Young Bachelors and Women: what women should be for you in your 20’s

Women. What a glorious and bountiful subject to talk about. You’re a young man, in your early, mid, or late twenties. Girls, lifting weights and getting on your grind to make paper are probably the things that occupy your brain (and if they’re not, they should be). Mostly girls though. So what is the place women should occupy in the lives of young bachelors? Where should he regard them?

Women are the seasoning for the main course that is a man’s life. They’re a perk to be indulged in whilst pursuing your life mission. Chances are if you’re in your twenties, you don’t have the ideal fit body, and you’re not on your grind making all the money you could or want to make either. Your time should be spent  on working, creating and building. Women take away a lot of time, energy and if you’re in a committed long term relationship, emotional well being.




Women have agendas; if they like you enough, and see you as long term committment material, they will do anything to try and tie you down. This is of course counter productive to your masculine imperative,which includes meeting and having sex with more women, forming masculine bonds with your friends or using your time to build your wealth and pursue your passion.


Women will even try find some way to convince you to give up time you’ve destined on endeavors of self improvment by baiting you with sex, or using any other manipulative tactics for you to prove your love (she’ll go out with her friends if you don’t spend time with her, she really needs you because she feels lonely, etc.) by giving up your time and activities to be with her.


All of this is a test to see how much she can control you. Being in a relationship is emotionally taxing because it causes you to rely on one of the most fleeting and conditional things on earth, a modern young woman, for your current happiness. Women also require a high amount of maintenance, which includes listening to their bullshit dramas, being her rock when things don’t go her way, and worrying if you’re getting cucked or not. All these warrant stresses that get in the way of your own development as a man, and most guys in their 20’s don’t have nearly enough experience to deal with these subjects with any significant degree of competency, many of them lacking the dicipline and hard work required to truly live for yourself.


A man must work on attaining his self worth from achievement, purpose, and a clear and healthy emotional peace with himself. Yup, learning to be alone is a hefty subject, and in between morning blowjobs, anal, and watching netflix while being made to believe by her that she’s the love of your life, it becomes more and more difficult to stay unattached to something as fickle and conditional as a woman’s approval. A monogamous relationship as a young man is a temptation to shun, or not work on your masculine identity at all. It happened to me as well as hundreds of thousands of others. So, then what place do women have in the life of an up and coming bachelor?




  1. Fuck buddies.


This one seems a bit obvious. Every red blooded male wants to have sex with as much attractive women as possible, but many guys naively try to secure a steady supply of sex and get into relationships with hot girls when they start fucking (they tie themselves down).

Big mistake.


Women from 18-22 aren’t interested in long lasting relationships. and if they are, they aren’t interested in men who aren’t physically and emotionally strong enough to put up with their bullshit. It’ll only be a matter of time before you get bored or she gets ready to move on to something she perceives as better.


2. Party friends


When I say party friends, I use the term ‘friends’ lightly. Unless you’re a beta orbiter who consistently kisses her their, the company of women without sex or some inmediate benefit isn’t a productive relationship for you. Party friends are girls you meet at the club or at school who love going out. They’re good for getting you into VIP sections of clubs, introducing you to hot girlfriends of theirs, or for introducing to your buddies.



Most women (not all) are just lame ass people. Interesting girls are a plus, especially if they offer you the aforementioned benefits, but party friends are pretty much the extent of the relationships you should have with girls as a young bachelor. Everyone loves the guy who brings hot girls to the party, or is consistently seen with a group of attractive young ladies. Plus the ego boost it gives you raises your confidence and, sometimes drunk girlfriends get lonely. You can imagine such physical benefits.


3)Fuck Prospects


These are women you’ve gamed previously and who like you, women who you’ve had sex with and want to tie you down by doing ANYTHING for you, or women that are in love with you. You very much want these women in your life, as they’ll do you great favours in exchange for making them feel wanted, needed, desired, or just fucked well. Basically, it’s having a ‘harem’ or ‘roster’ a list of girls you can bang or ask for favours because they like you enough to sacrifice things in their life to accomodate yours.


By having fuck prospects, party friends, and fuck buddies, you cover your bases when it comes to wanting women (you’ll have women introducing you to other hot women, women you can pass on to your buddies, women who will fuck you, and women who will do favours for you and give you emtoional comfort should you need it).


Having these bases covered allows you to keep the pestering biological imperative of seeking and chasing women handled, so you can work on your business, your studying, your lifting, and keeping your life exciting.


Do they seem a tad selfish, superficial? sure. But who is more selfish: The self reliant man who prefers to build himself up and become wise and powerful and in control of himself and his own fate, who is able to KEEP a future woman he may want to marry happy and the relationship a long one, OR the guy who commits and loves and expects a woman to be his emotional solace and rock, an escape from the challenges he as a man should be able to face? Be a better friend to yourself and live a fun and exciting lifestyle by knowing the place of women in your life. Prioritize to maximize my friend.




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