Fernando’s 2016 Reading List

Reading is one of the single greatest things you can partake in. Wisdom achieved through decades of time on this earth and much suffering are condensed within books. Reading is preparing yourself and your brain for success. It’s accumulating great knowledge applicable to real life, often learned through toung turmoil or great reflection, ready for you. Special interest groups don’t want you to read. A man who’s arsenal of knowledge and skills consist of rhetoric, machiavellism, influence, business savvy, self mastery, philosophy, and general wisdom is a dangerous one. Any simpleton can read modern trash and believe him or herself ‘deep’ or ‘intellectual’. The unpresumptuous man reads works of literature that will lead him to understanding, power and skill. These are the books I’ve chosen to read this year. They’re not much but I believe them to be important. More may be added to the list.


1)The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

Trump’s brilliant presidential campaign, his unhindering resolve and his excellent deal making prowess come from one of his greatest works, the Art of the Deal. Trump’s successful, a winner, and is able to handle heat and make deals with powerful people. His knowledge has peaked my interest and I look forward to reading this one.


2)The Prince by Nichollo Machiavelli

By the master himself, the red pill and the great author over at illimitable men have me deeply interested in mastering this art. Written for how to be a great and cunning statesman, I look forward to what this book can teach me.

3)the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene


Another recommendation from Illimitable man, I’ve read many of the rules and they all seem like great way to learn to use and handle power. Power and influence is what us men should be seeking, so this has become an absolute must for me.

4)Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

A classic I read a few years ago, but want to re-read. It’s all about visualization and the right mindset. Terrific stuff.

5)Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

Mike’s work on mindset and what it can do for you is excellent. I’ve heard all of his podcasts and read the bulk of his work on Danger and Play, so I’m looking forward to exploring and applying Gorilla Mindset, his signature and greatly reviewed product.


6)Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

As an avid student of stoicism, it’s an absolute travesty I still haven’t gotten around to reading this entire book. I plan on it being one of the first ones I do read in 2016. I studied the historical life of Marcus Aurelius and found him fascinating. Now I’m finally going to read one of his greatest works.


7)How to win Friends and Influence People By Dale Carnegie

Looking forward to this one. I read Carnegie’s How to stop worrying and start living, and found it nothing short of brilliant. I’ve heard great things about this book, and wish to increase my own use of rhetoric, social mastery and other forms of communication to build lasting and binding relationships, as well as influence.


Think Big by Donald Trump

Another Trump book. Thinking big should be the only way to think, and Trump’s storytelling and practical applications from his own lifeare inspiring.


The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi

From one of the most influential, and intelligent writers in the manosphere, Rollo Tomassi’s work is some of the most important I’ve ever read on the red pill, relationships, and the man’s role in today’s feminized world. His blog has a plethora of content which is free and extremely useful to explain the current dynamics of relationships. If his free work is any sort of indicator, his book must be amazing.

The Dialogues of Plato by Plato

I’ve really gotten into the idea of studying rhetoric and how I communicate with people. I want to be an influential and powerful man, and studying the greats who treated it as an art seems to be a good start. Lawyers are great communicators and can even make an undefendable act or event seem sound and acceptable. Such power and knowledge seems indispensable in today’s world.


These are the books I plan on reading this year. They come highly reccommended by many smart people. Have you compiled a list of books you want to read this year?

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