ as Vesper puts it. But as Bond in Casino, the game aware man begins to wonder what a relationship would be like. Leaving the player lifestyle and finding the unconditional love of a woman becomes something he begins to pursue. He wants to feel loved. So, as Bond falls in love and quits, to live a quiet love with a woman who he sees as his escape from all the madness that is modern life, and its struggles, so does the game aware man. This crucial mistake leads Bond to discover that the only woman he gave his everything to, betrayed him, and used him as a means to an end to help another man who she first fell in love with. Sound familiar? the game aware man gets into a relationship, becomes happy, but by the end, gets burned bad. It turns out that falling deep in love with a woman and believing she is the one is a sure fire way to get taken back to the cruel harsh reality of the male condition, as Bond learns.


‘The job’s done, the bitch’s dead’.






Looking for reason in chaos, and coming to terms with reality.


In this movie, Bond is blinded by rage and seeks to find the truth and those responsible for the death of his former lover. He goes on a world wide chase, finding the reason of the organization’s involvement with Vesper, to try and find some sort of closure. Bond is hurt, and although he hides his pain behind a guise of duty, he’s been hurt in a deeper way then he’s ever been hurt before. These are the bitter symptoms of swallowing the red pill and going through the post break up mess. When men fall in love and get their heart broken , the pain reaches deep,  wounding his masculine pride and identity. Women get over men in a record time of about 3 weeks. Men can stay in pain for years. The game aware newly red pilled man goes about with blind rage, like Bond, trying to find a rational answer to his ex’s betrayal. Women’s lack of morals and Machiavellian nature seem to be so bad that to be logical, they must be untrue; and so man searches like crazy for a rational answer to it, to conserve his shreds of dignity.


This is the stage where red pill cynics stay, as they can’t get over the deep emotional trauma of the betrayal. Bond in the end reaches a place of peace, coming to terms with the fact that the world is cold and cruel and that the only thing left is masculine duty, and loyalty to the mission at hand. He leaves and chalks up his moment of weakness to be nothing more then a slip up. He won’t make that mistake again.

‘Bond, I need you back’.

‘I never left’.






Skyfall has Bond giving up the fight after being shot on a mission in Istanbul, and facing his demons to return and fight a sinister enemy he may not be prepared to face. At this point, Bond understands that the mission is the mission, and that whatever happens isn’t personal. He knows and accepts it, although with some level of cynicism. He’s but a disposable instrument to the world. This truly reflects the red pilled man at this point, who getting over the nature of women and men’s disposability, learns to play the game for what it is, and chooses not to quit and keep fighting. Bond could’ve retired after being shot , but decided to come back, because it’s in his blood, and in his heart.


The red pill man who decided to not become a pathetic MGTOW continues to play the game. At this point in his life, the red pill man has already discovered that the only unconditional love and loyalty he’ll ever get comes from his family and that the only woman who will ever love him how he wishes to be loved is his mother. He’s already disposed of the fantasy of the perfect woman, and accepted it for what it is. At this point int the red pill man’s life, something terrible might happen to him that puts it all into perspective: The loss of family or a loved one.


Like Bond in this movie loses M, the one who was always there, the red pill man may lose the love or friendship of an important person (non romantic) and this is enough to make him realize the truth: Family is the only thing that matters in the end. Many men never reach this experience, or may live it in another way (a parent may move away, a brother may reject and shun you over whatever) and the pain goes extremely deep. This is the real traumatic experience that makes all pieces fit together.

‘I suppose it’s too late to make a run for it’

‘Well I’m game if you are’.




At this point, Bond is back in action, has been through countless missions and is at the top of his game. He knows the nature of people and women, and has trained himself to his peak level of physical and mental fortittude. This is also true of the red pill man, who after deep and dangerous journies and various trials of life, has come up as the best he can be. He’s been with tons of women, made a lot of money, fought a lot of battles, and has reached an ideal level of happiness. But there’s something off to him… The red pill always led him to delve into politics, but he hadn’t really understood how deep the rabit hole went.


At this point, the red pill man seeks to not just survive and thrive, but to face the real engineers of the current social turmoil. Like Bond discovering that SPECTRE was behind everything tragic in his life, the red pill man decides to take a stand against the cultural marxists, the cuckservatives, and the establishment who want to see men subdued and destroyed, who created the hostile culture he had to endure. And like Bond meeting and falling in love with Madeline, the red pill man chooses to settle down with a woman he deems of value, understanding their feral nature but deciding to settle down anyways. His chances are high since he’s a high value male and his knowledge of game and the red pill are enough to never deposit his complete emotional capital in one woman.


Bond in SPECTRE understands that Madeline will never be the ideal companion a blue pill man would want, which is why he doesn’t get too broken up about it when she breaks up with him near the end. He, like the red pill man who’s been through everything, has a mission to complete, and that includes cutting the head of the snake that’s ruined the lives of an entire generation, the men behind the curtain. Bond faces SPECTRE, and the red pill man stands up to the cultural marxists.



‘You came across me so many times yet you never saw me’


As you can see, Bond’s journey in the previous four films eerily reflects some of the phases of the game aware and red pilled modern man. In what phase are you?


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