How to Be Ruthless in Life

Life is tough, meand an unfair. As men we have this binding inherent programming which wishes us to see justice in the everyday. We recoil from disgust and anger when we see unfairness, it’s in our nature to impose our will upon life, the elements in other to try and achieve peace and justice. But the universal truth of life is hat it is unfair, that nothing can be taken for granted and even the good man, who worked hard and did right by everyone has a great chance of losing everything or being betrayed at the first chance. While morals and values are excellent to posess, in real world scenarios they serve very little to ensure the survival of your people, you, or your goals. Men are nature’s natural decision makers; we are expendable, and expected to make the tough choices. Life is ruthless and a man who chooses to reject the pragmatic realities of a harsh and unjust life is setting himself up for failure.




Our day to day is filled with unexpected challenges. Maybe your girlfriend or spouse wants a divorce or is cheating on you, maybe your best friend is selling you out during a project your working on together, maybe an old enemy is targeting your family, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been good to your girl, your best friend or have your bases covered with your enemies: There are external forces out there which wish you to fail in your purpose or ultimate plan in order to further their own wellbeing. Living well and working towards success harbours enemies, and if you do not show yourself to be ruthless, life will wither make you or break you.


The Application of ruthlessness

Ruthless is defined as ‘having or showing no pity or compassion for others’. This can be miscontrued in many ways, but the underlying truth is the same: You will not let anyone interfere, or take your goals, missions, rituals, or loved ones from you. This comes in the way of not letting anyone interfere with your rituals of self improvement, not letting anyone compromise your trust or values or other things that represent who you are and what you are about. Being ruthless is being FOCUSED to the point of being SELFISH. If your underlying mission and goal in life is a noble one, and you live in accordance with your own values, then second guessing your actions when being ruthless is an exercise in futility. Living according to your values and realizing that your happiness and emotional well being is directly tied to your level of ruthless commitment to yourself, ruthlesness will become second nature. Leave mercy to god.


Being ruthless in relationships means not letting emotions and amnipulation interfere with your decision making when people let you down. Being ruthless in your work means taking pride in it and eliminating all distractions and opposition which would otherwise downgrade it. Being ruthless in life means destroying your enemies when they attack, holding friends accountable for their actions and not leaving leeway for anyone to mess with you again. If someone subtley tries to fuck you over at work or school? be ruthless, never show your hand, discover their weakness and wait for an opportunity to strike. Your woman is manipulating you and wishes to stifle your greatness? Assess what she brings into your life and identify if it’s exclusive to her. If not, dispatch her and improve alone, or find a hotter tighter and kinder model to replace her. Your friends are dragging you down? let them know, and look for others. Chances are if they were petty and not advancing in their own lives, their loyalty is tied directly to how they feel in the moment and not down the line. These people are liabilities and should be extinguished. Being ruthless is the only pragmatic way to advance in life. If you yourself abide by a code of conduct and commit your life to becoming beter, people should at least commit themselves to live within the conditions that you require in a friendship or relationship. If they are set in their ways and expect you to change instead, then that says more about them then their words ever will.


In the real world, you are either a winner or a loser. If you don’t consider yourself a winner, then you are probably a loser who has become content in passive living. This is an uncomfortable truth that I’ve had to face on more then one occasion, and admitting it is difficult. The only thing that keeps medicority at bay is RUTHLESS DEDICATION. The only thing that scares off the bullies and subtle enemies is defending yourself with a ruthless and cuthroat strategy. The only way to keep the festering parasites of treacherousness and weakness out of your life is ruthless culling of people who wish to extract from your life without giving.


Pragmatism is based in reality: morality is based in what should be. If you strive to live as you should, and others don’t then they will actively dissuade you from you purpose and mission. This may lead you to be alone, to live in a kind of solitary confinement focused on work and introspection. But by learning Machiavellian skills of social influence, manipulation, coupled with learning charm, obtaining confidence and the use of rhetoric, you won’t be alone for long and the friends you will find will be loyal to the end. Be ruthless. Your life and long term satisfaction as a man depend on it.


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