I had recently finished studying for a calculus test late the other night. I had put off studying for the whole weekend, and had gotten cocky. ‘The program I downloaded teaches me how to do every exercise with every step resolved. No problem, I’ll study later, it’ll be easy’. At 2:38 am, I was exhausted from learning how to calculate diverse types of mathematical equations (I’ve never been naturally good at math). I wanted to sleep, to go try my luck the next day at the test for a hopefully average grade. Lying down, tired, and realizing I had sealed my fate by not taking action when I was supposed to, I lay there stewing in my own grief; my lack of integrity to my own principles was literally killing my tranquility.


Then I did something I had never done. Even though I was sleepy, groggy, my brain crammed to the limit with mathematical jargon, I stood from my bed, walked over to my desk, put on some music to aid my productivity and kept working. I kept studying for close to another hour; grueling tiresome math problems each with a higher degree of complexity. But when I returned to bed, there was something at peace with me. I had taken a simple decision, one which I had often asked myself but never responded favorably in those kind of situations: Will I take action? or will l be passive?

Dale Carnegie’s book ‘How to Stop Worrying an Start living’ changed my life. We all know what we should do with our lives;  getting our work done, setting up goals and all that shit, this in itself is not the problem, taking action is. Anxiety and worry come from a deep sense of powerlessness; it means we’re trapped by circumstances we can’t control. There’s only so much we can do in life to affect our potential future and outcome, and yes, this goes even for the motivational junkies out there who think that life is ALL rosey and positive and if it’s not it’s because you’re lazy; there are actually some circumstances, a lot of them, that you cannot control. How people react, how they act, whether people like you or not, chance, luck, you name it, there are A LOT of variables outside of our control. The decision to take action is the only one that determines your fate.

Waking up at 6am after having slept only 2 hours, raises the question: ‘Will you keep sleeping (passive) or will you take action (get up)?’  ‘will you work out after an exhausting day at the grind, or will you just watch TV?’ ‘will you close that porn tab and stop jerking off to degenerate shit, or will you do something productive?’  ‘will you drink water instead of a coke at lunch?’ all these tiny decisions are the ones that chisel the fate of the men we are and the men we will become. If you show me a man that got into a prestigious school, has a hot girlfriend, and is well versed, are you showing me a man with a good and solid character? all of the ‘achievments ‘ I mentioned aren’t any indicative of a man who has his shit together, they’re preconceived notions of superiority. Being a winner is born of the small choices, the action oriented ones; focus on the BIG picture too long and you’ll lose the fight.

work hard

A bodybuilder doesn’t focus on how he’ll pose at the Mr. Olympia first place podium, he focuses on how hard he’ll train THAT DAY. A writer doesn’t focus on how his book or blog will look like in a year if he writes an X amount of words, he lives in the present, focused on getting his words to the page. Success is a daily struggle. Not everyone is built for success either, because it’s not comfortable and requires a large amount of stress. I’ve noticed this after trying to achieve my maximum potential for a whole week; little sleep, chasing my ambitions relentlessly, planning my goals and executing with no distractions, studying hard, eating right, it’s DIFFICULT and NOT FUN. The image of success that’s sold to us is alluring because it’s in our governments, and the big corporations best interest to keep you aspiring to their superficial standards of status; you’ll buy their products, you’ll vote for them, you’ll get into debt, you’ll go to an expensive college, you’ll be a useful idiot to push a political agenda.

Men’s imperative is to succeed and to conquer; by doing this he achieves primal inner peace, happiness and strength through the STRUGGLE FOR VICTORY. You automatically become more confident and better as a man when you know you can WIN; the knowledge that you can squash your enemy. The money, the girls, the expensive suits and the luxury is a temporary prize for fighting and winning. Winners get the spoils of war; the losers hate them for it. And it all boils down to the small choices, the difficult decisions. You have to be able to want to respond these difficult questions with a fuck yeah, not because you want money, riches or women, but because you want to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM AND WIN.


You have to feel like you’re alive to succeed, that every day you’re not growing your dying; the worst thing that’s ever happened to the millennial generation is comformity. Us millennial men have been feminized since we were children, taught to be passive, we grew up with guilt, and believing the world owed us something. This is one of the greatest disservices done to a generation in history. Hunger and famine at least build character and values; those who succeeded in those times had character and strength. Us millennials have been robbed of even this incentive, born into well off families, told we’re great and that success is obtainable and that the world owed us this. The hard crash of reality has led to suicides, mass shootings, false rape reports, and rampant moral degeneracy. Millennial men are desperate for acceptance, and since they have forgotten and shunned masculinity, they seek to suckle at the teet of the victim narrative.

My generation has been robbed, our soul and character stolen, our basic struggle of existence has been demonized beyond repair; problem is men aren’t understood as women are, therefore their voices aren’t heard. What else is left for the modern average male? numbing oneself with porn, junkfood and videogames is viewed as virtue by most young men. The daily question of whether to take action to become great, when it arises, is rejected. ‘Will you go for that job interview?’ nah bro too much hours. ‘Will you study that extra half hour?’ nah bro, I’m good, passable grades will get me where I need to be. ‘Will you go for the hot girl? nah bro, she’s probably into guys with money, and is ugly, look she has big teeth LOL. The everyday question of action is constantly rejected.

We’ve all been guilty of this, because the question of action is sneaky; it seems insignificant, harmless, unnecessarily difficult; the question is optional, small, and bothersome. ‘I can save up 10% of my pay check. Will I do it?’ ‘I still have the energy, should I do another set of squats?’ ‘It’s 6am, will I get up or hit the snooze button for 10 minutes?’. These tiny questions ARE the trials of success. The big questions are easier. Get into a good school? any schmuck can sit down and study 3 hours a day for a year for the SAT’s. Any idiot can get lucky and temporarily date a hot girl. Any guy can get beginner gains and look fit (and post 50 pictures on insta and facebook). A man’s worth and the test of champions comes in the details, in those little questions. He who can answer small and hard questions to go that extra mile will be the winner, will be the champion. Are you answering the call?

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