How to Cultivate Ambition and Control Fear: The Reality of Power



The Male condition and Ambition


A man needs ambition to get anywhere significance. It’s our unfortunate circumstance as the more rational and physically strong sex, that we MUST deal with conflict, threats and other situations related to the bearings of power and violence (it’s a part of our condition, coming from our days of having to hunt and kill either animals or enemies to survive). This is why us men are more naturally inclined to want more (to achieve and subdue), to go out and to assert ourselves as men. A man’s natural prerogative or duty is to obtain more power. When it was man vs nature and other men from other tribes, (or within the same) the man with the most social and military power had the highest chance of reproducing, of having his choice of women, and commanding infuence as a leader. Men are born to the struggle.


Power and ambition


Power is amoral. Power’s morality is in the hands of the one who holds it. But if wicked men achieve power, which they mostly obtain through evil acts, then is it not the man of virtue to achieve, and cultivate power? is power not necessary for male happiness, since the height of our resources and influence (power) leads to higher sexual prospects, and a higher chance of owning and asserting our own will against those that would have us and ours destroyed?


If the power a man achieves is done so in the service of doing purposeful good, or his own survival, does it make a difference in the question as to whether men should pursue power? I don’t think so. VIRTUOUS MEN HAVE THE OBLIGATION TO SEEK AND HOLD POWER. Politically correct societies will have us believe that ambitious men who pursue power, are rotten try hards, small membered insecure fellows with no selfconfidence. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The man who shuns power is a man who does not embrace his masculinity, and in such a creature, you should never trust. Power is a maxim which must be wielded by the strong. A weak but righteous leader will succumb, either to vice or to his enemies. A strong but more morally ambiguous leader will at least ensure survival of his own and cultivate an atmosphere of purpose within a society. The weak man will seek to enrich himself via the brevity of political office or the temporary high influence gives him; these wielders of power and influence seldom do or build anything great (feminists, leftists, and politically correct hacks and pundits come to mind).




Only men who know the struggles of keeping their vices in check, of facing their fears, of building their bodies and training their minds and skills via reading, crafting, fighting, building, writing or other forms of virtuous recreation and endeavor are those worthy of power. All men worth their salt and with some degree of self respect should seek power (this is ambition), and not be ashamed of it.


By achieving influence through rigorous effort and self discipline is the hallmark of man.


A man should learn to love himself and build himself to the level of being an individual that would do well with power and influence, whilst simultaneously seeking to serve a higher purpose to society; finding this higher purpose comes from reading and introspection, philosophy and life experience. Youth is passionate and has deep ambition, but little discipline. When one finds his life calling and calls discipline his friend, then his ambitions will see reality.


Fear: How it can cloud our ambition, and how to find courage.


Fear is one of the few things you can always count on to exist. Fear is the great limiter, the separater between those who will succeed and those who will fail. We’re human beings, with emotions, thoughts, both rational and irrational, but we’re designed to run from fear, and rightfully so. Fear causes us pain. Fear causes anxiety. Fear causes ills to us, both in the mind and body. A man driven by fear will also do terrible things, for fear drives us to desperation, desperation leads us to irrational actions and thoughts, and irrationality, one of the most profound of vices, leads us to believe any solution told or sold to us to alleviate the deep ingrained instinct of fear.






Fear can be subdued, and wielded for productive endeavors, even though it may sound cliché. Fear is what has driven to some of the greatest achievments in humanity; but not succumbing to it, accepting it’s reality and place in your life and not running from it, is key. In essence, it’s like facing nature, a storm, and making a stand, since fear can’t be completely erradicated, only held at bay.  Fear has rarely ever been purged from the heart of any man, however strong he may be. Fear is the truth of reality; fear appears when what we see, perceive or believe to be true contain factors that are unknown; fear is our instinct warning us against something because it’s different and potentially dangerous.


The fear of death, of humiliation, of betrayal, all these are things that may cause us pain in different ways and over which we have no control. If your fate is led by fear then it’s a passive existence and you’re weak. Fear appears from even in the most mundane places, like fear of wearing something wrong and getting laughed at, or the fundamental and basic fear of dying or getting killed. But fear must be subdued; it will never truly fade away into nothingness. We will always be afraid, fearful of the unknown because it is impossible to know and predict the future. We can only work within the framework permitted to us by our own perception and influence in the world. There is no way to stop fear. We will never erradicate it.


But I’ve learned, that a man must embrace fear. A man must feel fear before an act of courage. For the act of facing fear is a courageous one, and courage is one of the noblest human actions and values one can own and display. We see, that without a ying there is no yang; everything exists because the other does, the principle of duality plays out most elegantly with fear. For without fear there is no courage, and the absence of courage in a world of degeneracy and pain is dangerous indeed. Fear must be conquered everyday, no matter how hard it may seem. The more you do, the less you will fear. Master your own fear.

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