Faith and the Young Man: Higher powers and Stoicism for a Balanced Life

I am a firm believer that man must have faith in some sort of higher power, a god if you will. While at 24 I’m not wise enough nor convinced enough to pretend to know who’s faith is right or wrong, I believe in god, as master of the universe, a voyeur of our good and bad deeds, understanding of our wants and needs, and a being who knows and recognizes when we do good. I cannot believe a god would only judge us based on such black and white criteria like what’s written in the bible; I believe he sees the good we do even when it goes unnoticed by everyone else.



I believe he sees the greatness we desire to achieve, I believe he sees and accepts and loves us for pursuing virtue in life, and forgives us for doing what is necessary to survive in a cruel and harsh world. I believe he understands man’s nature, and wishes for us what the stoics do: To live in accordance and acceptance of nature (god), to pursue virtue and forget past evils that we have done. I believe god wants us to succeed, and if he does have a plan for us, if he does see our potential for greatness, that certain changes in our thinking or certain traumas that we have or must endure are part of testing us to build ourselves, to overcome and obtain a new point of greatness which he knows we are capable of. Many Christians and edgy atheists would call this backwards, idiotic logic, disregarding the bible and having our own interpretation of god.



But alas, most Christians I meet are scared, angry and lost, and is it not god’s will for us to learn, grow, and pursue a life of virtue? if we seek virtue, through self improvement, are we not doing what god wants us to do? if men must use red pill truths and game for an optimal sexual strategy that prioritizes his well being instead of a wench’s, is he amoral? what if he knows that what he provides the world and himself are noble qualities and gifts? is a man who values his bachelorhood not desirable(since all women’s nature is similar and game and red pill truths have universal application)  to virtuous women? is he not building himself to be an effective husband and man, with the experience, guile, wisdom and strength to lead a family? being a ‘good’ man is of no use to the world and man if he loses his family, his money and his sanity.



A man must be pragmatic, effective, and REAL, not IDEAL. If this is the most certain path to success, and towards a happy and stable family, how is it amoral for men to prioritize self preservation, if he knows his worth and what he can provide? When friends, family and even children fail a man, all he has left is his relationship with god, and the masculine virtues he has labored to build. If a man finds himself alone, deprived of his essence AND a relationship with god, a higher power, then he is truly lost. For god exists, and he sees our struggles. He feels what we feel. He loves us and we are bound to him. Only a fool wants exact evidence of his existence. He is too great for us to ever comprehend, but we know he exists. It is in our bones. In our heart.

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