Replace Cynicism with Wonder

Swallowing the red pill leads to some harsh and uncomfortable truths, to say the least. Being a man is a responsibility and being alone as well as struggle is the truth of our lives. Women, who we’re led to believe will complete our lives, won’t solve our problems; If you aren’t a complete man or still believe in the myth of female ‘virtue’ women will only complicate and even destroy your life. Red Pill also wisely tells us that if you’re a man, no one gives a fuck about you and the only way to find some sort of higher purpose in life is to find it yourself and carve your own path. Opposed to what we grow up being told, this can make you question many things about life in general. Is struggle all there is? will I only be content whilst building something? are all women basically the same  ?




This initial shock of red pill truths, if left unchecked lead to a deep and underlying cynicism. This period will either pass (after a few months of living and coming to terms with it) or will be deeply ingrained into your psyche, making you regard women, other men, and the culture to be degenerate things that you have to endure instead of dominate. Traditionalists are quick to play the white knights, (their faith still makes them believe that women are virtuous, but have been corrupted by either culture or PUA’s) fighting against any man or system that they perceive counter productive to their versions of peace on earth.  They’re mistaken, because their belief in the rationality of women’s virtue and how the world ought to be puts them on par with white knights and feminists. They will be hit hard by life, especially in today’s current social landscape, and will wither turn into eternal cynics (which the idea of this article is to avoid), or will be thrown back into his previous cycle of ‘she was corrupted by society and I must fix girls’ (a horrible mistake that will always make him a slave and lead him nowhere. So how can you truly accept red pill truths and maintain yourself with a sense of wonder and powerful curiosity that drives us forward as men, artists, and civilization builders, and not succumb to the hopeless narrative of red pill cynics?





I’ve been going through this process for the past 3 months, but I believe I’m finally at peace with it. But if there’s one crucial thing you must understand, is that a lot of manosphere sites, like any other place on the internet (everything is political) has an AGENDA. There are websites that will exclusively show you the bad, they will show you decadence in an attempt to have you join their movement, or to convert you to become a follower, and that’s okay too. There’s nothing wrong with marketing, especially if what they speak or report has some basis in truth. Some men don’t get the beta beaten out of them until they see the deep implications of how society is structured against them. By understanding this fact, you begin realizing that the world is not all doom and gloom and that there is hope for being happy in life. We live in the 21st century, one where technology, long life expectancy and an open availability of books and information have given men the tools to do what they do best: create and build.



Before, men’s incentive to settle down and work for an employer was to support their wives and family. That doesn’t exist anymore. Modern men’s challenge now relies not in trying to find a ‘good woman to start a family’, nor is it based on mainstream societal acceptance (we’re rejected and humiliated for being good, and we’re rejected and humiliated for being bad) but it’s in finding a higher calling and incentive to build something great and take our lives to the next level. The answer to my despair? learning through work, philosophy and the cultivation of masculinity to embrace being sollitude as well as the struggles of men, and the importance of building lasting relationships with people to take them on my journey of self improvement. Does this seem empty to you? embrace god or philosophy and it won’t. If it still does, then perhaps a lack of maturity or hard work ethic will increase your morale, since those who haven’t tasted the fruits of this kind of living will always condemn it as a means of justifying their own inadquacies.




Understanding your despair


‘But the red pill has ruined any hope I had in women and culture. What do I do?’



You’ve lost faith in life and modern social relationships because you consider them to much risk for very little reward, which is completely valid. Seeing that culture is against you, that power structures are put into place to keep you mediocre, and that women will always want to manipulate you and will never love you how you wish to be loved come from one common factor, a bottom line that you feel disappointed by: Your deeply ingrained want for unconditional love is swept aside and crushed.



When you learn that men’s struggles are not valued, then you realize that people don’t care nor love you for virtuous action, but for results that any piece of shit without any respect for any one else can obtain; this disappoints men since they see themselves as better and more moral people. You see that power structures are designed for you not to pursue your own self interest (your happiness is not a factor of the equation, only the results you produce for a system of those who don’t care for you). The bottom line is this means that society doesn’t care for you. Couple this with women’s brutal hypergamy, and machiavellian instinct and you have a recipe for a complete and total loss in faith in love and acceptance. This is a reason for despair. This can take away the faith in beauty and wonder in anyone, so you ask yourself, ‘what’s the point?’


Dettach from outer acceptance, embrace inner acceptance and the construction of your own world.


Why expect great acts and virtue from mediocre people? How do you expect absolute loyalty from women when they are not designed that way? how do you expect for someone to give a shit about you when they lose incentive to do so? It’s like expecting a dog to walk on hind legs and getting mad at them for not doing it. Men have always set the standard for virtuous living, women have only abided by it. Duty to your nation and god was always put in place by men of valor, or the church. Women have returned to further decadent behaviour patterns as they’re held to no standard. Faceless corporations and governments don’t care about you because their bottom line is not the health of society nor to incentivize happiness or freedom.




Why expect them to? You WANT to believe, because you’re looking for that universal love, to be told that whatever you are right now, is enough. This is flawed. Successful men pull girls almost effortlessly not because of their money, but because their dedication to themselves and their work makes them valuable people. Are they valuable for their results? sure. But when you’re the trophy and you don’t attach ego to the outcome of fleeting disloyal people and institutions, then you are the one that chooses. When your happiness stems from virtuous deeds, on building yourself and making your mark, you have no time for the low acts of decadent people.


‘How do we fix this mess for our kids then?!’


father son



Build yourself. Build a business, a body, cultivate your masculinity (read philosophy, train your body for strength, master your craft and search for like minded men whom you respect for camerederie), seek to be a master of attraction and become an expert at dealing with women, and fucking them well. You’ll have cultivated success, your masculinity, and most important of all, BUILT A POSITION WHERE YOU CALL THE SHOTS, AND MAKE CHOICES. People will be drawn to you, women will want to tie you down, then you can choose what you want. No, don’t be a bitter bitch denouncing the ‘PUA’s’ ruining your aryan princesses, you’re not special and they aren’t either. Virtue signalling is for pussies, and more often then not, with that attitude you’re gonna get cucked, so stop pretending to be all that, it’s weak.



Don’t be a loser MGTOW denouncing the evils of the opposite sex, and preferring videogames and porn instead of work ethic, strength, courage, and the cultivation of mind and body, it’s weak. Never lose delight in meeting and discovering what makes women tick. Never back down from challenges in business, learn how you react to them. Change scenery, read, the only way to keep your sense of wonder is to not lose faith and refuse to become a cynic. Cynicism breeds stagnation. Stagnation is death. Stay alive.


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