Defeat Thy Enemy


Whether you want them or not, you will have enemies. Whether they’re colleagues at work who try to undermine you at every turn and then smile at you with a fake gesture of friendship after royally screwing you over, or your sister in law or your wife or girl’s best friends who actively try to sabotage you and get your girl to cheat on you, there are enemies in your midst. Even classmates at school who want nothing more then to hang you out to dry and see you fail to give themselves ego raises, are enemies who are trying to gut you.


Even if you’re weak and a good little slave, preferring to live your life according to the rules, the media, governments, and crazy ideologues are trying to paint you as a rapist, an oppressor and someone who has to apologize for existing. You’re now attacked on all fronts and there is war, everywhere you look. There are two options when presented with a war on all fronts against you. You can either A, buy a big ton of lube and hope that they buttfuck you gently enough to continue to live under their rule, or you can fight back and not make it easy for them. I wonder what the manly thing to do is in this case.







To faceless corporations, you represent an immediate threat to their consumer base, since young men are already a demographic that doesn’t consume much. Any upheavel you may make to improve the degenerate culture (prefer traditionalism, or criticize women’s promiscuity), may jeopardize their most prized demographic of sheep, women. Debt enslaves, if you avoid debt and mindless consumerism, then you are already dangerous. Men have always been at the forefront of revolutionary and traditionalist movements. Any time civilization has taken a turn for the better, it’s the men who believe in something greater then hedonism and pointless socialism who lead the charge. Men who have a clear understing of the socio-political situation and how they’re viewed by politicians, and women, are subsersive to the system.


These men won’t buy into the traps laid out for them (becoming corporate drones, getting divorce raped). Educated Young Bachelors with skills and trades suited for entrepreneurship and self employment are a direct threat to the system. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE AN ENEMY. If you aren’t in debt, are educated, and can sustain yourself via being self employed in a trade or company that doesn’t require political acceptance by the masses, then you’re free, and free is dangerous.


Imagine you create a documentary, write a book, or stand up to pundits with huge audiences and win! the current system can’t have that. Therefore, false rape charges, divorce rape, and harassment can happen to you and no one will give a fuck. You may not care about the system, but the system cares about you.


enemy 2


Internal enemies vs External Enemies


When I speak of internal enemies, I mean enemies that are directly opposed to you within your internal social circle and everyday life. Your external enemies are those in office, those who have power and influence over the media and the narrative. Your internal enemies can only be dealt with by preparation.  You have to get angry, and you can’t underestimate your enemies.



That idiot in your class who bad mouths you and always tries to bring your reputation to shambles: Are you bigger then him? do you earn more money? do you get better girls? are you better looking and more charismatic? most important of all, can you beat the shit out of him if push comes to shove? if the answer to any of these questions is no, then get to fucking work. You don’t get any freebies in life; you have to be better then those that want you disgraced, so you can disgrace them. If your enemies are plotting against you, you need to be able to back yourself up with force. Whether this force is Machiavellian wit and the power of rhetoric (read Trump’s twitter and take note) or brute force, you must be ready.


enemy 3


Cleaning House

How many times have you realized your supposed ‘friends’ are actually shit people? your funny friend from high school is a stoner idiot who works a shitty job and hates on those who work because he calls them ‘slaves’ (while he’s a slave to weed, and a job he hates, as well as a girl who probably fucks around). Or your good friend who laughs at you for hitting the gym, claiming your insecure? When you choose to upgrade your life, you realize the true quality of people your ‘friends’ are. Your family can also be trying to sabotage you. This isn’t necessarily because they’re bad people, but people who don’t understand who you are or today’s harsh environment for men may judge you and hold you back. And don’t even get me started on girlfriends. You NEED to clean house. It may hurt, but you MUST clean house if you’re to deal with enemies of your success and happiness. These people would rather you conform to their mediocre entitlement then be happy for you and join you on your journey. Find new friends. Find better girls. Don’t leave your family, but learn to make them love the new you.




Nowadays, it’s rare that a guy who beefs with you and is trying to undermine you would seek direct physical confrontation. These weak fools would rather destroy your reputation, and attack you wherever they feel they can get at you easiest. Whether it be your work ethic and project management, your physical appearance, your money or your history with women, any one of these can come under fire and you have to be able to save face, look good, and get back at him. Enter Machiavellism. Machiavellism is the most efficient way to out maneuvre and destroy your enemy without having to physically fight him. Mere verbal point scoring and using the crowd of spectators’ emotions against him to get at his insecurities are enough to end one of these passive oafs. Learn the basics of Machiavellism by reading the Prince by the master himself, or checking out illimitable men’s blog.


External enemies

These are the ones who have direct control over the culture’s narrative and dictate policies from their ivory towers on how you must live your life. These are the real enemies. These people would have your head on a pike and not care, as long as it fits their narrative and it’s a story that sells, modern media will have no problem with doxing you, making you out as a rapist, or getting you fired from your job because you have the wrong opinion. The way to deal with them is to build your own media. Us men aren’t catered to anymore as a valid demographic. Try to read Esquire or GQ nowadays and try not to cringe at the social justice propaganda they pass as articles. Men’s magazines are run by hateful women. Why would you have any care or trust for media who report falsehoods and openly mock men? you don’t. Dealing with big enemies, you need to bring the game to their playing field. If you’re interested in journalism, create a blog and start reporting the facts. Make youtube videos. Create documentaries. You need to bring the fight to the enemy. They’ve proven they won’t just leave us alone. You need to go for the jugular. If you’re still dependant on a 9-5 for income, then build your media platforms anonymously. We’re in the age of the war on free speech. It’s your duty to fight in it.


You will always have enemies. Success breeds hate. Being yourself breeds hate. Being a winner or loser, both breed hate. Your going to get hated on and attacked regardless of who you are! Face them and smite them





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