Loyalty: Why trust is one of the most important commodities ever

Loyalty is that which is valued by men of deep conviction. It is my firm conviction that loyalty can only truly be appreciated by men, as loyalty has a deeper meaning to those who are forced to burden themselves with the harshness of the world (sollitude, rejection, value based only on what they provide). Loyalty, in its most basic and significant definition to me, is as follows: ‘Loyalty is giving someone a loaded gun, making them point it directly at your head, while giving them every incentive to pull the trigger, and for that person not to shoot’. True loyalty only is born from, and only comes from those who either:


  1. a) have their fates tied directly to your success (this is the norm and the most extensive bit of loyalty you’ll ever find in women, and low caliber common men.)


  1. b) Those who are empathetic and sympathetic to your cause or struggle, and feel bound to your fate due to past acts of kinship and devotion.


These, according to me, are the basic forms of loyalty. The first kind, the most fleeting and changing, is the more common of the two. Men search for the second kind of loyalty in women, but will seldom ever find it. The first kind is typical because people are selfish in nature, and the abstraction of honor is bound only to men with values dedicated to virtue, . This is why so many modern men would sell out their friends for women or money; and as for women, being the more machiavellian and psychopathic of the sexes, has a deep seated nature of self preservation and will disolve any sense of loyalty when she sees her agency or current benefit from a determined relationship threatened. The second kind of loyalty is the deepest, and any man who can find this loyalty, let him do his best to keep it!




Loyalty and friendship are the two most important types of love and honorable relationships in existence, other then the cultivation of virtue and love of a cause greater then oneself, and finding peace with nature (god). Friendship is a relationship that is not forced nor led by sexual desire or procreation, but it is merely brought about by admiration of personal qualities and the recognition of the value said person brings into one’s life. A friendship born of necessity  will fail, because when circumstances change in business dealings, or the friendship is no longer strictly necessary, then that ‘friend’ will disappear, as well as his loyalties.



When friendship reaches a deep level of shared experiences, admiration, as well as having the same enemies and struggles, it can reach a level of deep trust and loyalty. Unlike women, men value sacrifices made by others instead of expect them, and have a deep memory of such virtuous behaviour. Men’s loyalty to peers they respect is one of deep fascination in all of history, something women unfortunetly will never live from their own sex, and weak men will never truly understand, because they lack the fortitude, courage, and most importantly, STRENGTH, to comprehend and truly appreciate such bonds. Duty to one’s masculinity and valuing those who help and appreciate who you are and what you represent despite an obvious benefit to their lives, are the surest ways to find loyalty. But in today’s world, I think perhaps loyalty is extinct…


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