How to achieve sexual confidence

Sex is the universal driver of our most base instinct, that of reproduction. It is also closely tied with men’s natural tendency to conquest, nature craftily making the qualities of an unstoppable conqueror attractive to the opposite sex. Sex is constantly on our minds, and it can serve us for ruin or for great pleasure. And why am I going to lie; the main reason I found self improvement, philosophy, and introspection was that I didn’t know how to make women like me! Now, I have too many women and too little money to invest in them, as well as having more interest in cultivating my masculinity. Ironic isn’t it?


How did I achieve sexual confidence?


Sex to me, as I’ve learned, is for letting loose. Personally, it’s the ultimate goal when speaking to a woman I find attractive, or in any form compelling for that matter. I know she cannot provide me other reflection or meaningful conversation other then mindlessly going against my viewpoints, making emotional and unfounded opinions to remain relevant, or to point out my flaws. Perhaps this is the main utility of women per nature’s design; to keep a man on his toes, helping him remain on his purpose.




But to me, sex is what women can provide to soothe my soul and bring value to my life. Their whole lives revolve around looking and feeling accepted by men (I’m calling it how I and countless others see it). They stoop to the deepest degeneracies to just have weak men as lapdogs, to accept her baggage and to use for any reason she sees fit. Women need men more then us men need them, and that is a truth they will never escape. But to me, the height of their honesty comes in sex. They give themselves to you, because they see you as worthy enough to penetrate them and have their bodies. It is women’s nature to commodify themselves and to be completely calculating, but the submissiveness and emotional vulnerability is also part of this feral and emotional instinct, and the only way to demonstate that they are worth something to a man, in their own minds (even if this is misled and not true), is the quality of their sex appeal and how much they can get out of a man. Even they don’t know this on a conscious level.




Some can be the bitchiest, most unlikeable shrews on earth, but they still wish to be accepted, cared for, and dominated by a man of value. She will justify her perverse indiscretions with men she views of value in any way, but the truth is she longs to tamed, cared for unconditionally, which is perhaps true of all us humans; the want of unconditional love. And so in sex, even if for a brief moment, or for 3-5 orgasmic hours, she gives herself to you, and in that moment, if you are a good lover and have awakened her deep desire, you will be inside her, marking her for at least a brief moment in time. And if not, you still enjoyed the recreational act of sex with all its unhinged glory. This truth gives you tremendous confidence. If you do it right and turn her on, for those moments in time and space, her body, mind and sexual being are yours to do what you please.




Women I believe become more empty, with less of a capacity to love and appreciate men the more mindless and disconnected sex they have; this is not true for a man, for virile masculinity in nature is that of a conquerer, and as such, living by this tenet is living by nature, a virtuous way of life. This is because it is based on male merit and struggle; not all men can have sex with attractive women, or a great number of women for that matter.


Being present in the moment is being sexually confident


When having sex, it is important to be in the moment, and not think too much about what you’re doing. You must view her body and desire it. You must look into her eyes and communicate that you will make her yours. You must penetrate her with lust, control, dominance and connection. She must know she is there for your pleasure. If a man chooses to err on the side of giving her pleasure first and foremost, he sacrifices the male female dynamic, guaranteeing that both partners will not be satisfied. What do I mean by this? She, on a deep level will feel put off knowing that a man would sacrifice his conquest, pleasure and instinct to please her, when she deeply wants to please you. And the man will complicate his brain with unnecessary thoughts of pleasure giving, without focusing on the main catalyst of his desire: his natural male, virile instinct.



If you have sex with a girl without desiring her, your performance will not be optimal. And what do I mean by desire? that want to see her naked, to be deep inside her, to hear her moan, to touch all the sensual parts of her body, to slap her ass, to bite her neck, to pull her hair, to look her deep in the eye whilst you thrust hard into her, all that natural primitive instinct! But be wary of sex, for depending on one woman for sex changes the dynamic of power necessary to maintain a healthy relationship. Doomed is the man who’s woman knows he has no options, or will not act against his commitment if it is not being respected. She must always have an underlying fear that you will leave, that there are other women out there who can fulfill her duties, even if this is not true and you have fallen hopelessley in love with her. For she will listen to emotions, to flawed logic and what her natural self preservation tells her, not some antiquated and logical ‘commitment’. If you don’t understand this then you don’t understand women





In her mind, her commitment to you is limited to what she feels, what she is used to, what you offer, and what you can provide. If she is sexually addicted to you, you must provide comfort and emotional connection, else you will lose her, as her base female instinct will tell her to find a man who is more stable. If you provide more emotional solace and connection, but less raw, virile attitudes and emotions, then she will desire other men and degenerate experiences (casual sex, drugs, alcohol) anything that will spike her emotions to feel danger and excitement, like the kind she felt when she first fell in love with you. Sex of course facilitates everything, if you perform consistently. Sex is one of the greatest conveyers of overall masculine value, so master it and facilitate your life with women ten fold.


And do not let fools and banshees shame you into not desiring women! it’s almost laughable when these people call one a corrupter of women. Women, lest they had strong male guidance, religious incentive or other forms of sexual control, will be corrupt and degenerate all on their own, it’s a tale as old as time. And for a man to sacrifice his virility and sexual desire for the ‘virtue’ of women he doesn’t know, who don’t care for him, who are going to corrupt themselves anyway, is illogical at best, and at worst, completely stupid.



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